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Spotlight: February 17, 2022

Photo of Alex
  -  2 years ago

Time was your ally, human, and now it has rewarded you – the Halo Spotlight has returned!

We are in the midst of a flurry of activity following the launch of Halo Infinite and the passion and creativity of the community continues to serve up some truly incredible stuff.

This is one of my favorite times after release, that initial period where many of the new ideas, images, and concepts that have been cooking for so many years - now finally realized in the game proper - seep into the collective community consciousness and inform a new wave of fan art and other stunning creations.

For those of you just joining us, the Halo Spotlight series has us scour the community for awesome fan-made things and we share a selection of them on a monthly basis. Be sure to share your creations using #HaloSpotlight for a chance to be featured in a future Spotlight and earn some exclusive in-game rewards!


Our header today comes from the inimitable Will Clements (@willclementsart) who dropped this amazing commission out of slipspace for a fellow Spartan, showcasing their GEN3 new hawtness on the shattered shores of Zeta Halo.

ZVEZDA is, as we all know, simply the coolest helmet of them all, displaying true stylish acuity with the refined audio awareness for enhanced tactical performance that comes with cat ears. It is precisely this mix of tacticool detail with Will's almost chibi-like presentation, alongside the lustrous warmth of the color palette set against the iconic Zeta Halo backdrop, that keeps my eye tracing over (and appreciating) every detail.


Just as we marvel in awe at the scale of the monumental megastructures created by the Forerunners, so too do we gaze in stunned admiration of what we are capable of ourselves when it comes to less fictional materials. And so it is that we must take a moment to look upon the creative majesty of these wonderful woodworks by carpenter Emilio Martínez.

This is just a small selection of the awesome Halo stuff Emilio has done, you can find even more handcrafted goodness through his linktree!

Oh, and before we get to the art, make yourself comfortable for the next five minutes because I guarantee that this is one of the coolest things that's going to happen in your day.

From stop motion animator and director MootroidXproductions, the Master Chief faces up to one of the greatest challenges in his decades of combat...


With that tremendous trinity kicking things off, the table has now been set for the visual feast your eyeballs are about to enjoy!


And with that, another Spotlight comes to a close!

Until we meet again, Reclaimers...