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Forge Features: May 12, 2023

Community Cartography 011
Halo Infinite screenshot of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn made in Forge
Photo of Alex
  -  7 months ago

The time has come for another bi-weekly instalment of Forge Features!

We’re on a bit of an original trilogy binge in this issue, starting aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn and working our way across games from there. So, bring yourself up to combat alert alpha and let’s take a look at some community creations.

Credits: Mr Kwatz, Sikamikanico, xTomcatx, KingBartlett, Whos Blaze, tdubfed1
Bookmark: Escape From Reach

Halo Infinite screenshot of Escape From Reach

“Cortana, all I need to know is did we lose them?”

Not yet, you haven’t! Multiple Covenant vessels are inbound and it’s up to you to gather as many of your friends as possible to jump into Wasps and defend the UNSC Pillar of Autumn (stunningly recreated in Forge) from attacking Banshees.

Bookmark: Arrival

Halo Infinite screenshot of Arrival

Forget those adjustments to your A2 scope, there’s a station to defend. Arrival is a map that has been spiritually and aesthetically based on Halo 2’s Cairo Station—it even has an antimatter charge!

Credits: xDTx Kaos, W0lfR3ign, THE SLAMMERSS, Le Frenchys
Bookmark: Insolence

Halo Infinite screenshot of Insolence

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Halo game in possession of a multiplayer must be in want of a Forerunner-themed map in a box canyon.

With two opposing bases that have been based (heh!) on the barrier towers from Halo 3’s classic mission The Covenant, and featuring a downed Scarab that is being reclaimed by nature, you’d have to be pretty insolent to not try this out with up to 24 of your friends!

Bookmark: Domicile

Halo Infinite screenshot of Domicile

That old, familiar feeling...

Welcome back to Construct, just as you know and love it! We hope you like the new coat of paint.


Scrubulba has been working on recreating the hangar bay from the Halo 2 missions The Arbiter and The Oracle, where you fight Sesa ‘Refumee—leader of the heretics on the Threshold Gas Mine—as he tries to escape in a Seraph fighter. Scrubulba has given us a breakdown of cost-effective lighting techniques he used, which could be useful for your own maps.

That brings this issue of Forge Features to its end. Whether you're looking for some space dogfights, direct remakes of old classics, or new maps with a familiar flavor, these maps have got you covered.

Now get to your action stations and get ready to give your friends a warm welcome.