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Community Spotlight

Spotlight: August 31, 2023

Art by AresAnimation of the Arbiter facing up to a Scarab in the middle of a battle
Photo of Alex
  -  a year ago

In times of uncertainty and doubt, there are three words that provide comfort and consolation to the soul... wort wort wort!

We've gathered some of the latest and greatest offerings of the Halo community's artistic creativity for your viewing pleasure, so let's us follow that timelessly wise Sangheili wisdom and go, go, go!


Our top trio in this issue is a holy trinity of Sangheili-themed awesomeness.

Check out the video below to see how this scene came together.

"Look, human. I only need to know one thing: where they are."

Soul_ant19 delivers another stunning piece of artwork depicting a very Vasquez-esque Sangheili, complete with an iconic green tactical eyepiece.

By the everlasting light of Urs! Skykillerr2 has delivered unto us this fantastic depiction of Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum and Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, reunited and looking sleek 'n' snazzy.


The Containment event has gone live in Halo Infinite, bringing a free 10-tier Event Pass for players to get some new customization rewards for their HAZMAT armor. And we've also seen some truly amazing community creations based around this armor's aesthetic.

ManmightyFN has kindly slipped in to let us know that there is an impostor among us...

Those who don the OSTEO combat engineering suit find themselves facing a vast array of dangers, but none of them could be prepared for what DeanThePigeon has thrown their way—the musty mono-yellow wallpaper and nondescript carpet, the tiled ceiling, the hazy illumination provided by buzzing fluorescent lights...

What lies within these stale, endless backrooms?

Your suit will protect you against all sorts of hazardous environments, but PalpyTheFrog has quite rightly surmised that there's just one tool in your arsenal that you absolutely need.

Goosewasinuse has dropped in with a reminder that there is apparently some kind of space game releasing very soon...


Many things go into making a Spartan what they are—augmentations, Mjolnir armor, a lifetime of combat... but as Deva_Makyr shows in their Master Chief cosplay, the key is cool heroic poses!

Makoima comes in to provide us with a valuable reminder of what can and cannot pass through a drop shield. So definitely don't go declaring yourself to be a servant of the Secret Fire and wielder of the flame of Arnor when facing a sword-wielding opponent with one of these things!


ShimmyWookie returns with more shots of her Miranda Keyes cosplay (feat. Activation Index by 1313 Props), which she put together for PAX East 2023.

Everyone say thank you to her for saving the galaxy at the end of Halo 2 and helping to forge an alliance with the Sangheili!

Doob_42 has redefined the meaning of "trash sniper," so it is no longer a statement of your teammate's lack of precision but a representation of a sniper rifle made out of various recycled items. We heard that this can still take the hat off an Elite at two thousand yards.

SomePiker has combined the rules of D&D with Halo: Combat Evolved and created a new game based on one of the universe's most legendary heroes.

Introducing... Halo: Jenkins!



As we wrap up for this Spotlight issue, everybody who had something featured here should be sure to fill out the submission form so we can grant you your Unicorn of Fire rewards.

Until the next time!