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Site Unseen Event Launch

Halo Infinite key art image for the Site Unseen event showing a Spartan clad in MIRAGE IIC armor from the Event Pass
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  -  a year ago

So... what’s behind the Live Fire door?

When Season 3 kicked off in March, we saw Spartan Dinh awaken after having his memories invaded by the Banished AI Iratus. We met with Dinh as he handed over his well-worn M392 Bandit, telling us to get good with the weapon and then come and find him. Meanwhile, during a live fire exercise, an errant grenade detonated by a door and revealed the symbol of the Office of Naval Intelligence...

If you need a catch up, you can find the Season 3 cinematics in-game or on our YouTube channel.

But now, the time has come to link back up with Spartan Dinh and explore the depths of the Spartan Academy in the Site Unseen event, which brings with it a free new 10-tier Event Pass full of customization rewards for your MIRAGE IIC armor. Complete Event Challenges to level up your Event Pass—you know the drill!

Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting...

Image of Halo Infinite key art for the Site Unseen event showing the event rewards

The Site Unseen event runs for two weeks, from May 2-16, and will see the return of the New BTB Unlimited playlist where Super Escalation Slayer will get the spotlight. Season 3’s new mode, Escalation Slayer, just got even better.


Hopefully you’ve gotten good with the Bandit that Dinh gave you, as this week’s Ultimate Reward is the Pale Shadow weapon coating for your M392 Bandit.

Halo Infinite image of the Pale Shadow weapon coating for the M392 Bandit

And, if you head over to the Shop, you can grab the Balor Bundle which features the following items for your MIRAGE IIC armor:

  • Balor helmet
  • Balor Guardplate helmet attachment
  • TAC/Aegis Puck chest attachment
  • UA/TacUp A22 shoulders
  • UA/TYPE SYI knee pads
  • Amber Weave visor
  • Kinetic Instruction armor coating
Halo Infinite Shop image of the Balor armor bundle


Halo Gear Rewards return for the Site Unseen event, offering the fourth and final collectible pin that will make a fine addition to your collection!

Note that the last opportunity to claim the Shroud Screen Pin by completing the Mindfall Event Pass was on April 18.

  • Put a new weapon to good use and complete the Site Unseen Event Pass to unlock access to the Bandit Pin. Complete this event and make your purchase by June 17 to secure this reward.
Image of Halo Infinite's Season 3 Halo Gear Reward Pins

How does it work?

Upon completion of each qualifying event the player will receive a reward code via their Halo Waypoint Profile.

When you complete each event, simply visit Halo Waypoint online or via mobile and sign into your account to trigger your reward. The reward code will be delivered to you via Waypoint notifications.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the code to be delivered after completion of an event.

Once you receive the reward code, visit the Halo Gear Shop and hop to the respective Pin product page to proceed with your purchase before entering your code.


Two new cinematics are available with the Site Unseen event. The first is available from the start, and the second is unlocked by completing the Event Pass.

You can view the Site Unseen cinematics by pressing Y from the main menu to open up the screen that shows your Battle Pass, Story Event, and Challenges.

Halo Infinite screenshot of Echoes Within menu showing Battle Pass, Story Event, and Challenges

From there, hit X (you’ll see it listed as “Season Intro”) which will take you to this screen.

Screenshot of Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Cinematic screen for the Recap and Intro

And then hit Y for additional cinematics.

Halo Infinite screenshot of additional cinematics menu

With all that covered, it’s time to dive into Halo Infinite and round out the story of Season 3 by discovering what secrets lie within the Spartan Academy...