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FaZe Clan are your 2023 Halo World Champions!

FaZe Clan hoisting the Halo World Championship trophy on the HCS main stage

Fans joined us in Seattle for a climactic end to the 2023 HCS Season as FaZe Clan claimed all the glory - Congratulations Frosty, Renegade, Royal 2, SnakeBite, and Coach Royal 1!

FaZe Clan clawed their way up from the Elimination Bracket and, for the first time in Halo Infinite, won back-to-back best-of-seven series' as they dethroned the defending champs at OpTic Gaming. Truly a Grand Final for the ages!

From the epic tournament action, to the lively Community Stage - the Halo World Championship had something for every Halo fan to enjoy.

Didn't have the chance to join us live? Don't sweat it! Check out all the results and festivities below!

Congratulations, FaZe Clan!

Congratulations to your 2023 Halo World Champions - FaZe Clan!

FaZe Clan - 2023 Halo World Champions (Frosty, Snakebite, Renegade, and Royal Two

Final Results

Halo World Championship 2023 - Final Results
1st$400,000FaZe ClanFrostyRenegadeRoyal 2SnakeBite
2nd$220,000OpTic GamingaPGFormalLucidTrippy
4th$70,000SentinelsBubu dubuFalcatedLethuLSpartan
5/6$45,000Native RedMannySoul SnipeSuppressedTaulek
7/8$25,000Shopify Rebellion CykulMentaLRayneRyaNoob
7/8$25,000Natus VincereGloryJimboMightySnipedrone
9-12$10,000ComplexityGilkeyKarmeaKing NickTusk
9-12$10,000Native WhiteKuhlectMikwenSuspectorTapping Buttons
9-12$10,000G1BoamHussPrecisionSwish 5s
13-16$5,000LVTDiagramKing JaySabSaiyan
13-16$5,000Divine MindBziirkNooblesSlayzSwayz
13-16$5,000Ascend BaselineMosePhluxRespectfulSeptiq

Pool Play Results + Final Brackets

Halo World Championship 2023 - Pool Play Results
Halo World Championship 2023 - Upper Bracket
Halo World Championship 2023 - Lower Bracket

VODs + Photos

Miss any of the HaloWC 2023 action? Check out the official VODs and photo album below!

Grand Finals

A red-hot FaZe Clan faces off against the defending World Champs at OpTic Gaming in a historic Grand Final that we won't soon forget!

$25K FFA Results - Presented by US Marine Corps

Congratulations to your HaloWC 2023 FFA Champion, Itz The Last Shot!

Halo World Championship Free-For-All Champion, It's The Last Shot, hoisting the FFA trophy on the HCS mainstage.
1st$10,000Itz The Last Shot
2nd$6,000Steven Goobs
4th$2,125Switch It Up
6th$750Super CC

Catch the $25K FFA Grand Finals - streamed by LVT Halo!

2023 Regular Season MVP

Your favorite pro's favorite pro.

Congratulations to your HCS 2023 Regular Season MVP - StelluR!

HCS 2023 Regular Season MVP, Stellur, posing with the MVP trophy.

2023 USMC Event Commendations

A cut above the rest.

Congratulations to your 2023 USMC Event Commendation Players of the Year!

2023 USMC Event Commendations Players of the Year posing with their dogtag rewards at on the HCS mainstage.

OpTic Lucid - Main Slayer of the Year

OpTic Lunchbox - Coach of the Year

FaZe SnakeBite - OBJ Player of the Year

SSG Pznguin - Support Player of the Year

HCS Side Tournaments

Halo World Championship 2023 - Side Tournaments

GGs to everyone who competed, and congratulations to your HaloWC 2023 Side Tournament Champions!

SEN City 2v2 Throwdown by Sentinels (Halo Infinite)1st. $2,500
- Shotzzy
- Avenue

2nd. $1,500
- Ah Fancy
- Young Rardo

3rd. $750
- Elusive Fears
- Spartacus Fears

4th. $250
- Flurriously
- Jk
Halo Infinite 2v21st. $1,000
- Avenue
- Diagram

2nd. $400
- KidNastey
- Glowzii
Halo 5 2v2
- Catch the Grand Finals HERE! (Streamed by LVTHalo)
1st. $750
- Gorfiend
- Thrrone

2nd. $250
- Barbie Boy
- Fe4r The B34rd
MCC Halo 3 4v41st. $1,000
- Elumnite
- Fury
- Neighbor
- Wolfmayne
MCC Halo 3 2v21st. $600
- Business
- Sceptify
MCC Halo 2 4v41st. $1,000
- Ferrari
- Monopoli
- Neighbor
- Northsnipes

Season 5 Halo-Ween Showdown

The Halo-Ween Showdown takes over the Halo World Championship mainstage as fans watch from the crowd.

HCS Casters and Grassroots Creators donned iconic Halloween costumes as they threw down in the Season 5 Halo-Ween Showdown!

Catch the full show match below!

HaloWC 2023 Best Moments

Check out all the best moments from each day of the 2023 Halo World Championship!

Halo Community Stage

From the Dev/Creator Panels to the Voice Actor antics, the Halo Community Stage put on a jam-packed show!

Halo World Championship 2023 - Community Stage Schedule

Check out the full VODs below! (Timestamps are on the schedule and the YouTube descriptions!)

$5,000 Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contestants posing on the Halo World Championship main stage

The Halo Cosplay Contest was a big hit once again!

Thank you to all participants for shocking fans with their incredible cosplays, and congratulations to your winners!

1st Place: $3,000
Ken Doherty "Papa Bear"
Cosplay: Jorge
2nd Place: $1,500
Cheyanne Schneider "MissxBoof"
Cosplay: Mark VI
3rd Place: $500
Hunter Doherty "pipninjaarmory""
Cosplay: Gungir

Ken Doherty's "JORGE"

Ken Doherty's Jorge cosplay at the Halo World Championship

Cheyanne Schneider's "MARK VI"

Cheyanne Schneider's Mark VI cosplay at the Halo World Championship

Hunter Doherty's "GUNGIR"

Hunter Doherty's Gungir cosplay at the Halo World Championship


Presenting the World-Class talent calling all the shots at the Halo World Championship 2023!

Halo World Championship 2023 - Talent

Tournament Format

FaZe Clan celebrating a victory on the HCS mainstage

The Halo World Championship 2023 will feature the Top 16 teams, globally.

  • 16-Team Pool Play
  • 12-Team Championship Bracket (Double Elimination)
  • Best of 5s until Grand Finals (Best of 7)

Pool Play + Qualified Teams

Halo World Championship 2023 - Pool Play
  • 16-Team Pool Play
  • Single Round Robin, Best-of-5
  • 1st/2nd in Pools advance to Winners Round 1
  • 3rd in Pools move on to Elimination Round 1
  • 4th in Pools are Eliminated


The Top 8 from the HCS Fort Worth Major have locked in those respective seeds in Pool Play at the HaloWC 2023.

Following HCS Fort Worth, the remaining 8 HaloWC Pool Play slots were claimed by teams in each region with the most HCS Points.

Halo World Championship 2023 - Qualified Teams - Fort Worth Top 8
Halo World Championship 2023 - Qualified Teams - HCS Points

HaloWC 2023 Seeding Breakdown:

  • 1-8: Top 8 from HCS Fort Worth
  • 9-12: Top 4 NA HCS points 
  • 13-14: Top 2 EU HCS points 
  • 15: MX Regional Playoff Winner
  • 16: ANZ Regional Playoff Winner