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Spotlight: January 16, 2024

Halo fan art by Skykillerr2 depicting (from left-to-right) Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum, Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, and Blademaster Jega 'Rdomnai
Photo of Alex
  -  3 months ago

New year, new Spotlight!

Welcome back to the feature where we show off a selection of artistic creations from the community—artwork and illustrations, videos, screenshots, models, cosplay, and more.

We've got another glorious selection for your eyeballs to behold.


We begin with this stunning holy trinity of Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum, and Blademaster Jega 'Rdomnai by Skykillerr2, whose Sangheili artwork has long been some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes upon.

The universe is vast, the wonders within its cosmic furnace are as beautiful as they are unfathomable, and we're kicking things off with a selection of artwork by Far_Galaxies08 which captures the essence of what inspires and terrifies us as we gaze at the glittering band in space and all that is encompassed by its name: Halo.

Silent1Meow has put together a scene that strongly evokes the Covenant's attempt to execute Atriox, as seen in Halo Wars 2, but also bears strong inspiration from a scene in the latest trailer for the upcoming second season of the Halo television series.

"Hey look, a Mark V!" Jafet Meza takes us back to 2001 with a gorgeous illustration of the Master Chief in his iconic Mark V armor from Halo: CE, which may also happen to be the permanent look I have adopted in Halo Infinite as well...

Halo 3's Spartans just hit different. You know it, I know it, and B324Obedience has made some inspired renders of their MCC forms which are a joy to behold!

While we're on this old-school kick, royalty3D has done a glorious render of the Halo 2 cover art (slash photograph taken by former war photographer, journalist, and Michael Sullivan's favorite Midnight Facility resident, Benjamin Giraud) in a low-poly style that makes me want to see the whole game like this...


The man, the myth, the legend: Steve Downes has been doing a documentary series about life as the Master Chief.

In his latest video, Steve explores the convention center floor and finds himself in the alley of artists where Master Chief-inspired props, artwork, and fans reside!

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Another animation from millisworlds features the Master Chief, the Arbiter, Cortana, Johnson, and 343 Guilty Spark having a pleasant chat outside a control room before the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn descends.



That'll wrap up our first Spotlight blog for 2024, but fear not—I think we're just getting started.

All of you who had something featured in this installment should be sure to fill out the submission form so we can grant you your Unicorn of Fire rewards!