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Forge Features: July 5, 2023

Community Cartography 013
Halo Infinite screenshot of The Maw recreated in Forge showing a Warthog on the Pillar of Autumn's bridge with a broken Halo ring in the background
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  -  a year ago

Welcome back to a new edition of Forge Features! It’s been a little while since we last caught up, as the spotlight has very much been on Season 4: Infection’s arrival in Halo Infinite a few weeks ago, but as the dust settles the time has come to take a look at more community creations.

Let’s start things off with something that might just blow your mind...

Credits: KingNothing2005
Bookmark: The Maw map | Warthog Run mode

Halo Infinite screenshot of a remake of The Maw from Halo: CE made in Forge

"Analyzing... We have six minutes before the fusion drives detonate. We need to evac, now! Activating final countdown timer. When it reaches zero, the engines will detonate. The explosion will generate a temperature of almost one-hundred-million degrees. Don't be here when it blows."

And yes, somehow—through the unholy alchemy of Forge and fan creativity—this is an exact recreation of the entire Warthog Run from Halo: CE.

Credits: nkdape, Okom1, Micheal B 2K8, Mr Kwatz, Virus11010, Scrubulba, daedalus7932, MikRips, Cousin Tim
Bookmark: Smallhalla

Halo Infinite screenshot of a smaller version of Valhalla from Halo 3 made in Forge

Forge gives players the power to answer many creative questions. Smallhalla dares to ask one of the most game-changing of all... what if Valhalla was really small?

(And also, what if the crashed Pelican was actually a paper airplane?)

Credits: bullet2thehead9, DISTORTED JACKAL, C0mmnder, TheChunx, xLoud Mary Jane
Bookmark: Abandon

Halo Infinite screenshot of a remake of Halo 4's map Abandon made in Forge

Take a trip back to the creepy alien jungles of Erebus VII. Mind the anglers!

Credits: bullet2thehead9, Va1kyrie, Nomino33
Bookmark: Lone Wolf

Halo Infinite screenshot of a remake of the Lone Wolf mission from Halo: Reach in Forge

Objective: survive.


Looking to find out what new objects came to Halo Infinite’s Forge in Season 4? Gravemind’s got you covered with this video overview—a most helpful and informative turn after giving up his ambitions of infecting the universe!

DEWtheMCCOY continues to showcase more of the incredible work we've been seeing from community cartographers, and in one of his latest videos he looks at some campaign levels which have been recreated in Forge. These include The Silent Cartographer from Halo: CE, Regret from Halo 2, and Mombasa Streets from Halo 3: ODST.

That closes us out for this issue of Forge Features. Go bookmark some new maps and modes, grab your friends, and get a custom games night going.

Whether you’re looking to escape the Pillar of Autumn, make a noble final stand, or you’re just looking to embrace the sheer chaos of Lightspeed Halo, the Custom Games Browser is just one click away!