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Career Rank Overview | Season 4

Career Rank graphic showing the General tiers and Hero rank.
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  -  a year ago

Season 4: Infection is landing on June 20 and will be bringing with it some incredible content, features, and quality of life fixes. One of the most notable additions coming with this season is Career Rank—an all-new progression system in Halo Infinite.

Today, we’ll be sharing a first look at Career Rank, how you progress through the system, and more. Let's dive in!

Halo Infinite concept art depicting multiple Spartans receiving awards.
Halo Infinite concept art by David Heidhoff


Career Rank will provide players with an opportunity to advance through a larger progression system that reflects their time in Halo Infinite. Similar to the progression systems in Halo: Reach and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, each level will have military-style ranks with unique names and corresponding icons.

Career Rank graphic showing the General tiers and Hero rank.

To make progress through these new ranks, all you have to do is play. Whether you’re jumping into your favorite playlist solo or squadding up with your friends, every completed matchmaking game carries you forward.

Additionally, Career Rank utilizes performance-based progression taken directly from your Personal Score in each match. The better you play, the faster you’ll rank up.


As we alluded to above, Career Rank will likely feel most like MCC’s progression system. “Tiers” such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. are the largest bucket, which are all broken into smaller military-style “Ranks” such as Cadet or General. Then, within each of those Ranks, you will move in three smaller increments called “Grades.”

A flow chart depicting how Career Rank progression works across its different tiers.
Career Rank progress flows from Cadet to General within each tier. (4K)

Example 1: If you are a Bronze Private Grade 1, you’d work through Bronze Private Grade 2 and Bronze Private Grade 3 in order to achieve Bronze Lance Corporal Grade 1.

Example 2: If you are a Platinum General Grade 3, your next advancement would bring you to the next Tier as a Diamond Cadet Grade 1.


Once you start working your way up the ranks, you’ll also likely want to start showing off your level. Fortunately, there will be plenty of ways to see your rank (and those of other players).

A few of the notable places where you can see your accomplishments:

  • During the match intro. When the camera pans to a Spartan, you will now see a banner that displays their Career Rank.
  • Every individual player’s Profile will include their Career Rank. 
  • Inspecting a player in the Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR). 
  • In general, in most places where you see a player’s full nameplate, a banner with their Career Rank will also be displayed.
Career Rank icon being displayed on a player's nameplate at the start of the match.
Career Rank icon being displayed at the start of a match.

Ultimately, we wanted to make sure that we are recognizing the time you invest in Halo Infinite. Ensuring that your Career Rank shows up and is visible to all whenever and wherever possible is key to that celebration.

From Recruit to Hero, advance through the ranks and show what you’ve been able to accomplish when Season 4 lands. Career Rank, Infection, new maps, new customization, Forge updates, and more all land later this month on June 20.

If you have additional questions about Career Rank, be sure to check out the FAQ below.

The race to claim Hero status is on!


Are Career Rank levels gated by a CSR skill rank similar to Halo 3?

No, there are no skill requirements in Halo Infinite’s Career Rank progression system.

Will this include my previous game history?

No, Career Rank will begin tracking your Halo Infinite progression when it lands on June 20.

Will I be able to rank up in Custom Games, Forge, or Academy?

No, Career Rank progression will be earned via Personal Score in multiplayer matchmaking.

Will Double XP Boosts work towards Career Rank progression? 

No, Double XP Boosts are meant to help players advance through their Battle Passes via Match XP.

Will I earn customization content from leveling up in Career Rank?

Yes, for select ranks there are corresponding nameplates as well as armor, weapon, and vehicle emblems that you can sport in-game on your Spartan and gear.

Is Career Rank tied to a Battle Pass?

No, Career Rank progression is separate from the Battle Pass system and is entirely free.

Will Career Rank impact matchmaking in any way?

No, Career Rank will not impact what matches or opponents you play in matchmaking.

Will Career Rank ever reset with Seasons?

No, Career Rank will not reset with Seasons. It is meant to track your overall progress in Halo Infinite.