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Standing Note to the Developers: Please do not add microtransactions and revamp the customization system in Infinite. Even if the microtransactions are merely cosmetic at first, we have seen this change after launch with EA games. Reward our time and work for playing the game instead of going straight for the our paycheck.

Favorite Halo:
ODST, because it's so Jazz!
Least Fav. Halo: Halo 5: Guardians, that is a hard pass!
Favorite Character: Can I say Cortana? because all that sass!
Favorite Multiplayer: Halo: Reach, Because It's a blast!
Worst Multiplayer: Halo 3: Because I'm always last!
Favorite Planet: Reach: Though, it got done glassed!
Favorite Forge: Halo: Reach, Because it's so vast!
Favorite Vehicle: Banshee: Because it's really fast!
Favorite Visuals: Halo 2 Anniversary: Look at all that grass!

In all seriousness, I enjoy the Halo franchise and am excited to see what 343i has in store for the future. Despite the rocky start of the first 2 games, I hope they have learned from their predecessors, work, and fans.

I, myself, am more interested in the story aspects of the Halo series. The visuals and gameplay are easy enough to replicate over time. However, if a modern game has a flat story, the whole thing sucks dead air; with no story, there is no reason to come back or play the campaign. This also limits the creative process from there. Other people enjoy writing their own stories in that universe. Giving the fans more to work with is fun! I believe the focus on story should be heavier. Flashy visuals and gunplay will attract, but story keeps us coming back.

Campaign Stats: (Because they don't show the campaigns here)
Halo CE: Heroic
Halo 2: Normal (Not there yet)
Halo 3: Legendary
Halo ODST: Legendary
Halo Reach: Legendary
Halo 4: Legendary
Halo 5: [N/A]

Rare Achievements:
ODST: Record Store Owner
ODST: Shoot and Scoot
ODST: Classic
H3: Who Need Them?
H3: No Stone Unturned
H3: Witch Doctor
Reach: Canonical Conundrum
Reach: A Monument To All Your Sins
Reach: Jorge Can't Have All the Big Guns

Spartan Company

49th ODST Battalion

49th ODST Battalion

Below, with Hades in Tow.


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