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I only play Swat and Firefight... Unless a Special Sniper mode is up for the week... Then I play that, too.

Spartan Company



Boom! Headshot!

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Est. 10/19/2015

Overview: This Spartan Company is exclusively for those who love to play SWAT. Even if you are not very good, you can still join, we want to help you become better.

Applications: We have an applications thread for Lieutenant, where you can apply for the position, and the leaders will decide whether or not to accept you. The rules for applying is in the thread.

Leader: SABX Darkhaven

Lieutenants: Immortal Mess

How do I join?: It's simple, send a request and we will accept you, the only requirement is that you play SWAT! Due to the increasing amount of people who want to join, anyone who sends a default message for a request will be automatically denied, please write a custom message with your request. The more detailed your request message, the higher chance you have to join. We are now full, we can no longer accept requests unless a space is available.

What do I do when I join?: Just be active and engage with the community, and play SWAT. There will be events that we will set so we can all play together. Oh, and don't be deconstructive and pessimistic, we don't like those personalities. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

DMR or BR, that is the question.

Unum Iecit Unum Occiditis

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