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Sorry love, this is the only one the chairman would let me send you. Good luck. [[DISPATCHED_FROM_&6829&;8&0]]

Name: Charm [[REDACTED]]
Service Number: 639
Unit: [[REDACTED]]
Primary Military Specialization: Assassinations and Covert Ops
Enlistment Date: [[REDACTED]]
Location: [[REDACTED]]
Gender: N/A (They/Them)
Chosen armor: Gen 1 Mark V {B}, CQB helmet red/black patterns
Birthplace: Unknown city, [[REDACTED]]
Birth Date: [[REDACTED]]
Combat rating: [[ERROR_907_FILE_CORRUPTED]]
Performance: [[REDACTED]]
Comments: [REDACTED]]
NOTES: Changed some things up, and now only members of UNSC Fireteam Serpent can view the full page.
Spartan's choice of equipment: SRS99D-S2 AM, Combat Knife, DMR, BR55 Battle rifle.
Previous engagements: [[REDACTED]]
Current Operation: [[ERROR_736_FILE_NOT_FOUND]]
Notable Relations: [[REDACTED]]
Service Commendations: [[REDACTED]]
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: [[REDACTED]]
Overall Description: [[REDACTED]]

You might find a really big scorpion in your bed if you refer to me as he or she. People online assume me to be male, and people IRL assume me to be female.
ITS, "THEY/THEM" GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE. It might seem impossible that I am obsessed with plants and Wings of Fire(A dragon romance/action) along with Halo, but its not. Pink Floyd is the best band of all time. Also why do people think im like three years old?

Spartan Company

UNSC Fireteam Serpent

UNSC Fireteam Serpent



5 Members

Est. 12/15/2020

Sorry again. The chairman is real secretive with this team. Hope it's enough... [[DISPATCHED_FROM_%$&;*53]]

Fireteam Serpent is a special forces group formed around [[REDACTED]] for [[REDACTED]] of the most elite [[REDACTED]]. All of our current members fought in the [[REDACTED]]. Led by SPARTAN II, Charm-639, Fireteam Serpent currently consists of five SPARTANS; Charm-639, Legen-224, Ben-B931, Ayden-A495, and Robin-B216. Specializing in covert Ops, Fireteam Serpent has completed missions everywhere from [[REDACTED]] to [[REDACTED]]. Fireteam Serpent also [[REDACTED]], a [[REDACTED]] formed in [[REDACTED]]. As of January 1st, 2560, UNSC Fireteam Serpent's members are scattered. 639 was stationed on Reach, they objected fiercely but eventually gave in, not before killing the person who suggested stationing them there. Both 224 and S495 are onboard the UNSC [[REDACTED]], participating in high intensity War Games. B931 is currently somewhere on [[REDACTED]], his Pelican was shot down and his body was not at the crash site, suggesting that he may be alive somewhere on the [[REDACTED]]. B216 is on Catillus, in the Turnus system, as she has not yet been assigned a mission with her new Fireteam.
Former members:
Mitchell-517 - Confirmed KIA due to augmentation failures.
Savannah-910 - Confirmed KIA during the [[REDACTED]].
Yvon-0Y27 - Reassigned to [[REDACTED]].

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Member Index
Death Dragon975

We are currently recruiting all members of all ranks so if you aren't part of a Spartan Company, you like pie, and killing Covies and/or Banished, Join UNSC Fireteam Serpent today! Also, just because, Emlékezz Reachre! The motto is in Serbian, in honor of the language spoken in the small Arcadian village where Charm was born. We are mostly looking for people who are frequently active here, or on another accessible platform. We enjoy making short stories and such, and do all the Halo nerd stuff.

Our one requirement is that you fill out this form completely upon your request to join UNSC Fireteam Serpent. In your join request to xxSPRIFTxx, say that you have completed the form. Another thing is reading these. It's not required but it will help you understand this Fireteam and its past, although be warned that they are my first works, and are not very good quality.

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