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HCS 2021-2022 Season Reveal

Halo Infinite Spartans in a heroic pose looking up as the sun glares off their visors and UNSC banners colored red and blue hang behind them out of focus.
HCS logo
  -  3 years ago
Massive hallway with giant Spartans from generations of Halo titles. Halo Infinite Spartans are walking down the hall towards a statue of the HCS logo

Welcome to next chapter of the Halo Championship Series! Just yesterday, the Multiplayer Beta for Halo Infinite dropped, and if you’re a fan of competitive Halo or a participant, we recommend you put the game down (Not easy, we know) and give this blog a thorough read. As mentioned in the announcement, your full journey with multiplayer has begun with the complete suite of maps, modes, weapons, equipment, and all of the tuning for competitive.

This is going to be a big blog so we’ve provided a handy table of contents below to help you navigate it:

  1. Global Tournament Operators
  2. Online Platform
  3. Where to Watch
  4. Format Overview
  5. Full Season Roadmap
  6. Prizing and Crowdfunding
  7. Handbook and Code of Conduct
  8. Competitor checklist
  9. Maps and Modes
  10. Esports Store

And for those just looking for the headlines, here’s the TL;DR for today’s news:

  • Competing Regions: North America (US/Canada/Puerto Rico), Mexico, Europe, Australia and New Zealand
  • Season prizing: Over $3,000,000 plus crowdfunding
  • Broadcasts: Twitch (with Twitch Drops) and YouTube simultaneously
  • Important links: Handbook – Code of Conduct
  • Shop: Partnered Teams and Regional Bundles now available in the store.
  • Events: 8 in-person events across all 4 regions. Halo World Championship in Seattle on October 20 – 23

1. Global Tournament Operators

4 Halo Infinite Spartans in the foreground out of focus and in the background is a screen playing a famous moment from a Halo 5 match with the Halo World Championship trophy resting in front of it as a museum exhibit.

As we’ve said many times in the past, tournament operators and their business in Halo are a tremendous part of what we believe makes for a long term and sustainable ecosystem. At the same time, Halo esports has a global community of all different shapes and sizes, as well as various needs and characteristics that are endemic to that region. For example, the European scene and its players have different needs than those in Australia including things like number of countries, languages, culture, and history of the Halo community there. Additionally, each region is also at a different “stage” in its growth in Halo, with different amounts of players, viewers, Teams, and more. We have put a deep amount of thought and iteration into this part of the program, and we wanted to partner with tournament operators in these regions outside of North America so that they can “own a slice” of the ecosystem and really strive to invest in and support Halo fans for the long haul in a way that makes sense for their business.

Today we’re proud and thankful to announce the partners that will be working with us hand-in-hand to grow each of the international regions.

Each of these partners brings believes deeply in the Halo community, and is investing with 343 Indusries in funding the holistic support of these regions in order to see the local scene grow and flourish over time.

Available today, each of the 4 regions will each have their own cosmetic bundle featuring nameplate, emblem, Sniper Rifle coating, as well as visor for just 900 credits. When you purchase this bundle, a significant portion of the revenue will go to the tournament operator in that region. (The North American bundle is being shared with DreamHack.) The purpose of these bundles is to give fans a way to represent their regions, and for tournament operators to earn revenue that will allow them to continue to invest in the Halo community.

To put a bow on this section, we want to remind everyone that Esports Engine are still our Global Management Partners for Halo esports and are extension of the HCS team. This means that they will working hand in hand with us to support all other partners in the scene and collaborate to ensure a great experience for fans and players. This includes sending members of the HCS team as well as Esports Engine to various international events for extra onsite support. A successful ecosystem is one where all of our partners work together, share their experiences and learnings, and continue to push each other forward for the betterment of the ecosystem.

