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Tenrai II Event Launch

Key art for Tenrai II showing a YOROI-clad Spartan holding an assault rifle as a gift
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  -  10 months ago

Tenrai has returned to Halo Infinite!

Tenrai II is an event for all players that runs for two weeks and features a free 10-tier Event Pass, featuring new samurai-themed customization content.

Let’s take a look at the gifts that await honorable warriors...


The reward track for the Tenrai 2 event. Includes three weapon coatings, yoroi armor pieces and weapons charms plus a backdrop and alternative geo for the A R.

From July 18 to August 1, the Tenrai II event will be active.

This is a free event that anybody can jump into; you can progress your Event Pass by completing Event Challenges, unlocking customization rewards to outfit your YOROI armor, weapons (including a new Tenrai-themed weapon kit for your MA40 Assault Rifle), and Spartan ID.



Available in the Shop this week is the Dragonborn bundle, a new super bundle (like Hazmat Haven) which packages together three individual bundles at a discount.

You can purchase each individual bundle separately, but getting it all together will additionally unlock an exclusive Mythic Effect Set and the Dragonborn Noble shoulders.

The Dragonborn bundle includes three separate bundles plus exclusive bonus content.


Complete all your challenges for the week and you’ll unlock this week’s Ultimate Reward: The Highlit Steel armor coating for your YOROI armor.

The blue and yellow highlit steel coating for the Yoroi Armor is the ultimate reward.


While Tenrai II spans the next two weeks, we will have another YOROI-centric event this season. Tenrai III will arrive on September 19, which will bring with it another free 10-tier Event Pass with even more customization content for you to earn.

Tenrai III will also see the release of a new Story Shard connected to this samurai-inspired take on the Halo universe, so stay tuned!

The time has now come
Step onto the battlefield
And fight with honor.