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Forge Features: May 26, 2023

Community Cartography 012
Forge Features 12 header showing the community-made Sorcerer map
Photo of Alex
  -  a year ago

We’ve got a special new edition of Forge Features for you today where we’re offering the opportunity to get your maps into matchmaking for the return of the fan-favorite Husky Raid mode!

Let’s get you a briefing on the details, and then let’s take a look at a new selection of community-made maps.


Ten years ago, we were playing a game you might have heard of called Halo 4. Like its predecessors going back to Halo 2, it featured the Action Sack playlist—the home of whacky and unusual gametypes often created by the community where we lost hours to Tug of War, Team Stickies, Dino Blasters, Paintball, and more. And one of the additions Halo 4 made to that offering was Husky Raid.

In Husky Raid, the map is a long, narrow corridor. You spawn on one side with random weapons, meaning that you, your allies, and your enemies may be heading out with a rocket launcher or a plasma pistol. And you’ve got to get through the chaos that’s about to ensue in order to capture the enemy flag.

Halo 5 screenshot of the Assault on the Control Room map

The mode returned in Halo 5 (see an example in the screenshot above), and it’s now coming to Halo Infinite—and you’ve got an opportunity to get your own Husky Raid map into matchmaking!


We have two prefab templates for you to download and utilize in the creation of your Husky Raid map. Grab them from the links below.

These will be useful for getting Forgers started, so if you just want to apply some cool artistic flourishes to them that’s absolutely fine for submission. But if you want to take things a step further and make your own changes, or start from scratch to unleash your creativity, you should absolutely feel free to do so!

As for testing your map, in the meantime we recommend using Fiesta: CTF.


Once your map is in a state you are happy with, you need to publish it and tag it with the 343ask-Husky Raid tag and include a screenshot.

Image of official Forge tags

If your map is one we’d like to move forwards with, we will reach out to the gamertag listed as the author of the map and continue further dialogue on Discord.


The fun should never truly end, but for folks looking to try and make it into our first official Husky Raid selection, we'll need your creations no later than June 30.

Take the time to flex those creative muscles—we can’t wait to see what you cook up for us.

With all that said, let’s take a look at what you’ve been up to with the maps you’ve already been making!

Credits: DarkMaiming
Bookmark: Thunderhead

Halo Infinite screenshot of Thunderhead

The UNSC Infinity sits pretty over a colossal Forerunner beam tower, flanked by two reformation spires that mark each base for opposing teams.

Credits: W0lfR3ign
Bookmark: Vyrant

Halo Infinite screenshot of Vyrant

Welcome to the Vyrant Telecom tower, helping you to stay connected with your friends across the galaxy—by giving you a digital space to pummel them!

Credits: AlphaEpsilon
Bookmark: Snowagulation

Halo Infinite screenshot of Snowagulation

It’s Coagulation, the timeless Halo 2 classic as you know and love it... in the snow! Stay frosty.

Credits: WAR FH
Bookmark: Sorcerer

Halo Infinite screenshot of Sorcerer

Ever looked at Wizard—or any of its remakes—and thought it could stand to be a little bigger to spread out some of that 4v4 or 5v5 chaos? Sorcerer is the map for you.

And that’ll bring this issue to a close. You’ve got your mission, should you choose to accept—to all community cartographers, prepare to drop feet-first into Forge and let loose your imagination on Husky Raid.

Make one. Heck, make two. That’s an order, soldier!