2. Online Platform

The HCS 2022 Season MVP Trophy - silver Master Chief wit ha battle rifle standing atop a silver and gold base.
The Season MVP trophy awaits its victor

The other part of this tournament operator ecosystem is online platform. After a long process of vetting multiple online tournament platforms, we’re thrilled to reveal that Faceit will be the host for all Official HCS online tournaments for Halo Infinite. Faceit have a proven track record of running stellar tournaments across multiple games and regions, and with the Halo 5 and MCC Pro Series, have now built a vast experience in Halo. Now working alongside ourselves 343 Industries and our partners at Esports Engine, we believe that Faceit will be a great home for Halo competitors for years to come.

HCS Logo next to the Faceit logo symbolizing partnership between the two.

In an effort to improve the online tournament experience for players, as well as expand on the opportunities that the Faceit platform enables, we will be integrating Faceit’s tournament APIs into Halo Infinite in the future which will allow for a more seamless tournament experience for players so they can focus on playing and competing. When these features are implemented, Faceit will also be investing in and launching the FPL (Faceit Pro League) for Halo Infinite, in an effort to support the Halo community further and increase the depth of competition in the scene. There will be more to share on this later in 2022 but we are excited and grateful to have Faceit on the journey with us to make the Halo esports ecosystem a healthy one for years to come.

3. Broadcast Info

Halo Infinite Spartans in a heroic pose looking up as the sun glares off their visors and UNSC banners colored red and blue hang behind them out of focus.

As we’ve always stated, viewership is at the core of esports and for Halo is a critical metric that we use to measure the success of the scene. The broadcast is course one of the core components of this and we wanted to share our plans and updates here, which we are very excited about. First, each region and respective partner will be broadcasting hundreds of hours of tournament content throughout the course of the season. Online tournaments and qualifiers, as well as online and live events.

In order to reach as many fans as possible and on the platforms they watch on, we’re going to be simultaneously streaming to both Twitch and YouTube, with the main broadcasts being shown on the Halo channels. There will be more channels created in order to support events where there are multiple streams, as well as a new channel specifically for Spanish broadcasts for Mexico's tournaments.

Here are the channels to watch and follow, you should hit pause on reading the blog and go follow these channels right now. We’ll be right here waiting for you when you’re done.


Fans like watching Halo, and they also like customizing their Spartans. We thought that with the launch of Halo Infinite we could combine these two pastimes with the official launch of Twitch Drops for Halo Infinite. More details are on the way next month including how to link your accounts, all of the content that will be available, and more – but for now here’s a little sneak peek at what you’ll be able to earn. You won't want to miss the HCS Kickoff Major on December 17-19.

Screenshot of a green and gold Spartan poised to fire a rocket launcher on Bazaar
A Master Chief-inspired armor coating set, one of many Twitch Drops exclusive cosmetics

We want there to always be something for the Halo community to watch, and so on top of this the regional tournament operators, 343 Industries, and the partnered Teams will be creating entertaining video content all season long. Our regional tournament operators will provide more international content than you’ve ever seen in Halo’s past, including exclusive footage captured not only at the regional events but global events as well. You’ll see and hear from your favorite players, ones you’ve never heard of, and your favorite personalities as well.

Finally, we will be releasing surveys in the various chats during our big shows. Your feedback will go a long way to ensuring we’re providing the best broadcast experience possible to keep an eye out of those and be sure to share your thoughts with us.

4. Format Overview

Giant statue of a Spartan with the Halo 3 Hayabusa armor.

The Halo Championship Series format is built on open entry where players make their way up the regional and then global ladder, all on the way towards finding the best team at the Halo World Championship.

Our philosophy was to lower the barrier to entry, increase the support and standards for international regions, put emphasis on results-based on qualification while points are mainly used for seeding, and allow for entertaining stories and moments to unfold along the way.

