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Spartan Company

UEG Orion

UEG Orion

12 Members

Est. 4/4/2021

United Extreme Gaming, is a community dedicated to the betterment of online gaming experiences. We strive to provide an inclusive environment and believe there are no boundaries of race, religion, creed, or gender within the gaming community. Quite simply, we are here to be both a fun and competitive gaming community. UEG’s dedicated leaders strive to promote professionalism and courtesy towards all members of the community to make the most enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

We in Orion are a close knot group, with a family like atmosphere, while using a military ranking structure. We are always looking for more people to come join us and play some Halo 5. We have a competitive squad that plays against other branches within UEG, Forge team for both Halo 5 and MCC, and a branch tournament exclusive to our members only. We also have non Halo related activities. Come join our Discord to reach staff also;




UEG Dagda
UEG Kali
UEG Keenan
UEG Whal3r

Master Chiefs:

UEG Firebird
UEG MsTurtl3
UEG Mustang

Feel free to message anyone of the names listed above to start with your recruiting process. We look forward to growing together both personally and as a family.

Never cheat, never lie, Orion Spartans never die!

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