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Est. 1/28/2016

Halotrackers Top Rated The purpose of this Spartan Company is to have a place where the best of the best can all come together. This Spartan Company was created from the ground up with the TOP overall talent in Halo5.

Hey Everyone,

I am making this Spartan Company to try and get the best of the best and most played Halo 5 players out there in one place! In order to accomplish that I am sending out invites based off of's TOP HTR SCORE LEADER-BOARD.

I have been in a few other Spartan Company's where there are just too many inactive players so I thought to myself why not create my own and invite the best of the best! My main focus is to create a place for people who are GOOD which can usually reflect with their KD and people who are ACTIVE which can be reflected with time played/games completed!

There doesn't need to be any rules or "planned" play nights but by all means if we are all here and want to party up why the heck not!? I am very active on these forums so will be able to invite/accept people at a rapid pace as well as keep up make make sure this Spartan Company is always full of TOP talent.

If you are already in a Spartan Company no worries! If you want to be in a Spartan Company that has the BEST and MOST played talent I can assure you this will be one of them.

Great thing about this is Halo 5 is now showing that it will be giving out "Rewards" in this case the Achilles Armor based off Kill Commendations! If we have the BEST and MOST played Talent we can eat into these commendations like no other! Right now it is all about "Kill Commendations" and I am sure there will be others based off "Assist Commendations" and "Game Mode Commendations" in the future.

Even If you don't want to join the Spartan Company and participate it doesn't matter. The MAIN goal here is to get the BEST and MOST played Talent all in one place!

I see a ton of great players in Spartan Companies of less than 10 people or not even in one at all. Why not join one that will have a very active Leader who is not going to stop until we are full and ALWAYS full of the TOP talent in Halo 5!?!?

If you are looking for a place to put your hard earned TALENT and (Fun)TIME than join up and help build this. I am always on here so always open to suggestions etc.

Look forward to building this up and seeing TOP Talent all in one place!


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