Event types:

  • Online Tournaments: These will take place on the Faceit platform and offer a number of different stakes depending on where they fit into the roadmap. For example, some will offer seeding points and some will be Last Chance Qualifiers for larger events. Format will be both single elimination and double elimination. Players will only be competing against other players in that region.
  • Pro Series: Each Region will also feature online Pro Series events where the top professional teams in each region will compete against aspiring top amateur players in order to increase the depth of each region.
  • Supers/Regionals: Each region will have 1 Online Super and 1 Regional Championship. The Regional Championship is a live event where players in that region will compete for cash prizing exclusive to that region in order to support those players, but also provide qualification into pool play for the Majors. The Supers are the online version of those tournaments featuring the same format and stakes on the line, both will feature open brackets.
  • Majors: The Majors are the biggest open events in the entire season. They feature pool play with teams from each region, as well as a massive open bracket open to any teams from the participating regions. These will feature the biggest prize pools, the most points, and will also determine qualification for events that follow depending on where in the roadmap they sit including Supers/Regionals as well as the Halo World Championship.
  • Halo World Championship: HaloWC is the crown jewel of the Halo esports ecosystem. This is it, this is the big one. The tournament will feature three stages: a play-in stage for guaranteed regional representation, a group stage for the best teams from the prior Major regardless of region, and the championship bracket where only the Top 8 remain and lion’s share of the prizing will be awarded. Four days of non-stop action and the chance for 1 team to be immortalized in Halo history forever.

For more specific details on the formats for each tournament, be sure to read the Handbook here: LINK

The backbone of the roadmap will be the HCS Points system which will rank every competitor in the ecosystem. In order to compete and earn points, you must have an Xbox Live account in good standing, as well as signed and linked accounts on Faceit and the Esports Engine platform here. With the first tournament this weekend, don’t wait to get your accounts in order.

We’ve also created “ranks” in the points ladder so that you can be officially recognized and given status for how you’re performance in the scene stacks up against everyone else.

ProTop 50 PlayersTop 25 PlayersTop 20 PlayersTop 20 Players
Semi ProPlayers 51-100Players 26-75Players 21-50Players 21-50
Amateur ElitePlayers 101-200Players 76-200Players 51-100Players 51-100
Amateur100+ Points 100+ Points 100+ Points 100+ Points

Additionally, the HCS Grassroots program will also play a part in the official HCS league. As originally envisioned, certain tournaments and tournament operators will be sanctioned to run tournaments that reward HCS Points to players. Stay tuned to learn more here about which tournaments are sanctioned and how you can become a sanctioned operator.

Finally, we will be hosting regular online FFA tournaments in each of 4 regions for cash prizing, as well as an open FFA tournament for $5,000 at each of the live events. Not only is FFA a fan-favorite mode, but is also important for discovering new talent in the scene and giving players without teams a path to compete in the HCS.


Close up of the cup of the Halo World Championship trophy. It reads "Halo" on it.

Now that you know the format and various event types, let’s get into the roadmap itself. It was a very ambitious goal to layout the entire first year of HCS tournaments at launch, but it was important to us that everyone in the ecosystem had all of the dates from the very beginning. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Timeline graphic with cities and dates for all live and online events in the 2021-2022 season of the HCS.
The 2021-2022 season roadmap for the Halo Championship Series


