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Halo Infinite – Campaign Co-Op and Mission Replay Achievements

Header image for Co-Op and Mission Replay Achievement blog showing two Campaign Spartans
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  -  2 years ago

Campaign Network Co-Op and Mission Replay arrive on Zeta Halo this November, and a slew of new Achievements are coming alongside it.

There are 24 new Achievements, bringing 420 total additional Gamerscore to Halo Infinite. Some can be completed solo, while others will require you to work with up to three of your friends in order to pull off feats worthy of a legendary SPARTAN-II super-soldier. The addition of Mission Replay also helps your Fireteam try and retry going for each of these Achievements with ease. So, grab your friends and get ready to relive your odyssey from Warship Gbraakon to the Silent Auditorium, and beyond!

The full list of upcoming new Campaign Achievements is as follows (feat. some awesome new Achievement art)...

Mix Things Up – Get at least one kill with every available weapon and grenade on the Banished ship. (20G)

Mix Things Up achievement art

Stick Around – Defeat Tremonius with the Skewer. (20G)

Stick Around achievement art

Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly – Destroy both Phantoms before they leave Outpost Tremonius. (20G)

Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly achievement art

Out with a Bang – Kill the Tower commander with a Plasma grenade. (20G)

Out With A Bang achievement art

Workplace Safety Violation – Kill an enemy with the Banished mining laser. (20G)

Workplace Safety Violation achievement art

Conservation of Momentum – Complete the Conservatory in less than 15 minutes. (20G)

Conservation Of Momentum achievement art

It Really Does Beat Everything – Eliminate all enemies at the South Beacon with a Scorpion Tank. (20G)

It Really Does Beat Everything achievement art

Vintage Fisticuffs – In the Nexus, kill the Hunter pair with melee final blows. (20G)

Vintage Fisticuffs achievement art

Spire Stalker – Kill 40 enemies with the Stalker Rifle at the Command Spire. (20G)

Spire Stalker achievement art

Turnabout is Fair Play – Kill one Chieftain and use his turret to kill another in the Repository. (20G)

Turnabout Is Fair Play achievement art

More Than He Bargained For – Defeat War Chief Escharum without ever fully losing your shields. (20G)

More Than He Bargained For achievement art

What's Rightfully Ours – In co-op, capture all Forward Operating Bases on any difficulty. (10G)

What's Rightfully Ours achievement art

Wardens of Zeta – In co-op, complete all seven Banished outposts on any difficulty. (10G)

Wardens of Zeta achievement art

First Responders – In co-op, answer all UNSC distress calls on any difficulty. (10G)

First Responders achievement art

Hunting Party – In co-op, eliminate all Banished High-Value Targets on any difficulty. (20G)

Hunting Party achievement art

Air Raid – In co-op, kill 100 enemies while all players are riding air vehicles. (10G)

Air Raid achievement art

Cow Catcher – In co-op, splatter 50 enemies while riding in a vehicle with another player. (10G)

Cow Catcher achievement art

Gruesome Twosome – In co-op, kill 50 enemies while riding a Mongoose with another player. (10G)

Gruesome Twosome achievement art

Keep It Steady – Kill 5 enemies with a Sniper Rifle from a vehicle. All players aboard vehicle share progress. (10G)

Keep It Steady achievement art

Rolling Thunder – Kill 5 enemies with a Gravity Hammer from a vehicle. All players aboard vehicle share progress. (10G)

Rolling Thunder achievement art

Inseparable – In co-op, kill a Hunter and its bond brother within three seconds of each other. (20G)

Inseparable achievement art

You, Me, Same Page – In co-op, destroy all cooling towers at the Dig Site within 60 seconds of each other. (20G)

You, Me, Same Page achievement art

Controlled Demolition – In co-op, destroy four Fuel Silos within five seconds at either Ransom Keep or the Forge of Teash. (20G)

Controlled Demolition achievement art

Wolves at the Doors – In co-op, lower all three gates within 15 seconds of each other at Riven Gate. (20G)

Wolves At The Doors achievement art

NOTE: As the team prepares to launch these Achievements, they may begin to show up online ahead of the Winter Update. If you see them listed, please know that they will not be able to be complete until the Winter Update lands on November 8.