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Tenrai IV Operation Launch

Key art for the Tenrai IV Operation in Halo Infinite showing three Spartans outfitted in event customization items wandering through a garden with purple petals
Photo of Alex
  -  12 days ago

Warriors at rest:
They sing a song of silence
As the garden blooms.

Tenrai returns as the latest Operation in Halo Infinite, bringing a new 20-tier Operation Pass along with the highly anticipated Match Composer feature and the return of a historic fan-favorite mode.


From June 4 to July 2, Operation: Tenrai IV will be active and you’ll be able to work your way through its 20-tier Operation Pass which contains a new themed armor set along with a new visor, emblem, and additional Spartan Points to spend in The Exchange.

Tenrai IV art of a Spartan clad in Azechi armor

Progress your Operation Pass with Match XP and Challenge completions. Additional premium options for the Operation Pass include:

  • 500 credits will make the Operation Pass durable (it will not expire), offers bonus XP during the Operation’s live window, an extra Challenge slot while your pass is equipped, and comes with an exclusive customization item.
  • 2,000 credits instantly unlocks all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass at purchase and includes the exclusive bonus customization item.

Securing either of the above will include the Onyx Edge armor coating, depicted below!

Tenrai IV Press Kit image of the Azechi armor from the Operation with the Onyx Edge armor coating applied

Following on from community feedback we have received, we are pleased to confirm that we are adding the 500 XP Daily Challenge back into Halo Infinite.

The XP Daily challenge was removed previously at the start of Operation: Banished Honor and replaced with a challenge that rewarded 250 Spartan Points. Starting in Tenrai IV, the challenge deck will be updated to have two daily challenges. The first challenge will be SP, the second challenge will be XP:

  • Match 1: 250 SP
  • Match 2: 500 XP


Along with Tenrai IV comes the Match Composer feature for Halo Infinite.

The Match Composer is intended to give players more control over what they would like to play when they hop into online matchmaking—something that players of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be familiar with.

In Halo Infinite, the Match Composer will enable players to choose which game modes they would (or would not) like to participate in, making it easier for you to have a good time playing exactly what you want to play.

From the Multiplayer screen, players will be met with a list of playlists as usual, and upon selecting a specific playlist they will be able to choose which game modes they want to play based on what is available in the playlist by selecting or deselecting according to your preference.

Halo Infinite Match Composer screenshot for Quick Play

For example: If you want to jump into some Free For All, you will find that there are ten game modes available within that playlist. By default, all of them are selected, but the Match Composer will allow you to deselect any that you may not want to play. Of course, in the event that you make selections which may result in longer matchmaking queue wait times, a message will appear to inform you of this.

Alongside the release of this update, the following playlists now utilize the Match Composer feature to help curate your multiplayer experience:

  • Quick Play (4v4) – All things 4v4 from Team Slayer to Husky Raid.
  • Team Doubles (2v2) – Assorted games for teams of two.
  • Rumble Pit (FFA) – A mix of Slayer variants and other FFA modes.
  • Infection (FFA) – Infect the enemy team or survive until the time limit.
  • Big Team Battle (12v12) – Curate between standard BTB, BTB Heavies, and a variety of other BTB modes.
  • Squad Battle (8v8) – Your traditional fix for large-scale warfare, featuring Team Slayer and objective gametypes.

For a full breakdown, check out our Match Composer blog!


Key art for the Tenrai IV playlist

Juggernaut has returned to Halo Infinite!

This game mode finds its origins all the way back in Halo: Combat Evolved (originally as a variant of Oddball), but later came to prominence in Halo 2 where it became its own mode with additional variations.

One player is selected by the game to be the Juggernaut, which is good news for those of you who like getting certain advantages (which have historically included overshields, active camo, increased speed and damage, and so on)... but also bad news because everybody else is trying to kill you—and whoever succeeds in doing so becomes the new Juggernaut.

In Halo Infinite, the Juggernaut will receive a substantial buff to their shields and damage resistance, as well as a speed boost, while being equipped with a Gravity Hammer and Quantum Translocator.

