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Forge Features: March 31, 2023

Community Cartography 008
Forge Features 008 header image showing Hemorrhage Evolved by Scrubulba, Virus11010, D0ctorSmurf, Mr IncrediJON, and Tiiiiiiim 7
Photo of Alex
  -  6 months ago

Forge Features returns with a new batch of community-created content we think are thoroughly worth bookmarking and checking out with your friends!

Let’s take a look at some of the maps added to the 343 Recommends section of the Content Browser this week...

Credits: xDTx Kaos, W0lfR3ign, Nas
Bookmark: Obituary

Halo Infinite screenshot of Obituary by xDTx Kaos, W0lfR3ign, and Nas

For those of you who are looking for a little more Halo 2 Containment in your lives, this spiritual remake of the beloved BTB map is sure to scratch that specific itch.

Credits: Scrubulba, Virus11010, D0ctorSmurf, Mr IncrediJON, Tiiiiiiim 7
Bookmark: Hemorrhage Evolved

Halo Infinite screenshot of Hemorrhage Evolved by Scrubulba, Virus11010, D0ctorSmurf, Mr IncrediJON, and Tiiiiiiim 7

In the beginning, the multiplayer map Blood Gulch was created. This has made a lot of people very happy and has been widely regarded as a great move.

Credits: bullet2thehead9
Bookmark: Athenaeum

Halo Infinite screenshot of Athenaeum by bullet2thehead9

Ideal for 2-4 players, take to the athenaeum and fight amongst the overgrown ruins of this old library. But do it real quiet-like!

Credits: JAKEV10
Bookmark: Spicy Sumo Bowl (map), Spicy Sumo Bowl 1.1 (mode)

Halo Infinite screenshot of Spicy Sumo Bowl by JAKEV10 and TheDCFlash11

You know the rules. Get in a vehicle and stay alive within the bowl as parts of it disappear over time and hazards (like kill balls) come into play. Last one driving wins!


In what is quite possibly the coolest thing you will see this week, UNBROKEN ONYX has released a video of their remake of the epic final Warthog run at the end of Halo 3.

This remake is not only incredibly faithful to the original experience, but also includes the other vehicles you can use in this section of the game—namely, the Mongoose, Ghost, and Chopper.

For your dedication, ONYX, we salute you.

Hit the links here to bookmark the map and its associated game mode. Come on, Spartan—go, go, go!

Oh, and are you looking to add some cool prefabs to your map? UERBlitzkrieg has got you covered with this truly stunning Halo: Reach-inspired weapons crate, which you can bookmark two different versions of.

That wraps us up for this issue of Forge Features. Go forth and create, share, play together, and make some new friends with the Halo Infinite Custom Games Browser.

See you out there!