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Forge Features: February 24, 2023

Community Cartography 006
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  -  a year ago

Hot off the presses—it's time for a new Forge Features blog. Featuring original creations and remakes alike, this is bound to have a few maps that will catch your eye.

As a reminder, each of the creations shared below can also be found in the “Recommended” section of the Content Browser here on Halo Waypoint (so you can bookmark them online) and in Halo Infinite.

Now, let's take a look at some fantastic new Forge maps so you can give them a bookmark and play them the next time you jump online.

Credits: Redbeard4720
Bookmark: Cold Storage

Screenshot of Cold Storage map made in Forge

Sometimes it's nice to remake old maps and just chill out.

Credits: Level Design
Bookmark: Suban

Screenshot of Suban map made in Forge

Explosive crystals mined from a moon. What could go wrong?

Credits: CertifiedChamp, b0b is here
Bookmark: Apostle

Screenshot of Apostle map made in Forge

Reminiscent of the Gravemind level from Halo 2, this map is sure to take you back to 2004.

Credits: Black Picture
Bookmark: Dead Water

Screenshot of Dead Water map made in Forge

The name is quite literally the opposite of Live Fire. That means the map either plays exactly like it or nothing like it—bookmark it to find out!

Credits: Box Knows
Bookmark: Revolt

Screenshot of Revolt map made in Forge

The board has big plans for you...

Credits: ArturBloodshot
Bookmark: Corrosion

Screenshot of Corrosion map made in Forge

After the fall of Voi, the rest of the industrial complexes were left to rot.

Credits: xxxFLACOxxx
Bookmark: Hang 'Em High

Screenshot of Hang 'em High map made in Forge

These tombstones look oddly familiar...

Credits: Soulfull Soul
Bookmark: Flowfalls

Screenshot of Flowfalls map made in Forge

The higher they flow, the harder they fall.


Back with more scripting tutorials, VidGamesPete recently put together another useful walkthrough on how to push a message to a player's HUD in-game. We covered this briefing in our Forge Fundamentals video on scripting last year, but this detailed explanation is bound to help you get a better understanding of how it all flows together.

Thanks for joining us as we highlight another round of community creations here on Waypoint. Don't forget to use the Custom Game Browser and Content Browser to find even for Forge goodness the next time you jump on Halo Infinite.

As always, stay tuned here on Halo Waypoint and follow @Halo for the latest on Halo news and Forge features!