Another notable variant of the Juggernaut mode since Halo 2 is Ninjanaut, where one player is equipped with active camouflage. In Halo Infinite’s take on the mode, your active camo is finite but can be reset each time you get a kill, and you’ll have the additional aid of unlimited Plasma Grenades and a Grappleshot. But beware, as your enemies are outfitted with Threat Seekers to find you, so you will need to become practiced in the art of a silent, stealthy kill.

Both Juggernaut and Ninjanaut are available in the Tenrai IV playlist, which you can find further details on here.


Tenrai IV brings back the stunning community-made maps featured in Tenrai III—along with a new addition—to matchmaking.

Credit: MikRips, Foge, bullet2thehead9

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Tenrai-themed Forge map Hanami

Leaves gently scatter
The music of silent rest
Relax with the wind

The cherry blossoms are blooming, the lake is quiet, but this space is soon to be filled with the sound of combat. With its mix of multi-leveled outdoor areas, winding corridors, and bright interior spaces, you will need to be on your guard for a variety of encounter types and quick to seize the opportunity to strike.

Additional maps included in this playlist are:

  • Dynasty
  • Houseki
  • Kaiketsu
  • Kiken’na
  • Opulence
  • Shiro
  • Shogun
  • Takamanohara


The Exchange has been refreshed with Tenrai-themed items from the past. Don’t worry, the slate of items in The Exchange from Operation: Banished Honor are not going away, so you won’t be missing out on anything. Just keep scrolling to the right and you’ll find ‘em!

Tenrai IV Press Kit image of two Spartans with one wearing the YOKAI helmet

Items added to The Exchange in this Operation include:

  • “Fractures” – Backdrop (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Torii Reflection” – Backdrop (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Resistance” – Backdrop (NEW)
  • “Floral Crest” – Emblem (NEW)
  • “Rose Crest” – Emblem (NEW)
  • “Shibuichi” – Visor (Ultimate Reward)
  • “Spring Blossom Filter” – Helmet Attachment (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Dragonbark” – Kneepads (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Jadeiron Plate” – Chest Attachment (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Dragonbark Hipguard” – Hip Attachment (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Tempered Steel” – Visor (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Koban” – Weapon Charm (Ultimate Reward)
  • “Funeral Bell” – Stance (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Rain and Thunder” – Wrist Gear (NEW)
  • “Echo Blue” – Armor Coating (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Fog Painting” – Armor Coating (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Dragonbark” – Shoulder Pads (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Whispered Sky” – Weapon Coating (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Willow Tea” – Armor Coating (Ultimate Reward)
  • “Yokai” – Helmet (Fracture: Tenrai)
  • “Sol Devil” – Weapon Coating (Fracture: Tenrai)


Head to the Shop in Halo Infinite and you will find this Operation’s two new bundles available now—Ikari Legacy and Kendo Master, which contain the following items:


  • Ikari helmet
  • Final Resolve helmet attachment
  • Cave Bear Guard shoulders
  • Clawed Plate chest attachment
  • Beckoning Blades hip attachment
  • Beast Pad kneepads
  • Dark Bronze armor coating
  • Fortune Bold weapon model (MLRS-2 Hydra)
  • Crimson Coral weapon coating
Halo Infinite image of the Ikari Legacy bundle


  • Kendo helmet
  • Temple Champion helmet attachment
  • First Movement shoulders
  • Burden of Metal chest attachment
  • Burden of Wind hip attachment
  • Second Movement wrist attachment
  • Marked Scars armor coating
  • Leaping Bounty weapon model (Mk50 Sidekick)
  • Secret Greetings weapon coating
Halo Infinite image of the Kendo Master bundle

With that, the time has come to jump into Halo Infinite and expand your samurai-themed wardrobe—let's see how close we can get to creating “Spartan Toranaga” from Shōgun!

Jump into the Tenrai IV playlist and relive the fun of Juggernaut and Ninjanaut, earn Spartan Points to pick up new and returning customization content in The Exchange, and play how you want to play with the new Match Composer feature.

See you on the battlefield, samurai.