  • 11/20 - 11/21: NA Open Series
  • 11/27 - 11/28: NA Open Series
  • 12/1 - 12/2: NA Kickoff Qualifier
  • 12/2: Pool Play Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/13: Open Bracket Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/17 - 12/19: HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 (Split 1 begins)
  • 1/2: NA Open Series
  • 1/6: NA Pro Series
  • 1/9: NA Open Series
  • 1/13: NA Pro Series
  • 1/16: NA Open Series
  • 1/20: NA Pro Series
  • 1/23: NA Open Series
  • 1/27: NA Pro Series
  • 1/29 - 1/30: NA Regional Qualifier
  • 1/31: Roster Lock - Anaheim 2022
  • 2/11 - 2/13: NA Regional Championship @ DreamHack Anaheim 2022
  • 2/20: NA Open Series
  • 2/27: NA Open Series
  • 3/13: NA Open Series
  • 3/20: NA Open Series
  • 4/1 - 4/3: NA Open Championship
  • 4/11: Roster Lock - Kansas City 2022
  • 4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)
  • 5/2 - 5/22: Player Break
  • 5/23: Split 2 begins
  • 5/29: NA Open Series
  • 6/2: NA Pro Series
  • 6/5: NA Open Series
  • 6/9: NA Pro Series
  • 6/12: NA Open Series
  • 6/16: NA Pro Series
  • 6/19: NA Open Series
  • 6/26: NA Open Series
  • 7/10: NA Open Series
  • 7/23 - 7/24: NA Super Qualifier
  • 7/25: Roster Lock NA Super 2022
  • 7/30 - 7/31: NA Super Open Bracket
  • 8/5 - 8/7: NA Super 2022
  • 8/14: NA Open Series
  • 8/21: NA Open Series
  • 8/26 - 8/28: NA Open Championship
  • 9/5: Roster Lock HCS Major Orlando 2022
  • 9/23 - 9/25: HCS Major Orlando 2022 (Split 2 Finals)
  • 10/20 - 10/23: Halo World Championship 2022


  • 11/20 - 11/21: EU Open Series
  • 11/27 - 11/28: EU Open Series
  • 12/1 - 12/2: NA Kickoff Qualifier
  • 12/2: Pool Play Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/13: Open Bracket Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/17 - 12/19: HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 (Split 1 begins)
  • 1/2: EU Open Series
  • 1/5: EU Pro Series
  • 1/9: EU Open Series
  • 1/12: EU Pro Series
  • 1/16: EU Open Series
  • 1/19: EU Pro Series
  • 1/23: EU Open Series
  • 1/26: EU Pro Series
  • 1/30: EU Open Series
  • 2/6: EU Open Series
  • 2/20: EU Open Series
  • 2/27: EU Open Series
  • 3/12 - 3/13: EU Super Qualifier
  • 3/14: Roster Lock EU Super 2022
  • 3/19 - 3/20: EU Super Open Bracket
  • 3/25 - 3/27: EU Super 2022
  • 4/1 - 4/3: EU Open Championship
  • 4/11: Roster Lock Major Kansas City 2022
  • 4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)
  • 5/2 - 5/22: Player Break
  • 5/23: Split 2 begins
  • 5/29: EU Open Series
  • 6/1: EU Pro Series
  • 6/5: EU Open Series
  • 6/8: EU Pro Series
  • 6/12: EU Open Series
  • 6/15: EU Pro Series
  • 6/18 - 6/19: EU Regional Qualifier
  • 7/1 - 7/3: EU Regional Championship 2022 - Valencia, Spain
  • 7/10: EU Open Series
  • 7/17: EU Open Series
  • 7/31: EU Open Series
  • 8/14: EU Open Series
  • 8/21: EU Open Series
  • 8/26 - 8/28: EU Open Championship
  • 9/5: Roster Lock HCS Major Orlando 2022
  • 9/23 - 9/25: HCS Major Orlando 2022 (Split 2 Finals)
  • 10/20 - 10/23: Halo World Championship 2022


