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Forge Features: December 2, 2022

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Forge Features header image showing Banished Narrows by AngelitoCO
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  -  a year ago

The best thing is when a Halo player logs into the game and says those three magical words: “It’s Forgin’ time!”

It’s barely been a month since the Winter Update released, bringing with it the long-awaited Forge Beta, and already we have seen the floodgates well and truly open to endless waves of excitement and creativity over what people are making with this tool.

And so, that naturally brings us to our second Forge Feature, where we showcase some of our favorite community-created content. Let’s get right to it!


Credits: AngelitoCO
Bookmark: Banished Narrows

Screenshot of Banished Narrows made in Forge

Narrows from Halo 3, as you’ve never experienced it before...

We’ve not even given you a Banished-themed Forge palette yet, but here it is, plain as day (or, well... night)—Narrows has been revamped with an all-new aesthetic and it looks utterly spectacular.

You know this dance floor well. Man cannons on either side of a long, multi-level bridge—perfect for those intense sniper duels. Rockets on the light bridge at bottom-mid, Overshield and Active Camo on opposing sides. It’s a map that rewards strong teamwork and precise coordination, and it looks pretty as both Forerunner skybridge and a Banished outpost.

Credits: UneeQ TV, Soxxxie, Saucy Situation, wild1551, Surasia
Bookmark: Uneeq | Lockout Remake

Screenshot of Lockout made in Forge

While we’re on the subject of map remakes, this one is a 1:1 recreation of Lockout from Halo 2.

Return to perhaps one of the most iconic multiplayer maps in all of gaming, whether that’s to 1v1 a friend of yours and settle a score or if you’re looking for some classic team-based 4v4 action.

This Lockout remake supports classic modes—Slayer, King of the Hill, Oddball. Grab your friends and indulge that Halo 2 nostalgia.

Oh, and er... please let us know if you spot any supernatural occurrences. It’s been said that old places like these are known to have the odd ghost...

Credits: zreakz
Bookmark: Banshee Battle: Space Cove

Screenshot of Banshee Battle: Space Cove made in Forge

Look, sometimes you just wanna get together with your friends, hop into some Banshees, and shoot at each other while navigating a bunch of asteroids. Sometimes, that’s what Halo is all about.

Zreakz knows this well and has created just such a map to satisfy that need.

Play Banshee Battle: Space Cove with up to 28 players and jump in with either FFA or Team Slayer modes for some dogfighting carnage. Zreakz recommends setting the respawn timer to instant for more hectic gameplay, and I think that’s a recommendation worth listening to!

Credits: RyzenFox64
Bookmark: Outcast

Screenshot of Outcast map made in Forge

Are you a fan of Derelict from Halo: CE? Outcast from RyzenFox64 isn’t exactly that, but it certainly feels like it’s got a lot of that map in its DNA—the Forerunner aesthetic of the original Xbox map has been lovingly recreated with Halo Infinite’s modern fidelity, and that same eerie sense of isolation in a long-forgotten place is palpably present from the few glimpses you can get of the outside (ring)world.

Also, seeing the blocky green teleporters from Halo: CE recreated in Infinite just really hits the spot!

Hop into the map to explore the artistry that went into its creation, or try it out for some 4v4 Slayer and King of the Hill.

Credits: I Crush All, unsorted guy, Black Picture, Foge, b0b is here, MythicFritz, NightAvenger01, CertifiedChamp, tdubfed1, Max Extra, Kabe, The Xzamplez
Bookmark: Solution WIP

Screenshot of Solution map made in Forge

Solution is one of those maps where every detail in every corner had me saying “Wow!” out loud. The screenshot above gives just an impression of the space, which is dense in its immersive atmosphere.

Both at a glance and upon close inspection, it’s a map that you could quite convincingly tell someone shipped with the game. With an extensive credits list of the dirty dozen collaborators who contributed to this map, the overall cohesion and thoughtfulness of this map really is admirable.

2-12 players are recommended. If you somehow find yourself stuck wondering what to play next during a customs night, this is your Solution. (Come for the map recommendations, stay for the toe-curlingly terrible puns!)


In case you missed it, just the other week we sat down for a Community Corner chat with Red Nomster, who has provided us with some insight into his journey as a Halo fan and content creator for both lore and Forge.

If you’re looking to get started with Forge and are wanting some advice from a seasoned map maker, then be sure to give it a read for some helpful tips!

DEWtheMCCOY has been posting daily videos that showcase Forge content from the community. The dedication is thoroughly admirable, as he’s posted these videos (along with individual map showcases and “top ten Forges of the week” round ups) twenty-four days in a row. If you’re looking for a constant stream of Forge content to check out, you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye on DEW’s channel.

Looking for some more tutorials to get a better understanding of the myriad systems and tools at your disposal in Forge? UnknownEmerald has got you covered!

In their latest videos, UnknownEmerald has helped us understand Bot Movement & Scripts, Setting Up Gametypes, and Spawns & Weapons.

Looking at some of the more practical elements of how to publish your maps and how to update your published maps in Halo Infinite, Ducain23 has put together a handy guide.

Finally for this issue, if you're wondering how to use navigation markers in your map, be sure to give this helpful guide from Soft Sharp a watch.

We continue to be in half-jawed awe of the Forge community’s cunning creativity, the flurry of content that appears daily to deliver unique experiences and provide countless hours of fun. Even just hopping into these maps to look at how they’ve been crafted and feel inspired is great! 

Also, while sharing your Forge content online, just like with other community creations, be sure to tag it with #HaloSpotlight.

We’ll catch you in the next Forge Features blog!