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HAZMAT Event Launch

Halo Infinite key art for the HAZMAT Event showing a Spartan clad in HAZMAT-themed rewards
Photo of Alex
  -  5 months ago

Suit up, Spartans. It’s time for some hazard pay!

Season 4: Infection released last week, which means it’s time to kick off its first event, which features a free Event Pass with 10 tiers of customization rewards for your HAZMAT armor.

Let’s get you a full debriefing...


Image of the HAZMAT Event's Reward Track

From June 27-July 11, the HAZMAT event will be active. This is a free event that anybody can jump into, featuring a 10-tier Event Pass full of customization items to outfit your Spartan’s new HAZMAT armor.

You know the drill: complete Event Challenges to earn tiers in your Event Pass and outfit your HAZMAT armor with your rewards!


A new season means new content—new maps, modes, and more! You can jump right into the latest and greatest seasonal action with the New Arena Unlimited and New BTB Unlimited playlists. 

  • WEEK ONE – New Arena Unlimited: June 27-July 4 
  • WEEK TWO – New BTB Unlimited: July 4-11

In addition to all the new Season 4 goodness included in the New Arena Unlimited playlist will be Solitude, our remake of the fan-favorite map Plaza from Halo 5: Guardians created in Halo Infinite’s Forge.

For a closer look at Solitude with some of our multiplayer designers, check out our Q&A blog below!


Halo Infinite image of the HAZMAT Armor Core

Built to stand against all manner of threats and dangerous conditions, designed to be used by both super-soldiers and unaugmented personnel, HAZMAT armor comes to Halo Infinite in Season 4.

OSTEO combat engineering suits incorporate an array of contingency systems focused on surviving extended operations in extraordinarily harsh working and combat environments. HAZMAT armor is for those who specialize in delving into the heart of dying Forerunner facilities, for hunters operating in blighted waters and poisoned winds, search teams exploring sites scarred by chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons used in the Covenant War, and even more insidious threats the galaxy has to offer.



Available in the Shop this week is the Second Chance bundle, which features:

  • Second Chance chest attachment (HAZMAT)
  • FAM-90 Stabilizer shoulder pads (HAZMAT)
  • Can Do stance
  • Jacknife armor coating (for all Armor Cores)
Halo Infinite image of the Second Chance bundle


Complete all your challenges for the week and you’ll unlock this week’s Ultimate Reward: the Solarian Legend weapon coating for your M41 SPNKr.

Halo Infinite image of the Solarian Legend weapon coating for the M41 SPNKr


Log in at any time during the HAZMAT Event and you’ll unlock the War Storage backdrop for your Spartan ID.

Halo Infinite image of the HAZMAT Event's free gift: the War Storage backdrop

The HAZMAT Event is now live! Jump into Halo Infinite and complete your challenges to progress that Event Pass and unlock free HAZMAT-themed rewards.

The Containment Event will arrive later in Season 4, starting on August 29, which will also run for two weeks (through September 12) and offers an additional 10 tiers of free HAZMAT-themed rewards.

See you out there, HAZMAT honchos!