  • 11/20 - 11/21: MX Open Series
  • 11/27 - 11/28: MX Open Series
  • 12/1 - 12/2: MX Kickoff Qualifier
  • 12/2: Pool Play Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/13: Open Bracket Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/17 - 12/19: HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 (Split 1 begins)
  • 1/2: MX Open Series
  • 1/4: MX Pro Series
  • 1/9: MX Open Series
  • 1/11: MX Pro Series
  • 1/16: MX Open Series
  • 1/18: MX Pro Series
  • 1/23: MX Open Series
  • 1/25: MX Pro Series
  • 1/30: MX Open Series
  • 2/6: MX Open Series
  • 2/19 - 2/20: MX Super Qualifier
  • 2/21: Roster Lock MX Super 2022
  • 2/26 - 2/27: MX Super Open Bracket
  • 3/4 - 3/6: MX Super 2022
  • 3/13: MX Open Series
  • 3/20: MX Open Series
  • 4/1 - 4/3: MX Open Championship
  • 4/11: Roster Lock Major Kansas City 2022
  • 4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)
  • 5/2 - 5/22: Player Break
  • 5/23: Split 2 begins
  • 5/29: MX Open Series
  • 5/31: MX Pro Series
  • 6/5: MX Open Series
  • 6/7: MX Pro Series
  • 6/12: MX Open Series
  • 6/14: MX Pro Series
  • 6/19: MX Open Series
  • 6/26: MX Open Series
  • 7/2: MX Regional Qualifier
  • 7/17: MX Open Series
  • 7/22 - 7/24: MX Regional Championship 2022 - Mexico City, Mexico
  • 8/14: MX Open Series
  • 8/21: MX Open Series
  • 8/26 - 8/28: MX Open Championship
  • 9/5: Roster Lock HCS Major Orlando 2022
  • 9/23 - 9/25: HCS Major Orlando 2022 (Split 2 Finals)
  • 10/20 - 10/23: Halo World Championship 2022


  • 11/20 - 11/21: ANZ Open Series
  • 11/27 - 11/28: ANZ Open Series
  • 12/1 - 12/2: ANZ Kickoff Qualifier
  • 12/2: Pool Play Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/13: Open Bracket Roster Lock - Raleigh 2021
  • 12/17 - 12/19: HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 (Split 1 begins)
  • 1/2: ANZ Open Series
  • 1/4: ANZ Pro Series
  • 1/9: ANZ Open Series
  • 1/11: ANZ Pro Series
  • 1/16: ANZ Open Series
  • 1/18: ANZ Pro Series
  • 1/23: ANZ Open Series
  • 1/25: ANZ Pro Series
  • 1/30: ANZ Open Series
  • 2/6: ANZ Open Series
  • 2/19 - 2/20: ANZ Super Qualifier
  • 2/21: Roster Lock ANZ Super 2022
  • 2/26 - 2/27: ANZ Super Open Bracket
  • 3/4 - 3/6: ANZ Super 2022
  • 3/13: ANZ Open Series
  • 3/20: ANZ Open Series
  • 4/1 - 4/3: ANZ Open Championship
  • 4/11: Roster Lock Major Kansas City 2022
  • 4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)
  • 5/2 - 5/22: Player Break
  • 5/23: Split 2 begins
  • 5/29: ANZ Open Series
  • 5/31: ANZ Pro Series
  • 6/5: ANZ Open Series
  • 6/7: ANZ Pro Series
  • 6/12: ANZ Open Series
  • 6/14: ANZ Pro Series
  • 6/19: ANZ Open Series
  • 6/26: ANZ Open Series
  • 7/10: ANZ Open Series
  • 7/17: ANZ Open Series
  • 8/14: ANZ Open Series
  • 8/15: Roster Lock ANZ Regional
  • 8/20 - 8/21: ANZ Regional Qualifier
  • 9/2 - 9/4: ANZ Regional Championship 2022 - Melbourne, Australia
  • 9/5: Roster Lock HCS Major Orlando 2022
  • 9/23 - 9/25: HCS Major Orlando 2022 (Split 2 Finals)
  • 10/20 - 10/23: Halo World Championship 2022

Disclaimer: While we’re not anticipating any changes, this far out however, dates are subject to change based on current events that might impact the roadmap including of course COVID-19 as we closely monitor local health policies in each of the regions. We will keep everyone up-to-date on the latest by making updates to this blog and sharing them on the @HCS Twitter.


Epic shot of 4 Halo Infinite Spartans from behind as they walk into a giant hall of champions monument.

