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Spotlight: February 14, 2023

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  -  a year ago

Welcome back to the Halo Community Spotlight—the other HCS, I guess?

The other week, we sat down with fiction fan and YouTuber Halo Guy for our first 2023 Community Corner, and now we're back to draw from the wider pool of talented community artists, photographers, cosplayers, and more.



Last week, we released the Noble Intention Event in Halo Infinite as a last surprise on the doorstep of Season 3.

This free in-game event put the two forgotten Spartans of Noble Team, Thom-A293 and Rosenda-A344, front-and-center. Thom sacrificed himself in the live action “Deliver Hope” trailer, while Rosenda existed only in a handful of obscure fictional references.

Alongside the event, we released the Halo: Winter Contention short story (available on Halo Waypoint and as an audiobook on YouTube), exploring an earlier configuration of Noble Team, and we saw some amazing fan art and cosplay emerge to honor these two new (old) Spartan-III super-soldiers.


Roses are red, violets are blue, the Great Journey waits for no-one, brother—not even you...

It is only fitting to kick this section off with a Halo 2 reference, as Haund150 has taken up the mantle of creativity to pay a special tribute to one of the random lines you can hear in the game while playing as the Arbiter if you stare at another Elite for a prolonged period of time.

Simmsy has paired the Chief with a new AI in their latest art piece, one that has taken the image of another character famously voiced by the one and only Jen Taylor (voice of Cortana, Dr. Halsey, and the Weapon).


Average Halo Gamer shows us how to make a Halo ring out of five existing Mega Bloks sets, which makes for an amazing final result that would definitely look good on your shelf!

Yanderose has also transformed the iconic vista of Zeta Halo into a relaxing dreamscape, which looks like it would make for an excellent screensaver!


(AW note: BORNSTELLAR! <3 - by the way, you'll have to be logged into Tumblr to gaze upon the full majesty of isodidacta's artwork.)

(AW note: Alright, what are you entering battle with, the Prophet's Bane or Atriox's Toothpick?)

(AW note: Every day can be an Energy Sword Sunday if you choose this way of life!)

Embroidery is based on design originally posted by NotSureHowItGoes (art created by RetroNerdStudio, also known as Sita Navas).


All of you who had something featured in this installment should be sure to fill out the submission form so we can grant you your Unicorn of Fire rewards!

Until the next time, keep on creating!