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The Yappening is Happening!

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Photo of Alex
  -  2 years ago

Get your armor clothes on, Demons—the Yappening is happening!

Running for two human calendar weeks from September 6-20, you can jump into the salty bogs of the Methane Menagerie playlist for some big ol’ 12v12 Big Team Fiesta action with a free Event Pass containing ten new whimsical rewards worthy of a disciple of the great Yapyap.

All ya gotta do is be completin’ those Event Challenges and I’ll give ya these cool knickknacks I picked up on the way here.

The Yappening Event Pass includes a variety of cosmetics.


You humans are always doin’ big fights ‘n’ stuff, so you gotta be provin’ yourself in the biggest, baddest, most Gruntiest fight of all in the Methane Menagerie playlist!

Lemme get ya a list of the modes... *puts on Unggoy-sized reading glasses*

  • BTB Fiesta CTF
  • BTB Fiesta Slayer
  • BTB Fiesta Stockpile
  • BTB Fiesta Total Control
  • BTB Shotty Snipes
  • BTB Skockets Slayer
  • BTB Team Snipers

That’s alotta big fightin’ goin’ on there—feels better when you’re shootin’ at each other rather than tryin’ to make us Unggoy get on the “endangered species” list...

Oh, and if you wanna be playin' these modes with your bestest ever pals in Custom Games, you can do that!


If there’s one big learn that I’ve been doin’ in my time helpin' the galaxy’s good guys, it’s that humans sure do love gifts! I drew a smiley face on a rock one time and gave it to a human, and he didn’t throw it back at me or nothin’—not like those ungrateful Kig-Yar...

Anyway, all you gotta do is log in and you can get some free stuff. How about this nifty Yappening emblem and nameplate to show how much of a big friend you are to Unggoy across the galaxy and make your enemies run off crying with scaredness!

The Yappening Event in-game gift for logging in.

Let’s see, uh, (*rummages in gift bag*) if you complete all your challenges this week, I’ll give you this weapon charm from back in my Covenant days. Got it from the High Charity gift shop before the space zombies put it out of business...

The WORT weapon charm.

And speaking of shops, you gotta check out this set! I dunno what “Opulent Display” means, but it looks cool!

The Opulent Display shop bundle.


You wanna know more about me? Really? Mostly do dealings with the Sangheili who are all about honors and learning how to wave glowy blue swords around, very honorable to be waving glowy sticks, but they not much for doin’ talks and getting' to know you and stuff...

Anyways, you’re gonna wanna check out our Unggoy historical and cultural enrichment postings on your local chatternets!

For now, that’s all from me—your new Unggoy friend, Flipflop. I gotta head back to that big dangerous war we got goin' on soon, so I got you some pictures to be doin' me a remember!

See you in the methane springs!