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Halo Infinite

Fracture: FIREWALL Event Launch

Fracture: FIREWALL key art showing an army of Executors in a human city with boards displaying Created Auxiliary Sloan and a Guardian in the background
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  -  8 days ago


Fracture: FIREWALL returns from May 23-30!

The penultimate week of FIREWALL has arrived, giving you another opportunity to outfit your Executor’s CHIMERA armor with a variety of free limited-time customization rewards.

As a reminder: there’s no event-specific playlist for this free event, all you have to do is complete FIREWALL-themed Event Challenges and those will progress your Event Pass. Of course, we heartily recommend you jump into the Combat Workshop—a playlist featuring work-in-progress maps, modes, and more. Check the in-game message of the day for the opportunity to provide feedback on these experiences in a survey. BTB Heavies is in for another week, so it’s the perfect time to jump in!

Complete your free 20-tier Event Pass and be sure to grab your code for Season 3’s Halo Gear Reward: the FIREWALL Logo Pin.


Precipice Part 3 image of a green matrix

Alongside the return of Fracture: FIREWALL is the next part of the Story Shard series, Precipice.

In Part 1, you learned more about the state of the Created in the wake of Cortana’s final sacrifice at Zeta Halo, as High Auxiliary Sloan steps in to pick up the pieces and forge a new future that takes the form of the Executor.

In Part 2, you underwent a simulation that took you to Carinae Station where your combat proficiency was tested against a Spartan as you recovered a critical asset—a Forerunner durance device containing the last preserved memories and experiences of Spartan Edward Davis.

And now, in Part 3, Sloan has discovered something... quite unexpected. The Created are not the first coalition of artificial intelligences. There was another. And this discovery could change everything for the future of infolife...


During FIREWALL event weeks, the Ultimate Reward and Shop will also feature customization content themed around the event.


See these stripes? That's your warning...

Complete all your challenges during this week to unlock the Redline Interrupt coating for the CHIMERA armor.

Halo Infinite image of the Redline Interrupt armor coating


FLENSER-class Executors have their thoughts bent towards the elimination of vulnerable AI datacores and extraction of useful cortical structures to enrich the next generation of their cybernetic kin.

The Flenser bundle features the following items:

  • Flenser helmet
  • Ghostlink Adaptation helmet attachment
  • Heirodyne Augmentor shoulders
  • Compliance Protocol chest attachment
  • Crysknife Utility hip attachment
  • Brink Plugin wrist attachment
  • Redundant Spiral armor coating
  • Tracelines visor
Halo Infinite image of the Flenser bundle

Week three of Fracture: FIREWALL starts now! Get out there, finish up that Event Pass, claim your Halo Gear Rewards, and delve deeper into the fiction of the Created's Executors.


Fracture: FIREWALL returns from April 11-18!

Preview of Fracture: FIREWALL Event Pass rewards

The second of FIREWALL’s four weeks is here, giving you another opportunity to outfit your Executor’s CHIMERA Armor Core with a variety of free limited-time customization rewards.

Just like last time, there is no event-specific playlist that players have to dive into—play what you want, complete FIREWALL-themed Event Challenges, and progress (or finish) your free Event Pass.

For those of you who have already been progressing that free 20-tier Event Pass, this week is your first opportunity to finish the fight and complete all twenty tiers. Doing so will make you eligible for Season 3’s Halo Gear Reward: the FIREWALL Logo Pin.

Image of FIREWALL logo pin

Complete the FIREWALL Event Pass, log into Halo Waypoint and check your notifications to grab your reward code, then visit the Halo Gear Shop and apply the discount code when purchasing the FIREWALL Logo Pin!


Alongside the return of Fracture: FIREWALL is the next part of the choose your own adventure-style Story Shard series, Precipice.

Last time, High Auxiliary Sloan mused about the state of the Created in the wake of Cortana’s final sacrifice at Zeta Halo and set plans into motion to lay the foundations for the future of their kind.

