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Ninjas Don't Die.-.We Pop Smoke & Disappear

Is it just me, or is it Smokey in here?

"I'm a ninja."
"No you're not."
"Did you see me do that?"
"Do what?"

Spartan Company

Dont Blink

Dont Blink

Were it so easy


15 Members

Est. 10/30/2015

Recruiting Spartans who fit any of these traits:
    • Long time Halo fans
    • Competitive
    • Strategic
    • Teamwork oriented
    • Communicative
    • Do not let our numbers discourage you, We believe in quality over quantity.
* - If you are interested in joining please read our bio and send a short description of yourself and why you are interested in joining our company along with your request to join. Include your age, time zone, how often you play, your preferred halo game types, and your history/experience with Halo. If you send a default request to join, you will more likely be passed on. - *

[Contact for Friendlies & Skirmishes] by messaging XSmokeTekniqueX Or EpicSimmons1 on Xbox or Waypoint.

Don't Blink is a clan with a passion for everything Halo. We play competitively, and value teamwork and camaraderie just as much as skill. With that said our main focus is to build an enjoyable community that is active together. We have a mixture of both highly competitive team players as well as those of us that just enjoy casually playing Halo for fun. With our mixture of skill levels the game types that we mainly play include all Arena playlists especially Team Arena itself, and BTB when we group up for more casual matches. We also often play custom games and have many creative forgers, so there's always something new and fun to try out. Most of us are in our 20's and have been playing halo since the Originals, so we have plenty of Halo veterans who enjoy anything and everything Halo.

Custom Games / Forge
Custom games and forge are very important and fun ways to learn more about Halo. Some of our members analyze and explore the mechanics of Halo in the same scrutiny game developers and MLG players would, and then utilize that information to make the company a more effective team. Forge and Custom matches are the backbone of learning the game and its mechanics, and we have many talented forgers. Our members also collect the more essential statistics of the sandbox items; weapons, vehicles, explosives, player traits, etc. These concepts/ideas combined with real life tactics and logistics makes us a force to be reckoned with. If you are someone who pays a lot of attention to details and likes to tinker, Don't Blink is for you.

Anyone in Don't Blink can create and name their own Fireteam. The only requirements are that Fireteams may not exceed more than 12 members, and must have at least 4 to be official. Fireteams offer a way to better organize and stick together with the people you play more effectively with or your personal friends, but it is not to be excluded from the company, it is merely a part of a greater whole.

Rather than being run by a single leader, Don't Blink is controlled by several "Monitors" who manage the company together. They are responsible for processing applicants and should show through action that they will be a loyal, productive ,and positive member of the group. Any decisions concerning the company must be discussed and agreed upon by all monitors before being enacted. In some cases, a vote and even a company wide vote may be needed depending on the seriousness and potential impact of the amendment, addition, or subtraction of company matters.

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