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Portrait of Tashi, Esports Lead
  -  a year ago
HCS Grassroots logo

Back in October we brought a new set of HCS Grassroots content creators into the program and opened up applications for Wave 5. When it was all said and done, there were hundreds of applications in our inboxes for us to review. Before getting into the results, we just want to share a huge THANK YOU for all the content creators who are not only creating on a daily basis for the Halo community, but those who also believe in the program and want to be a part of it. Regardless of whether you are in the program or not, your contributions to the community are very much appreciated by not only us, but most importantly the community itself.

After months of review, we have finalized the five content creators that will be joining the HCS Grassroots program, please join us in welcoming them!


Elamite's logo

Halo national champion turned Halo content creator, Elamite has been dazzling us with big plays on his stream for quite a while now. His dedication to the craft is very apparent as he continues to grow as an entertainer, leveraging his years of experience as a player and broadcaster. Give him a follow!


Monza's log with her sponsor logos

Hailing from Australia, Monza is the next addition in the HCS Grassroots program. Monza is an active competitor in the Australian Halo scene and has also been streaming for a number of years. Bringing a unique combination of high level gameplay across a variety of Halo games – as well as chill vibes – Monza welcomes any and all fans to hang out in her stream.


Taquin's logo

Up next is a multiplayer streamer and YouTuber unlike anyone you’ve probably ever seen before. When live on Twitch, Taquin hosts a chill stream where he often plays with viewers in a variety of fun and social modes. On YouTube as “The Reach Way,” he blows us away with his creativity, sense of humor, and very clever editing. Don’t take our word for it though, be sure to give him and follow and enjoy the show!


OathxX logo

OathxX has been on her stream grind for the last 4+ years and has been steadily growing her fan base since the beginning. Featuring competitive and social gameplay across multiple Halo titles, as well as one of the most friendly and positive streams on Twitch, OathxX has a wonderful community that we think anyone would be delighted to be a part of. Be sure to give her a follow and say hello next time she’s live!


Paradise Halo logo

Last, but not least, we’re excited to welcome the Paradise Halo team to the HCS Grassroots program. If you’ve been following competitive Halo over the last few years, you’ve no doubt seen the amazing Halo esports content on the channel. The team is comprised of three stalwarts in the community: DynaSean, with his grand vision as well as high quality effects and editing, Calloussss, with his incredible gameplay breakdowns and insights, and Trespa5s, with his writing and storytelling. As a group, they bring a wealth of unique content to the Halo community and we can’t wait to see them continue to grow as entertainers and creatives. Give them a follow!


Thank you once again to everyone who applied to the HCS Grassroots program! We do intend to bring on another wave of creators later this summer, so be on the lookout in the coming weeks for more information on when the application window will open again.

And as usual, be sure to follow @HCS on Twitter to see more content from the HCS Grassroots creators and learn about the next HCS Grassroots playdates, where you can join in on the fun and secure some exclusive nameplates.

See you in the chat!