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Combined Arms Operation Launch

Halo Infinite key art for the Combined Arms Operation showing (from left-to-right) a Kig-Yar sat on the back of a Mongoose, a Spartan holding a shard of blamite, a Sangheili Ultra without a helmet, and another Spartan kneeling
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  -  6 months ago

Combined Arms, Halo Infinite’s first Operation, arrives tomorrow!

From November 14 to December 19, Operation: COMBINED ARMS will be active, bringing a free 20-tier Operation Pass with new customization rewards. The iconic Mjolnir Mark V armor from Halo: CE and a playlist of beloved classic maps from Halo 3 have also come to Halo Infinite.


The Combined Arms Operation Pass features 20 tiers of free customization rewards, along with new armor and vehicle coatings, emblems, and visors.

For those who need a quick refresher: Operations are the new evolution of Events in Halo Infinite, and Combined Arms is the first of more Operations to come. For a full breakdown, check out our Operations blog.

A visual representation of the Combined Arms Operation Pass.

Player feedback around Events was that their short two-week window felt too limiting, and that once they’re gone there’s no way to obtain those rewards again. Enter Operations, which will run for approximately four-to-six weeks with a free 20-tier Operation Pass that is progressed with Match XP. An Operation can be purchased at any point via Halo Infinite’s in-game Switcher or Shop.

The Operations Pass comes with additional premium upgrade options:

  • 500 credits instantly unlocks an exclusive bonus customization item, makes the Operation Pass durable (it will not expire), and—when equipped—offers bonus XP and an extra Challenge slot during the Operation’s live window.
  • 2,000 credits instantly unlocks all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass at purchase and includes the exclusive bonus customization item.
Halo Infinite image of the Combined Arms switcher showing the 500 credit Premium Operation Pass and the 2000 credit Premium Operation Pass

Purchase either of the Combined Arms Operation Pass options above and you will additionally acquire the Grey Hunter armor coating.


2007 has arrived in 2023, as seven Halo 3 maps recreated in Forge in partnership with the community are coming to a new matchmaking playlist in Halo Infinite alongside the Combined Arms Operation tomorrow.

Claim the High Ground and revisit the vertical heights of Construct, the lush jungles of Guardian, a Banished-themed take on Narrows, and other beloved classics recreated in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. Alongside these is also Critical Dewpoint, a map created by ArturBloodshot, based around our nostalgia-fueled partnership with Mountain Dew.

For more details, be sure to check out our Halo 3 Refueled blog when it lands tomorrow.


Also accompanying the release of Combined Arms is a new Waypoint Chronicle which will release later this month!

2560. The Banished have come to Suban, the blood-moon of Sanghelios, seeking to claim the unique natural resource within its vast mines: the beautiful but volatile Subanese crystals. 

The Swords of Sanghelios and their Spartan allies face an overwhelming force on the ground, while a Sangheili shipmistress in the skies above seeks to find a weakness in the enemy’s armor that might turn the tide against these invaders.

Stay tuned for the release of this short story (which will be available here on Halo Waypoint, as a free PDF, and in audiobook format on YouTube) on November 27.


Bred for combat, built for war, you are the master of any weapon, pilot of any vehicle, and fear no enemy.

In celebration of Halo’s upcoming birthday, the CE Mark V armor kit became available for purchase in the Shop on November 7. The Combat Evolved Mark V bundle contains:

  • Combat Evolved Mark V armor kit
  • Cinder Ring multi-use armor coating
  • Viridescent Ring multi-use armor coating
  • Aurum Evolved visor

Unseal the hushed casket and awaken the flawless cowboy within. Prevail through nerves of steel and a quick trigger finger.

Halo Infinite image of the CE Mark V armor kit

And be sure to complete all of your Challenges this week to unlock the latest Ultimate Reward: AAP/Ordnance Pack Oscar for your Mark V [B] armor.

Halo Infinite image of Ultimate Reward: AAP Ordnance Pack Oscar

That concludes this overview of Halo Infinite’s debut Operation, which runs for the next five weeks (after which, the Winter Contingency III Operation will begin).

Go forth and start working your way through that free Operation Pass to claim your customization rewards, check out the new Halo 3 Refueled playlist, secure the CE Mark V armor kit to indulge in some classic nostalgia that has never looked so snazzy, and stay tuned for the upcoming Waypoint Chronicle!

See you on Suban.