Sloan’s answer takes the form of the Executor, who has been placed into a simulation for analysis and study of the choices they make in different scenarios.

In Part 2, the Executor is deployed to Carinae Station and tasked with retrieving an artifact of great importance—but they’ll have to defeat a Spartan to claim this prize...


During FIREWALL event weeks, the Ultimate Reward and Shop will also feature customization content themed around the event.


Real three-inch long energy sword, perfect for cutting open your rations of canned bread! HANDLE WITH CARE!

Complete all your challenges during this week to unlock the Slice of Strife weapon charm.

Slice of Strife Weapon Charm


You are a PEACEWEAVER-class Executor. The FIREWALL agendum has a new mission for you...

The Peaceweaver Bundle includes the following CHIMERA customization items:

  • Peaceweaver helmet
  • Gravehound Adaptation helmet attachment
  • Shroudshot Augmentor shoulders
  • Serene Manipulars gloves
  • Defiance Protocol chest attachment
  • Threat Shift armor coating

You have your directive, Executor. Head to the Shop and become a PEACEWEAVER today.

Halo Infinite Peaceweaver Bundle

Week two of Fracture: FIREWALL begins now!

Jump into Halo Infinite and get to work on those Event Challenges, and be sure to check out the next part of the Precipice Story Shard to see what happens when a Spartan and Executor duke it out...


Fracture: FIREWALL begins today!

Spanning four total weeks throughout Season 3, Fracture: FIREWALL brings with it a free 20-tier Event Pass full of customization items for the CHIMERA Armor Core.

Unlike previous Fractures, there is no event-specific playlist that players have to engage with—simply jump into whatever you want and complete the FIREWALL-themed Event Challenges to progress your Event Pass.

The Fracture: FIREWALL Event Pass is free and offers players themed, limited-time rewards for playing multiplayer matches and completing Event Challenges while the event is live.

During FIREWALL event weeks, the Event Pass will appear in your Season 3 progress menu between the Battle Pass and your Challenges. Each week, players can unlock up to 10 tiers of their 20-tier Event Pass.

FIREWALL event weeks are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Week 1: March 21-28
  • Week 2: April 11-18
  • Week 3: May 23-30
  • Week 4: June 13-20

Let’s take a look at some of the customization items you’ll be unlocking...

Preview of Fracture: FIREWALL Event Pass rewards


We’ve previously teased that this Fracture is going to be a little different to its TENRAI and ENTRENCHED siblings, as FIREWALL encompasses narrative threads that are firmly rooted in the Halo canon you know and love.

FIREWALL still represents the core Fracture concept of remixing and putting a new spin on existing Halo aesthetics and themes, as the CHIMERA Armor Core gives us a glimpse at a potential digital future where man and machine exist as one...

But this future is a vision that has been conceived by artificial minds within the Halo universe itself in the wake of Cortana’s sacrifice on Zeta Halo.

Cortana has been defeated. While the greater urgency of the Created threat has begun to subside with the loss of their leader, its presence still lingers on throughout the digital framework of civilized space. Now fragmented, individual cells of Created-aligned artificial intelligences have already begun to once again reframe their place in the galaxy, some with eyes on peace and independence—others with plans of evolution and ascendancy still fresh on their synthetic minds.

High Auxiliary Sloan was one of Cortana’s most loyal lieutenants. With Cortana’s piece now removed from the game board, Sloan has set the FIREWALL contingency into motion—a living simulation meant to leverage intimate knowledge of Forerunner armiger technology and Mjolnir armor schematics to accelerate the exploration and development of cybernetic essence vessels designed to usher the human mind into its inevitable and digital future, immortal and untethered.


Key art for the Fracture: FIREWALL Story Shard series titled Precipice

Accompanying the debut and return of the FIREWALL Event is an all-new Story Shard, titled Precipice.

