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Community Spotlight

Spotlight: March 17, 2022

Photo of Alex
  -  2 years ago

Welcome back to another Community Spotlight!

Has it been a month already? Looking at the sheer breadth of content we’ve got here (which is itself merely a snapshot of the community), you’d think it had been a year, but the passion and creativity of Halo fans truly is boundless.

As a reminder: Be sure to share your creations using #HaloSpotlight for a chance to be featured in a future Spotlight and earn some exclusive in-game rewards!

Let’s get right into it.


Our first feature (and header) for this issue goes to kateebear702, who recently posted a stunning video of her artwork process for this Master Chief piece on Reddit.

Kate is a self-taught acrylic painter and terminally ill cancer patient who uses painting and art as a form of therapy. She and her husband are both avid gamers, which has led her to give us the gift of this wonderful piece inspired by Halo Infinite.

We at 343 thank you for sharing your incredible artwork, Kate, and we wish you all the very best! <3

Our second feature for this issue is this marvelous piece from Amanda-Lee, showcasing the Master Chief, the Weapon, and the Pilot soaring through the shattered lands of Zeta Halo, evidently to the tune of ‘A Whole New World.’ Below, a disgruntled Unggoy waves his fist, as well he might at the sight of such joy!


Our next highlight goes to SunaSoldier, who painted a much beloved bit of concept art from Halo: Reach’s Forge World for their own beloved.

“A gift for my Valentine and for our shared love of the franchise I painted up the Forge World lobby art. We smashed Reach together co-op and still drag out the 360 on occasion to jump back into our custom maps. And when Infinite gets co-op, I'll jump in the turret so we can do the campaign all over again!”

Halo has been bringing people together in so many different ways over the last two decades, it’s always a joy to see!


A special feature here goes to Lady Owl, who has not only celebrated their birthday (for which we wish them the happiest of tidings), but also saw fit to provide us with a wonderful gift in the form of this fan art of Zo Resken, the Prophet of Clarity.

Because I can turn anything into an opportunity to talk Halo lore, particularly of the more obscure variety, let’s take this educational opportunity!

This character comes from the novel Halo: Broken Circle, which is set in two distinct eras: the founding years of the Covenant several thousand years ago, and the onset of the Great Schism in Halo 2 where the Prophet of Truth mobilizes his grand schemes. Zo shows up in the latter-half of the novel as a distant descendent of a main character in the first half and ends up siding with the Sangheili when they are violently ousted from their role as honor guard by the Jiralhanae.

After fleeing High Charity, Zo and his compatriots discover an incomplete shield world known as the Refuge which is home to a group of Sangheili that were led millennia ago by Ussa ‘Xellus, a rebel who guided those who sought an escape from the tightening grip of the Prophets to a place where they could be free.

A belated happy birthday to Lady Owl and thank you for sharing this wonderful piece!

And a second special feature goes to Pep0398 for this utterly magnificent recreation of the title page for humanity’s section in the upcoming Halo Encyclopedia.


We’ve got an incredible one-two punch here, starting with something that’s sure to make your jaw drop: a levitating 3D-printed Banshee.

Our next feature is another masterclass in lore. We see in Halo Infinite that the Forerunners used cylixes as genetic repositories for the species they indexed across the galaxy, and as prisons to seal away unexpected foes, but there is another use that graphic design student TREXHarris100 has shared with us...

To store Pringles.


With our appetites more than sufficiently whetted with all the excellence above, let’s dive into even more of it below!

(Let's all raise a glass to Vel 'Trokaik and Sarah Palmer's unexpected happiness!)


And with that, another Spotlight comes to an end and we are left to contemplate in slack-jawed awe the inspiring talent and endless enthusiasm the Halo community has in its creativity...