You can think of the handbook as the full guide for competitors. It contains a breakdown of age limits and eligible countries for each region, high level rules and format for all events, general rules for the league, as well as information on maps and modes settings. The handbook is a living document and will continue to be iterated upon and updated as the season progresses, so be sure to reference it regularly and keep an eye on the version number and date at the top to make sure you have the very latest.

While the handbook deals with tournaments and competition, the code of conduct is focused on behavior. It’s critical for us that the Halo esports ecosystem is a safe, fair, and positive place for all players, fans, and partners to enjoy. The code of conduct details behavioral restrictions as well as subsequent punishments.


Photo from HaloWC 2018 from the stage looking out into the crowd and trophy as confetti falls to the floor.

Today, we’re excited to announce that prizing for the first season of the HCS for Halo Infinite will be the highest base pool ever for Halo and will be starting at $3,000,000 before crowdfunding.

Let’s break this down:

  • Majors: $250,000
  • Supers/Regionals:
    • NA: $125,000
    • EU: 100,000
    • ANZ/MX: $50,000
  • Halo World Championship: $1,000,000

Additionally, all online tournaments in each region will feature a prize pool including FFA tournaments through the entire season.

For crowdfunding, our philosophy is to be open and inclusive. A small amount of each purchase in the Halo Infinite in-game store will be contributing to the HCS prize pool all season long. This means that if you love watching Halo esports and want to support the scene, but you love Big Team Battle for example – well you can go ahead and grab that sweet new Warthog coating in the store and still support. You don’t need to purchase esports-specific items to contribute.

Additionally, we will be crowdfunding for each of the Regionals, Supers, Majors, as well as the Halo World Championship, including all regions, so that all competitors in the ecosystem have the opportunity to benefit from community crowdfunding. In order to maintain a steady and reliable prize pool for each of the tournaments throughout the season, there will be a prizing cap placed on the tournaments. And next year we’ll share more about how crowdfunding for the Halo World Championship specifically will work as it will be different from the other events on the roadmap.

The prizing caps are as follows:

  • Majors: $350,000
  • Supers/Regionals:
    • NA: $175,000
    • EU: $135,000
    • ANZ/MX: $75,000

Again, any and all purchases in the Halo Infinite store will contribute to the prize pool for HCS. As a community, we can work together to increase the stakes that the competitors are playing for and support the growth of the entire scene.


Close up of a new Halo Infinite trophy for HCS

So the game just dropped out of nowhere, there’s an early online qualifier this weekend, and the first event is a month away – things are moving at a really fast pace. To help competitors make sure they’re all set we put together this checklist:

  1. Handbook – Look for the age limit in your region as well as eligible countries? Are you eligible to compete? Learn about all of that in the handbook and so much more.
  2. Accounts – Ensure your Xbox Live account is active and in good standing, register for an account at, and register for an account on the Esports Engine platform (which will go live tomorrow, stay tuned to @HCS to get the link). Ensure your Xbox Live account is linked to your Faceit account on the Faceit platform, and ensure your Faceit account is linked to your Esports Engine account on the Esports Engine platform.
  3. Tournament signups – Registration for the first online tournament for Halo Infinite opens on Thursday 11/18. Make sure your team is ready, and you’re signed up one time. Once registration closes, no more teams will be allowed in for this first event.
  4. Raleigh Team Passes – Don’t forget, Team Passes for the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 go on sale at 10am pt on Wednesday, November 17. Once they’re sold out, there won’t be any more added. Don’t miss your chance to be at this historic kickoff event!
  5. Twitter – Make sure you’re following all of the right accounts on Twitter to get the latest updates about tournaments. Follow: HCSFACEITHALO

Best of luck to all competitors in these upcoming qualifiers!


A monument of the HCS logo with a beautiful sunset and mountain range in the background

The Multiplayer, Sandbox, and Competitive Insights team have been working diligently to provide a competitive Halo Infinite experience out of the gate that will work for Ranked and HCS. As revealed back in October, the Battle Rifle will be the starting weapon, Motion Tracker has been disabled alongside Grenade Hitmarkers, and all of the Equipment, Power Equipment, Weapons, and Power Weapons have been carefully placed on each map.

