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Community Spotlight

Spotlight: May 13, 2024

Fan art by TackelsHolocron depicting a crying Unggoy wielding a Fuel Rod Gun
Photo of Alex
  -  8 days ago

The Halo Spotlight is here, which means it's time once again to dive into the amazing creations made by the community. Feast your eyes!


TackelsHolocron headlines this issue with an Unggoy who is about to unleash perhaps the most devastating fuel rod blast in the galaxy, drawing power from the concentrated tragedy of all their species has suffered...

AB_RinART has a truly wonderful project going on right now, where she is adding suggested characters to a Where's Waldo-inspired mash-up of different species, characters, fan-made OCs, and more. Track the group photo project here.

(Personally, I think the Didact would have fun chilling among this lovely crowd!)

GoatsOfHell has jumped feet-first into making this absolutely rad ODST model. Hopefully that purple comes off in the wash!

Iklungs has a very particular style that we can't get enough of, bringing Halo Infinite's multiplayer Spartans to life as if they came straight out of a Metal Gear game or a '90s anime.


Last week, we released our latest Waypoint Chronicle in support of Operation: Banished Honor. Halo: The Third Life tells the story of the rogue Spartan Ilsa Zane following the events of Hunt the Truth and how she came to join the Banished.

Since then, we've seen some incredible fan recreations of Ilsa Zane and other ideas for what Banished Spartans might look like—here's a selection for you to have a gander at!

Silent_SFM is flying an unmistakable flag...

DaGlassMan4797 was forged in the fiery crucible of Atriox's teachings.

lllScorchlll is sparring with superheated plasma!

Misfein has assembled a rather intimidating fireteam.

ONNNNNEJAM is back-to-back with their Banished brother.

PalpyTheFrog is about to bring the hammer down with the authority and might of a Jiralhanae chieftain!


Spartan_052's photoshoot in his Mjolnir Mark IV armor conveys the sheer powerhouse nature of this iconic set and shows off just how stunningly detailed it is.

In his own words: "This project was an absolute beast, with so many moving pieces, and it turned out better than I could have ever dreamed! It featured an accurate undersuit, TPU gaskets for the armor plating, a resin printed helmet and visor, AND a crazy chest rig with isolating pec plates and backpack! This is without a doubt the most gorgeous suit I’ve had the pleasure of putting together, and I couldn’t have done it without a TON of help!"

Bombarisu made a girl a promise and kept it, creating this wonderful model of their girlfriend's Spartan armor from Halo Infinite for her birthday. We hope she loved it as much as we do!

Busters2005 has a soft spot for some of the GEN2 armor greats, like the Soldier armor depicted below!

Cyanosaurus_Rex4 has assembled Noble Team, and if you follow the link you'll get a bonus look at Red Team as well.

When I first glanced at what DonJacobyCreate posted, I thought it was just a screenshot snip of the Sunray 1-1 art from Halo Wars 2. Turns out, this is actually a custom model of Major Vaughan, and so let us regard it with due awe.

Evolution2411 has taken the Master Chief down to a deep, dark place within the substructures of a Halo ring...

theforgerunner has found Jun-A266 keepin' cosy while on a mission.

TheGcustoms returns once more with figures of the holy trinity of the Banished—Escharum, Jega 'Rdomnai, and Atriox.


Somehow, Halo: Custom Edition turned twenty years old earlier this month. Un-flipyappin-believable!

In many ways, Halo: Custom Edition was the foundation of Halo modding, opening up the beloved original game to an infinite horizon of possibilities. I still vividly remember watching ancient videos of driving Scarabs around, piloting the Prophets' gravity thrones, playing as different species...

Speaking of the mid-'00s era of Halo, NotPipi has delivered a jaw-dropping fan animation titled "Battle for Mombasa," set during the events of Halo 2 when the Covenant invade Earth. Lend NotPipi just eight short minutes of your life and prepare to be amazed!

Red vs. Blue may have come to a final, poignant end, but the machinima spirit lives on in the hearts of the Halo community, using the medium to ask questions about (*checks notes*) why almost all alien species' biology conforms to inferior bipedal models.

It would appear that even the Unggoy have taken to celebrating a particular date in May...


That's all, folks! We hope you enjoyed this round-up of the community's love and passion for Halo put into artistic expression. We'll be back next month to do it all over again.

All of you who had something featured in this installment should be sure to fill out the submission form so we can grant you your Unicorn of Fire rewards!