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Mindfall Event Launch

Key art image for the Season 3 Mindfall narrative-focused event in Halo Infinite
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  -  7 months ago

Season 3 of Halo Infinite is here, and the narrative-focused Mindfall event has begun!

Running from March 7-21, the Mindfall Event delivers a free 10-tier Event Pass containing a variety of cosmetics to outfit your new MIRAGE IIC Armor Core, along with new cinematics.

Reward track image for the Mindfall event in Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within

For those who need a recap on what happened in Season 2: Lone Wolves...

At the beginning of Season 2 of Halo Infinite, the Academy received some unexpected guests. Spartan Sigrid Eklund emerged from a commandeered Phantom with an unconscious Spartan Hieu Dinh, whose life was jeopardized by the malevolent Banished AI known as Iratus who resides within his neural interface.

Season 3: Echoes Within picks up from here, kicking off with the Mindfall event which explores a pivotal moment from Spartan Dinh’s past as Iratus plunders his mind.

Mindfall is the first of two narrative-focused events, as Site Unseen will conclude the story of Season 3 from May 2-16 (bringing with it another free 10-tier Event Pass with new MIRAGE IIC cosmetics and additional cinematics).

For additional story elements, stay tuned for Intel drops throughout Season 3 (landing here on Halo Waypoint and in-game), Fracture: FIREWALL’s upcoming Story Shards, and your regularly scheduled monthly issues of Canon Fodder.


After launching Halo Infinite, you will see the cinematic recapping the events of the last two seasons, followed by the Echoes Within opening cinematic that follows Spartan Dinh and Iratus.

Upon finishing the Mindfall Event, you can view the event's closing cinematic by pressing Y from the main menu to open up the screen that shows your Battle Pass, Story Event, and Challenges.

Screenshot of Halo Infinite Seasonal screen

From there, hit X (you’ll see it listed as “Season Intro”) which will take you to this screen.

Screenshot of Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Cinematic screen for the Recap and Intro

And then hit Y for additional cinematics. Here is where you will see Enemy Mind listed—the closing cinematic of the Mindfall event.

Halo Infinite screenshot of additional cinematic screen showing the Enemy Mind cinematic


Halo Gear Rewards are back for Season 3: Echoes Within!

Halo Gear Rewards are exclusive limited-edition products in the Halo Gear Shop that players can earn access to purchase after completing specific in-game accomplishments. The first reward was introduced in Season 2: Lone Wolves with the amazing Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket.

In Season 3: Echoes Within, we are introducing a new earnable reward—official Halo Infinite Pins!

Players will have the opportunity to earn access to four collectible pins, each tied to a specific event in Season 3. The pins will feature unique designs inspired by their respective events. These pins will also be part of a larger Xbox Pin Trading program, with a special stamp on the back, but more on that soon.

Image of the pins available as Halo Gear Rewards in Season 3

So, what are the pins and how can I earn access to them?

  • Uncover your enemy and earn access to the Shroud Screen Pin by completing the Season 3 Mindfall Event Pass. Complete this event and make your purchase by April 18 to secure this reward.
  • Put a new weapon to good use and complete the Season 3 Site Unseen Event Pass to unlock access to the Bandit Pin. Complete this event and make your purchase by June 17 to secure this reward.
  • Blend mind and machine to complete the Season 3 Fractures: Firewall Event Pass and earn access to the Firewall Logo Pin. Complete this event and make your purchase by July 4 to secure this reward.
  • You can earn access to the Season 3 Insignia LE Pin & Matching In-Game Emblem by defying Iratus and completing the Season 3: Echoes Within Battle Pass. Complete the battle pass and make your purchase by July 4 to secure this reward.

How does it work?

Upon completion of each qualifying event the player will receive a reward code via their Halo Waypoint Profile.

  • When you complete each event, simply visit Halo Waypoint online or via mobile and sign into your account to trigger your reward. The reward code will be delivered to you via Waypoint notifications.  
  • Please note that it may take up to 24-hours for the code to be delivered after completion of an event.

Once you receive the reward code, visit the Halo Gear Shop and hop to the respective Pin product page to proceed with your purchase. The price will look REALLY high, but don’t worry!

  • Add the pin to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • In checkout you will enter the code in the “Gift card or discount code” field. Click apply.
  • The cost will update to the pin’s actual retail price.
  • Finish your transaction by entering your shipping and billing details and selected your shipping option.
  • This is a pre-order item that will ship in Q3/Q4 2023.
  • The Halo Gear Rewards items are available for purchase until the dates specified.

Note: This is not the real price of the collectible pin. This is a Halo Gear Rewards item, exclusively for Halo Infinite players that have completed one of the qualifying Season 3 events; Site Unseen Event Pass, Mindfall Event Pass, Fractures: Firewall Event Pass, S3: Echoes Within Battle Pass. Qualifying players will receive a code to reduce the price to the intended retail cost.