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Forge Features: April 14, 2023

Community Cartography 009
Halo Infinite screenshot of Vallaheim
Photo of Alex
  -  a year ago

Would you look at that, it’s time again for another issue of Forge Features to spotlight a new batch of community creations that have caught our monitoring eye and made their way to the 343 Recommended tab of the content browser! 

Just earlier this week, Halo Infinite’s matchmaking was enhanced and refreshed with some new community maps that you can find out more about in our Community Collection Update blog. 

And now, if you’re looking to level up your Custom Games nights, let’s explore a remake roulette of campaign and multiplayer spaces throughout the series in Halo Infinite’s Forge. 

Bookmark: Exile

Halo Infinite screenshot of Exile

Sometimes you just want to hear those three special words after a long day.

“BTB on Exile.”

Bookmark: Courtyard

Halo Infinite screenshot of Courtyard

A stunningly faithful recreation of the courtyard of ONI SWORD Base from Halo: Reach, which was present in the campaign and as a Firefight map. This iteration also includes some Covenant ships glassing the planet in the background.

Bookmark: SWORD Base

Halo Infinite screenshot of SWORD Base

You’ve fought your way through the courtyard, but you’ve got to fall back inside SWORD Base for the skirmishes to come. I hope you brought your Grappleshot... and stop camping in that elevator room—yes, you know who you are!

Bookmark: Cartographer

Halo Infinite screenshot of Cartographer

My analysis indicates that the map room should be at the bottom floor of this facility. You’re gonna have to fight your way through...

Bookmark: Vallaheim

Halo Infinite screenshot of Vallaheim

A truly timeless classic. With every remake of this map, every memory that has so lovingly recreated it, there is something new to appreciate.


Red Nomster (who has previously talked about Forge in our Community Corner chat) has showcased what his experience of three-hundred hours of Forge culminated in, giving a lengthy look at his new map “Overdrive.”

That wraps up another issue of Forge Features, which means it’s time to jump back into Halo Infinite for some Community Collection fun—tie up those Event Challenges for Fracture: FIREWALL, and head into Custom Games to try out some of these fantastic map remakes.

Oh, and go make some more cool stuff in Forge!