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Community Collection Update

Header image for the Community Collection playlist April 2023 update
Photo of Alex
  -  a year ago

The Community Collection playlist in Halo Infinite has been updated with new Forge maps from our veritable community of Master Builders!

When we launched the Community Collection playlist back in February, players got to experience maps both familiar and new that had been made by folks in the community using Forge—from a Banished-ified version of Damnation, to a UNSC-themed remix of Midship, and so on.

We stated that this playlist would be evergreen (meaning it would be sticking around in Halo Infinite for the long haul) and would be updated with more community-made content in the future. That day has now come, so let’s get you acquainted with the new arenas you’ll be stepping into.

Credits: I Crush All, NightAvenger01
Bookmark: Solution

Halo Infinite screenshot of Solution

Solution is a map that showcases just how far Forgers are able to push the density of detail with their maps while also offering a truly great gameplay experience. Just remember that there are enemies to fight, flags to grab, and strongholds and hills to capture as well as sights to see!

Credits: Squally DaBeanz
Bookmark: Vagabond

Halo Infinite screenshot of Vagabond

Evoking the neon-lit cityscapes we have experienced and loved throughout the series, from the nighttime streets of New Mombasa to the chaotic marketplace of Plaza, Vagabond looks like a place that fits right into the Halo universe.

Credits: Sikamikanico, Whos Blaze
Bookmark: Curfew

Halo Infinite screenshot of Curfew

Similar to Vagabond, Curfew centers the urban aesthetics of Halo 3: ODST in this city precinct that feels like a genuinely lived-in space. The Superintendent is even there to remind you to KEEP IT CLEAN, so be sure to pick up your spent bullet casings and please do not litter the floor with grenades.

In addition to the three rolling out today, we’ll also be bringing in one more map to the Community Collection playlist soon!

Credits: War FH
Bookmark: Nemesis, Paimon

Halo Infinite screenshot of Nemesis

In a marriage of Forerunner visual styles between Halo: CE and Halo 4, you’ll feel right at home on Nemesis where this ancient facility is becoming one with the natural formations around it.

These maps all join the existing maps in the playlist to add even more variety to the beloved Community Collection experience. Speaking of the existing maps, Absolution, Perilous, Salvation, and Starboard have all received updates from their creators to fix various issues, improve readability, or improve performance.

In addition to these new maps, you’ll find that other playlists in Halo Infinite also now include a selection of maps from the Community Collection.

Curfew has now been lifted, so if you vagabonds are looking for a solution for how to spend your time, jump into the Community Collection playlist today!