Without further ado, here are the map and mode combinations:


  • Live Fire
  • Recharge
  • Streets
  • Bazaar
  • Aquarius

Capture the Flag:

  • Bazaar
  • Aquarius


  • Live Fire
  • Recharge
  • Streets


  • Live Fire
  • Recharge
  • Streets

With regards to generating map rotations for a series and tournament, our approach was to stick to what’s worked for the last two decades of competitive Halo, while also working to evenly distribute the maps and modes as much as possible. This is to ensure that the best teams are the most well-rounded teams.

Best of 3:

  • Game 1: Objective
  • Game 2: Slayer
  • Game 3: Objective

Best of 5:

  • Game 1: Objective
  • Game 2: Slayer
  • Game 3: Objective
  • Game 4: Objective
  • Game 5: Slayer

Best of 7:

  • Game 1: Objective
  • Game 2: Slayer
  • Game 3: Objective
  • Game 4: Objective
  • Game 5: Slayer
  • Game 6: Objective
  • Game 7: Slayer

Additionally, during a series and round by round, the objective modes will rotate. Below is an example of 3 sequential rounds to show a full rotation.

In custom games, the tournament modes will have the “Ranked” title in them and are available for everyone with no additional downloads necessary.

Finally, to see even more detail about the map and mode settings – be sure to read through the Handbook here.

Round 1:

  • Game 1: CTF
  • Game 2: Slayer
  • Game 3: Strongholds
  • Game 4: Oddball
  • Game 5: Slayer

Round 2:

  • Game 1: Strongholds
  • Game 2: Slayer
  • Game 3: Oddball
  • Game 4: CTF
  • Game 5: Slayer

Round 3:

  • Game 1: Oddball
  • Game 2: Slayer
  • Game 3: CTF
  • Game 4: Strongholds
  • Game 5: Slayer

Now while the tournament administrators will always do their best to make as evenly distributed a map rotation as possible, it’s impossible to predict the path that a team takes through a tournament from Winner’s Bracket to the Elimination Bracket, to Pool Play, and everything in between.

Over time, the map and mode combinations will change. We will be taking feedback from competitors in the form of surveys, as well as monitoring the high skilled match data in the Ranked playlist to determine where to improve the settings over time. Additionally, as more Halo Infinite maps and modes are released, they will find their way into the Ranked playlist and HCS settings over the course of the season, and between seasons in order to continually challenge players and teams, as well as to provide new content for fans and viewers to enjoy.


Graphic showcasing all 9 of the HCS Partnered Teams and their new armor coatings with each team's logo above the Spartan.

As mentioned above, the Esports Store within Halo Infinite is now open! There are two ways to get to the Esports Store to purchase the goods you’d like: within Halo Infinite the game itself, as well as on On sale for the first season are each of the 9 partnered Team bundles which each feature an Armor Kit with Armor Coating, Visor, and the team’s emblem on the chest, as well as a Battle Rifle Kit with a custom coating and the team’s emblem, and finally a nameplate/emblem. These were all designed by the partnered Teams themselves. Additionally, the Regional Bundles are also in the store. And as a reminder, all of the aforementioned bundles share a significant portion of the revenue with our partners. If you want to support the Teams and the tournament operators who help make Halo Esports possible, this is the best way to do so.

Screenshot of the esports store in Halo Infinite with all of the partnered teams and regional bundles available for sale.
Support your favorite teams and local regions to help Halo esports grow.


The next era of Halo and Halo esports are finally upon us. We want to thank everyone for their support and dedication of Halo along the way, and we can’t wait to see how you dazzle us on the battlefield. See you online and best of luck to all competitors!

For all the latest on Halo Esports, be sure to follow @HCS on Twitter and Subscribe to the Official Halo Esports YouTube channel.