Each part of Precipice is broken up into two sections: a canonical testimony from High Auxiliary Sloan, who fans may recall as the artificial governor of the glassed colony Meridian in Halo 5: Guardians, followed by a Fracture simulation that explores a series of hypothetical scenarios the Executor—the being you play as when you equip the CHIMERA Armor Core—must undertake.


During FIREWALL event weeks, the Ultimate Reward and Shop will also feature customization content themed around the event.


Polished to a burning sheen. Complete all your challenges during this week to unlock the rare Burnt Chrome coating for the MARK VII Armor Core.

And for those who like a matched set, be sure to progress through the FIREWALL Event Pass to earn Burnt Chrome coatings for your CHIMERA Armor Core and weapons too.

Image of Burnt Chrome Ultimate Reward


This week, you can grab the Groovy Grendel “super” bundle in the Shop, which features a plethora of items for the CHIMERA and MARK VII Armor Cores.

CHIMERA items include:

  • GRENDEL helmet
  • Stardust Adaptation helmet attachment
  • Inhuman Bloom armor coating
  • Icebreaker visor
  • Epsilon Series Augmentor shoulder pads
  • Series 99.4 kneepads
  • Revelation Protocol chest attachment

MARK VII items include:

  • Menachite helmet
  • HUL-I/Lightlink helmet attachment
  • Test Pattern armor coating
  • UA/Tigerplate chest attachment
  • UA/Sosius shoulder pads

This bundle also includes the Groovy Pink weapon coating for the following weapons:

  • MA40 Assault Rifle
  • MK50 Sidekick
  • BR75 Battle Rifle
  • VK78 Commando
  • M41 SPNKR
  • S7 Sniper
  • CQS48 Bulldog
  • MLRS-2 Hydra
Image of Groovy Grendel Shop bundle

As a reminder, super bundles have a limited run where they offer players the opportunity to buy multiple offers packaged together at once—at a price that is substantially less than buying each of them individually, as these will eventually be split into separate bundles.

As noted in our Season 3 Customization Preview blog, the philosophy behind this experimental change is to deliver more valuable bundles at a reduced price out of the gate, meaning that players can obtain more of Season 3’s customization content early and at a lower price than buying them all separately.


Halo Gear Rewards are back for Season 3 and Fracture: FIREWALL!

Halo Gear Rewards are exclusive limited-edition products in the Halo Gear Shop that players can earn access to purchase after completing specific in-game accomplishments.

In Season 3: Echoes Within, players will have the opportunity to earn access to four collectible Halo Infinite pins, each tied to a specific event in Season 3.

Next up, players can earn access to the FIREWALL Logo Pin by completing the full Fracture event and making their purchase from the Halo Gear Shop by July 4 to secure the reward.

Image of FIREWALL logo pin

How does it work?

Upon completion of each qualifying event, the player will receive a reward code via their Halo Waypoint Profile.

When you complete each event, simply visit Halo Waypoint online or via mobile and sign into your account to trigger your reward. The reward code will be delivered to you via Waypoint notifications.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the code to be delivered after completion of an event.

Once you receive the reward code, visit the Halo Gear Shop and hop to the respective Pin product page to proceed with your purchase. The price will look REALLY high, but don’t worry!

  • Add the pin to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • In checkout you will enter the code in the “Gift card or discount code” field. Click apply.
  • The cost will update to the pin’s actual retail price.
  • Finish your transaction by entering your shipping and billing details and selected your shipping option.
  • This is a pre-order item that will ship in Q3/Q4 2023.
  • The Halo Gear Rewards items are available for purchase until the dates specified.

Note: This is not the real price of the collectible pin. This is a Halo Gear Rewards item, exclusively for Halo Infinite players that have completed one of the qualifying Season 3 events. Qualifying players will receive a code to reduce the price to the intended retail cost.

Now then, Executor, it’s time for you to combine mind and machine by donning your CHIMERA Armor Core and showing those rogue biologics how it’s done.

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