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HCS Grassroots

HCS Grassroots 2023
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  -  a year ago

Designed to support the community directly, HCS Grassroots helps content creators and community tournament organizers continue to do what they love - while introducing new and exciting opportunities.

New Partnered Content Creators

New Wave of Partnered Creators - Alyek, Ynot, Extreme Breaker, and LVT

As we kick off another year of Halo, we're taking this opportunity to welcome the 6th wave of Partnered Content Creators!


Alyek has that warm community focused energy that you love to see. She lifts people up in her streams and is always thinking about providing unique events and experiences for her viewers. We can't wait to see what you do on stream and at our events!

Tony brings high energy casting, insightful YouTube content, and ties that all up as one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet in this community!

Rodolfo is our first LATAM Grassroots member! If you haven't tuned in, it's an insanely fun time! He bridges the gap between the NA HCS scene and the amateur Spanish-speaking community that is sorely needed. In addition to explaining why the HCS events and outcomes matter to his viewers, he has also done excellent work to stand up LATAM playdates with our English-speaking members.

Brandon (LVT) is a builder and seems to always be thinking about shining a spotlight on the amateur and pro scene with high quality interviews, content, events, and broadcasts. Out of his own volition, passion, and love for game, Brandon and team have been a big part of the Halo scene.

Want to join the Grassroots program? You're in luck. Content Creator Applications are OPEN!

Fill out the application and tell us why you think you'd be a good fit. We'll evaluate all submissions and announce a new wave of Partnered Content Creators later this Spring. Good luck!

As usual, be sure to follow @HCS on Twitter to be notified of all Grassroots events, playdates, and content!

By the community, for the community.

We're glad to support Halo communities all over the globe that foster positive and fun competition. See how you stack up against the community in tournaments of all sizes and skill ranges - registration is always free!

HCS Grassroots Partnered Community Tournament Organizers - Europa Halo, GTHalo, SWAT Nation, and Halo Australia.

Follow our partnered Community Tournament Organizers below to stay up-to-date on all future tournaments!

Europa Halo

Follow EuropaHalo for Tournaments and Live Broadcasts in the Europe region!

Follow GTHalo for all the latest events in the Greater Toronto area!
SWAT Nation

Follow SWATNation for SWAT focused Halo Tournamens!
Halo Australia

Follow Halo Australia for Tournaments and Events in the land down under!

Community Tournament Organizer applications are OPEN. Head to the link below to apply!

Grassroots Partnered Content Creators

No matter what type of content you're in to, our partnered creators have something for you. Check them out below!

HCS Grassroots Partnered Creators 2023

Hangout in game or Twitch chat with me for some fun customs, ranked, and complete new events & battle pass challenges together. Meet a friendly community to play games with!

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

Great in-game knowledge, LAN experience, chill vibes and hilarious smack talk.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

On my channel, we focus on top level Ranked game play, halo news and rumors, but especially on Halo tournaments.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Eli X

High octane gameplay mixed with solid chat interaction. Viewer/community games often and lots of multi-kills!

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Extreme Breaker

Come for the gameplay, Stay for the vibes.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

I am a professional Halo player for OpTic Gaming. I'm always trying my best to provide some quality gameplay and answer any questions you guys have. So enjoy the stream and be sure to say hello :)

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
LVT Halo

Our channel is second only to Halo itself. You will catch community favorites passionately storytelling the gameplay of the top 1% of Halo competitors, all while embracing Halo's richest Twitch culture and community.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Mint Blitz

You're going to see a lot of Killionaires.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

A mix of both competitive & casual gameplay, the vibes are always chill. (:

Twitter | Twitch | Youtube

I’m primarily a Halo streamer but I also cover certain new releases. If you enjoy fun gaming content and banter and want to always be in the loop for HCS play dates, watch parties and activations, this is the place to be!

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Real Life Spartan

High energy and entertainment value at 117% with full-blown Halo immersion and an amazing community (Spartan Army) to enjoy it with.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

Anything and everything competitive Halo and HCS. Ranked gameplay, highlights, reaction content, watch parties and more with an emphasis on positivity, inclusiveness and humor.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

Great clips and chill vibes.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

Freak of nature fast-paced Halo gameplay in multiplayer and custom games paired with constant high octane chat interaction.

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

A welcoming community who all love Halo, Think of it as a group of friends hanging out while playing their favorite game!

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

My content is all about talking Halo esports (drama, roster changes, etc,) and playing low Onyx (or high Diamond depending if I can shoot that day lol) while interacting with chat. My community I are always have fun. I always interact with chat and fail a lot... don't worry I'm not afraid to make fun of myself!

Twitter | Twitch | YouTube