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Joint Fire Event Launch

Key art image for the Joint Fire Event
Photo of Alex
  -  2 years ago

2023 is here, which means we’re back—well fed and rested—to say goodbye to those post-holiday, mid-January blues and kick off a new year of Halo Infinite with the Joint Fire Event!

The Joint Fire Event runs from January 17-31 and brings a free 10-tier Event Pass featuring Halo: Reach-themed rewards.

Joint Fire is all about the JFO-class Mjolnir (for your Mark V [B] Armor Core), which many of you will no doubt remember from Halo: Reach, which you'll be assembling by completing Event Challenges in the Joint Ops playlist.

You’ve had the opportunity to get to grips with Covert One Flag when it launched with the Winter Update, but for those who may need a tactical briefing on this asymmetrical mode...

Covert One Flag is 4v4 CTF with one flag up for grabs over multiple rounds. Attackers have unlimited active camouflage while defenders have unlimited threat sensors, with plenty of cat ‘n’ mouse “spies versus mercenaries” carnage to ensue.

Image of the reward track for the Joint Fire Event Pass

Playable across Arena maps in Halo Infinite (including the recently added Empyrean, the remake of Halo 3’s The Pit), your mission is simple: Jump into the Joint Ops playlist, complete Event Challenges to progress your free 10-tier Event Pass, and assemble the pieces of your fancy new JFO armor!

Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to complete all of your Challenges this week to earn the Tactical Clippy weapon charm. You wouldn’t want to upset Clippy, would you? You really wouldn’t like him when he’s upset...

Stay silent. Stay vigilant. Stay deadly.