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HCS Split 2 – HaloWC Qualification Update

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  -  17 days ago

With the HCS London Major hosted by Quadrant this weekend, we’re about to conclude the first split of the 2024 HCS Season for Halo Infinite and it’s been one heck of a start so far. With a new starting weapon in the Bandit EVO, the competition is as exciting as ever!

In Year 3 of the HCS, we’ve continued to use historical data to improve the format for our Major tournaments. This data helps determine how many teams from each region qualify for pool play and what their seeds are. This year, we are also making some adjustments to the qualifying format for the Halo World Championship. For HaloWC, we want to ensure that each region has a fair opportunity to qualify, but also aligns with the data that supports our format changes this season.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

HaloWC 2024 Qualification Paths

Top 8 from the Salt Lake City Major, regardless of region.Top 4 in HCS points post-SLC event.
(These 4 teams will be determined by Global HCS Points - points earned at LAN events.)
Top 4 from Last Chance Qualifiers.
HCS 2024 Roadmap

What are the Last Chance Qualifiers?

The Last Chance Qualifiers are a set of 4 single elimination best-of-5 playoff matches. The winners of these 4 matches will earn their spots as the final 4 teams in the Halo World Championship. Once the 8 teams participating in the Last Chance Qualifiers have been determined and seeded, the matches will be played on LAN and broadcasted Saturday night at the SLC Major.

The format is simple – win the match and qualify for the Halo World Championship. Here is how the 8 teams participating in the Last Chance Qualifiers will be determined:

  • Pool Play teams that have not qualified for HaloWC
  • Next highest Open Bracket placing teams
  • All pool play teams will be seeded higher than teams qualifying from Open Bracket.

HaloWC 2024 Format

  • 16 Team Pool Play
  • Seeding format will go as follows:
  • 3-day tournament and event
  • 12 team Championship Bracket
Crowd cheering in front of the Halo World Championship main stage.

Overall, we believe these format changes will continue to allow for more globally competitive tournaments as well as entertaining moments throughout it all.

Best of luck to all teams competing this weekend. Be sure to watch live every day on!