I first heard of HALO when I was a little kid, about 9 or 10. I was talking with a friend at school about what videogames to buy when he brought up this halo game. I told him I would look into it, but never got around to doing that.

About 7 years later, living in Houston, I was looking for a new game for my XBOX 360, when I ran into HALO 3: ODST on the shelf. I picked it up and wondered why it seemed so familiar. I asked the store clerk what HALO was all about, and he told me that it was a great game and it was about this Master Chief guy. I immediately bought the game and went home to play it. I plugged it into my console and I was blown away. I never thought a videogame could be so cool! I powered through the campaign.

After playing that game, I fell in love with the HALO universe. The next game I bought was HALO: REACH. This game was the best I ever played at that time. The campaign was awesome, filled with action-packed madness!

Finally, I received HALO 4 for Christmas and immediately started playing. The graphics had changed radically and I was absolutely astonished by the gameplay, the graphics and the performance. The game had the same feel that it possessed since its kickoff in 2001.

I look forward to buying The Master Chief Collection and the release of Halo 5; Guardians.

I thank 343 Industries, Bungie and Microsoft for this once in a lifetime journey.

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