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Community Spotlight

Spotlight: April 15, 2024

Photograph of life-sized statues of the Master Chief and the Arbiter created by Galactic Armory
Photo of Alex
  -  a month ago

It's mid-April, but there's quite assuredly nothing "mid" at all about what you're about to bear witness to...

Welcome back to the Halo Spotlight.


We begin with a true monument to greatness from Galactic Armory, who has created not one but two life-sized statues of the iconic duo that is the Master Chief and the Arbiter.

Altogether, this 1:1 recreation took 80 kilograms of PLA filament and a total of 6653 printing hours (2500 for the Chief, 4153 for the Arbiter)—but the fruits of this labor are well and truly evident in the final result. You can find out more information about Galactic Armory's work on this build on

And, of course, you can check out more of Galactic Armory's work on their website, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Speaking of the Master Chief and the Arbiter, next up we've got a four-part comic from NowhereLad about the titular Halo himself!

And another stunning highlight for this month to cap off this section is KeroseneLazer's incredible renditions of the Primordial and Mendicant Bias, and the Ur-Didact.


The Yappening II is live in Halo Infinite, and the collective Gruntening of the community over the last few weeks has been a delight to behold. Here are some particular highlights!

From ManmightyFN: the circle of life forms some kind of ring... like a Halo?

Here comes an Unggoy, father
Oh yes it's an Unggoy
Here comes an Unggoy, father
Oh yes it's an Unggoy
An Unggoy we're going to conquer
An Unggoy
An Unggoy and a Spartan come to this open place

From OutletChief729: This Unggoy is ultra pleased about how The Yappening II is going.

From lytatroan: Unggoy cinema has a new sensation.

From JScott_INK: This is not the birthday party this Grunt was hoping to attend.

From justin_grosjean: An unbound Unggoy seizes their own destiny.

From ConcasicoWW: In case you were wondering what a real "Grunt Spartan" would look like... Please stop wondering!

From CoolGHudson: A valuable prisoner has been acquired.

From ChrisDAnimation: The Yappening is spreading across the galaxy with Grunt fervor!

From Soul_ant19: Lisan al Grunt!

From Pen_Loser: What's the use in the Covenant having all of these colors if you can't out 'em on paper sometimes?

From TedKeogh: Active camouflage has evolved!

From TheGcustoms: nakey Grunt.

From trajektoria00: This Forerunner installation ain't big enough for the both of us...

From ZoinksLord: An action figure review commences!


Since the Banished ambush on the UNSC Infinity, forcing personnel to flee to the surface of Zeta Halo, six months have passed. Our Spartans are starting to look a little different as they acclimatize to an unplanned long-term deployment...

How is your Spartan holding up?


TheFuriousTaco (We can't wait to see the finished thing!)

That concludes this month's Spotlight. We hope you enjoyed this delicious visual banquet!

All of you who had something featured in this installment should be sure to fill out the submission form so we can grant you your Unicorn of Fire rewards!