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Cyber Showdown Event Launch

Photo of Alex
  -  2 years ago

Y’know, we have often asked ourselves how we can make Spartans even cooler than they already are. We’ve come up with a few different answers to that over the years, one of our most recent being “What if they were samurai from an alternate, non-canonical universe?” Our next Event in Halo Infinite’s free to play multiplayer considers what if Spartans had some kind of holographic neon mohawk? What if a digital visor could burst out from your helmet to visually accent your tactical (and stylish) acuity?

Get ready for a synthwave showdown, Spartans. Go forth into matchmaking in all your heliotrope luminance. The Cyber Showdown Event is live!

Running across two weeks from January 18 to February 1, the Cyber Showdown Event invites you to jump into the new Attrition mode to earn free, limited-time customization rewards.

Attrition is a frantic new Slayer mode where lives are shared across your team. Each team has a limited number of lives—revive your teammates when they fall and work together to deplete the enemy’s lifepool to finish them off. Last team standing wins! It’s classic, competitive 4v4 action with a unique spin on how you operate as a team.

Cyber Showdown image of two Spartans and the personal AI Fret between them.

Cyber Showdown also features a unique reward track with themed items, similar to what you’ve come to expect from Fracture: Tenrai.

There are 10 Event Challenges overall, spread evenly through your pool of Weekly Challenges, while the Event is live. For each Event Challenge completed, you will earn the next reward from your Event Reward track and unlock more cyber-themed goodness.

Check out some of the rewards you’ll be getting below!

Those who jump in during the event will also receive the New Heights backdrop for your Spartan ID, and be sure to keep an eye out for other effulgently extravagant Event items in the Store as well.

A preview of the New Heights backdrop.

Well, we’d better not keep you any longer. Jump into Halo Infinite’s free to play multiplayer and start searching Cyber Showdown - Attrition.

See you on the battlefield!