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Halo: MCC | Mod Spotlight: May 2023

Modtacular 002
Modtacular header showcasing eight community Halo mods
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  -  6 months ago

Welcome to our second edition of this modtacular series where we take a look at some of the incredible mods that have been created by the community for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC.

To see even more of what’s available to augment your Halo experience, be that with curative care or unbridled chaos, head over to the Steam Workshop for MCC!


Accessing each of the links below will take you to the mod's Steam Workshop page, where the mod creators have instructions on installation, known issues and bugs, and any additional packages you may have to download separately (such as audio files, which have also been included below).

In general, these mods will require that you have the relevant game components installed. For example, if you are looking to play a mod for Halo: CE, it is best to have the Campaign and Multiplayer installed from MCC, or else you may encounter errors like infinite loading.

To play modded content, ensure that you have anti-cheat disabled, which can be selected upon launching MCC from your Steam library.

Screenshot of launching MCC from Steam with anti-cheat disabled

For more information on modding for MCC, including manuals and tutorials on how to create mods for each of the games, where to obtain mod tools, and how-to guides, check out our official documentation page.


Ultimate Firefight Sandtrap mod

Ever since we set foot on its rolling dunes back when Halo 3 released, there has been a distinct sense that the silent stillness of Sandtrap came after some great battle.

In Ultimate Firefight Sandtrap, you get to experience that conflict—and it’s more intense than anything you could’ve imagined! Drop feet-first into this iconic locale and you’ll find Covenant, Banished, Flood, Prometheans, AI allies, Scarabs, Halo Wars vehicle units, weapons from across the series, boss fights with the Didact and Gravemind...

Words can only capture so much here. You simply have to see it for yourself. So, check out the video showcase put together by KYOT below, take a look at weaver’s own videos breaking down the various elements of this mod, and then go download it!



Hemorrhage AI Mayhem mod

Once you’ve concluded the battle of Sandtrap, why not take the fight over to Halo: Reach’s Hemorrhage where an endless AI war is taking place!

In this mod, troops and vehicles are brought in via dropship and over sixty combatants take part in this battle. Engagements are different every time due to several random factors, such as the composition of AI squads and vehicle variants.

Co-op is supported, so you can jump in with your friends, and you can extensively customize a variety of options in the pre-game lobby.


AUTHOR: EvilPie118, Mommy Maro

Prevarication mod

How about something that might put you on the back foot a little more? In Prevarication, you drop into a modded custom campaign set in an infected city that brings a new take on Halo 3: ODST’s gameplay.

Pick up an expanded arsenal of incendiary-based weaponry to fight the Flood, play smart with your health and ammo, (re)learn the hooks of a rebalanced sandbox, and work your way to the source of the infection across four campaign missions...


Halo 3 Mythic Overhaul mod

Sometimes, you just wanna mix ‘n’ match all the cool stuff that came in future games and put them into an older one for a fresh take on an experience you otherwise know like the back of your hand.

In MythicJaqui’s Halo 3 Mythic Campaign Overhaul, get ready to finish the fight once more with an expanded and reworked weapon sandbox, new vehicles, new enemies and ranks, new equipment, updated character models, and even new Easter eggs.

MythicJaqui has also put together a super helpful (and easy to digest) two-minute guide on installing custom sounds for your MCC mods, which you can check out here.


AUTHOR: InfernoPlus

Halocraft mod

From the creator of Cursed Halo (and Cursed Halo Again) also comes “Halocraft,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

In Inferno’s own words, this is a comprehensibly destructible Havok physics simulation of Minecraft... in a game engine that predates Minecraft by several years.

You can grab a multiplayer map pack of four destructible Minecraft maps that will provide an entirely different way to experience Halo 3 with your friends and foes.



Aerial mod

Over the years, Halo’s gameplay has come in a variety of different flavors, but have you ever wondered what Halo would be like if it played like a true Quake-inspired arena shooter of old?

After four years of work, Aerial answers that by adding jump pads, pick-ups, melee and shotgun boosting, and other advanced movement elements that will take you back to the ‘90s in style. And it’s not just about the gameplay, but half-a-dozen maps have been recreated—transforming their layouts from classic Quake arenas into Covenant and Forerunner-themed Halo maps.

Now get out there and party like it’s 1996!


Halo 3 Jackrabbit mod

Introduced in Halo Wars 2, the M121 Jackrabbit is the UNSC’s three-wheeled scouting vehicle that sits perhaps somewhere between a Gungoose and a Warthog.

Green Knight and Skaboodlydoodle have collaborated to bring this fast-attack bike to Halo 3, featuring five variants in total that come equipped with grenade launcher and chaingun versions, as well as several vehicle skins—default, woodland, sand, snow camo, and a couple of bonus ones.

Note that this mod requires you to download and install additional sound files, so be sure to follow the instructions provided on the Steam Workshop page!


Halo: Reach rat boss fight mod

Over the years you’ve played Halo, you’ve fought some of the most dangerous enemies the universe can throw at you. The Covenant, the Didact, the zombified remnants of our own creators that have been twisted into cosmic parasitic nightmares...

All of that was just basic training for the real fight. And even then, I don’t know if you’re strong, swift, or brave enough to finish it.

The Halo 3 rat has come to Halo: Reach.

That’ll do it for this issue, as you’ve got quite a fight ahead of you. Flood-infested city streets, absolute mayhem unleashed upon Sandtrap and Hemorrhage in Firefight, reworked arena shooter and Minecraft-based features, and of course the dreaded rat—the latest and most horrifying form of Precursor—attaining its full power to claim dominion over the universe...

Go forth and get downloading!