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FaZe Clan go Back-2-Back! Congratulations to your HCS Arlington Major Champions!

HCS Arlington Major 2023 Champions - FaZe Clan

Numerous Game 5s and nail-biting upsets made the HCS Arlington Major one of the wildest yet!

Following a dominant showing in the Grand Finals, FaZe Clan emerged victorious claiming their 2nd consecutive HCS LAN win - Congratulations!

From the players on stage to the passionate staff behind it, thank you for putting on an incredible show - and special thanks to OpTic for showing us their warm southern hospitality!

Up Next: HCS Salt Lake City Global Invitational, Hosted by SPACESTATION GAMING!

HCS Salt Lake City Global Invitational, Hosted by Spacestation Gaming (August 4-5)

Our good friends over at Spacestation will be hosting the Halo community at the next HCS Global Invitational. The Top 16 teams from around the world will converge in Salt Lake City, Utah to throw down for their share of $125,000 - and you're all invited!

Don't miss your chance to join us live - Grab your tickets today!

HCS Arlington Champions

Congratulations to your $250,000 HCS Arlington Major Champions - FaZe Clan!

FaZe Clan - HCS Arlington Major Champions

Final Results

GGs to all competitors, and congratulations to the Top 8 teams on locking in their seeds in Pool Play at the HCS Salt Lake City Global Invitational - Hosted by Spacestation Gaming!

HCS Arlington Major 2023 - Final Results
1st$100,000FaZe ClanFrostyRenegadeRoyal 2SnakeBite
4th$17,500SentinelsBubu dubuFalcatedLethulSpartan
5/6$8,000OpTic GamingaPGFormalLucidTrippy
7/8$5,000ComplexityGilkeyKing NickSuppressedTusk
7/8$5,000Native RedBoamMannySoul SnipeTaulek
9-12$2,500Status QuoCherishedDiagramKing JayPiggy
9-12$2,500Shopify RebellionCykulMentalRayneRyaNoob
9-12$2,500G1HussNeuronicalPrecisionSwish 5s
9-12$2,500Native WhiteKuhlectMikwenTapping ButtonsTreyTri
13-16$1,625Ascending BaselineArticcEnvorePoseySuper CC
13-16$1,625Natus VincereJimboMightySnakeySnipedrone
13-16$1,625Six KarmaAcidLeuorSepstarsStrikey

Pool Play + Final Bracket

HCS Arlington Major 2023 - Final Pool Play Results
HCS Arlington Major 2023 - Final Upper Bracket
HCS Arlington Major 2023 - Final Lower Bracket

HCS FFA Tournament, Presented by US Marine Corps

Give it up for your HCS Arlington FFA Champion - Steven Goobs!

HCS Arlington Major 2023 - FFA Champion, Steven Goobs
1st$2,000Steven Goobs
2nd$1,200Itz The Last Shot
6th$150Switch It Up

USMC Event Commendations

Congratulations to your HCS Arlington 2023 Event Commendation Winners!

HCS Arlington Major 2023 - USMC Event Commendations
FaZe SnakeBite
Quadrant Tchik
SSG Elamite

HCS All-Star 1v1 Showdown

The HCS All-Star Showdown returned in Arlington as Bound, Renegade, Lucid, and Lqgend went head-to-head in a 1v1 tournament on the new Arena Map - Solitude!

The mini-tournament delivered intense moments, but in the end it was none other than Bound who came out on top - Congratulations!

Miss out on the action? Catch the VOD below!

HCS All-Star 1v1 Showdown

Team Quadrant Makes History!

From nearly crashing out in Pools to making Halo esports history!

Following a rocky start in Pool Play, Team Quadrant shocked the world at the HCS Arlington Major as they ended the weekend with a podium finish! This Top 3 placing is the highest that any international team has reached on a global stage EVER, and it was no easy feat as they had to take down the likes of Complexity, OpTic Gaming, and Sentinels!

GGWP to the squad of Lqgend, Tchik, SLG, and Sica!

Quadrant's Tchik celebrates on the HCS mainstage

HCS Arlington Photos + VOD

Did you miss us in Arlington, or simply want to relive the hype?

Check out the official Photo Album and Tournament VOD!

Key Info

HCS Major Arlington - Hosted by OpTic Gaming (June 30th - July 2nd

Tournament Format

Open Bracket

As is customary, there will be an open bracket featured at the HCS OpTic Major. This will take place on Friday, June 30th and will start and end on the same day. The bracket will be filled by the first 96 teams to purchase a pass. The top 4 teams from the Open Bracket will move on to Pool Play. (2 from the Winner’s bracket, 2 from the Elimination Bracket)

Pool Play

HCS Arlington Major - Pool Play

Earlier this month, FaZe Clan and Spacestation locked in the 1st and 2nd seeds with their placements at the HCS Dallas Global Invitational. The remaining Pool Play spots went to the teams with the most HCS Points in each region.

Pool Play kicks off Friday June 30th!

Qualified Teams

Congratulations to the following 12 teams for securing their spots in Pool Play and earning their trips to the HCS OpTic Major!

HCS Arlington Major - Pool Play Qualified Teams

Travel Coverage / Open Bracket Teams

In addition to the teams in Pool Play, the following 7 teams have qualified to receive Travel Coverage to compete through the Open Bracket at the HCS OpTic Major!

HCS Arlington Major - Travel Coverage Teams