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Community Livestream | Halo Infinite CU29

Thumbnail image of the Mark IV armor coming to Halo Infinite in CU29
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  -  5 months ago

Today, during our first Community Livestream of the year, we pulled back the curtain on what’s next for Halo Infinite and shared details on what’s in store for year three of the Halo Championship Series (HCS).

If you missed the stream, we highly recommend giving it a watch to get up to speed on what you can expect with Infinite’s next update, how the studio is approaching the game going forward, a few longer lead features in active development, and what’s cooking for HCS.


Halo Infinite’s next free update, Content Update 29 (“CU29”) arrives on January 30, bringing a new Arena map, a Covenant object palette and new Forge features, a new armor core and customization rewards, and the first of three free Operations—starting with the Halo Wars-themed “Spirit of Fire.”

Stay tuned to Halo Waypoint in the coming days as we’ll take a closer look at some of the key components of this latest update:

  • MAP OVERVIEWTake a guided tour of Illusion, the new Arena map coming in CU29.
  • FORGE OVERVIEWLearn more about the new features and improvements coming to Forge, including the Covenant palette, Mode Creator, and more.
  • CUSTOMIZATION OVERVIEWGet a closer look at the Mark IV Armor Core, customization improvements, and upcoming Operations.

Looking further ahead, we also confirmed several player-requested features in active development including “Match Composer” functionality for matchmaking, new ways to earn past customization content, updated networking model, and a new anti-cheat initiative.

We’ll have plenty more to share on these fronts as they get nearer to release but for now, we’re excited to let the team cook and look forward to these marquee updates landing later this year.

HCS 2024

Year three of HCS is upon us! New events, ranked updates, and new team cosmetics are on the horizon, and you can get the full scoop via the latest HCS blog.

Stay tuned to and be sure to follow @HCS for the latest competitive Halo news.

That’s all for now, but we’re excited to have much more to share with you next week as we get closer to the release of CU29 on January 30!

Until then, may you have sweet dreams of Mjolnir Mark IV armor...