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Women’s History Month 2024

Women's History Month 2024 collage featuring forty-nine female Halo characters
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  -  4 months ago

The month of March marks the arrival of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, where we recognize and celebrate all women who have made an impact and brought positive change to our industry, our studio, our community, and our stories. The Halo universe is made ever more vibrant thanks to their contributions, across many different disciplines.

The Halo universe is one that is filled with strife, and many rise to meet these conflicts with strength and courage. But with heroism also comes great moral quandaries and unthinkable sacrifices that have provided an endless wellspring of depth, complexity, and intrigue for Halo stories since 2001.

To acknowledge Women’s History Month this year, we wanted to take a look at the stories of fifty of Halo’s female characters from across the universe.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it features some characters you may already be familiar with, and some undoubtedly from corners of the fiction you’ve yet to explore…


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Wars, Halo Wars 2
VOICED BY: Leigh-Allyn Baker, Nika Futterman

“They took some of our troops prisoner back there, and I'm not going to leave them behind.” ~ Halo Wars 2

Portrait image of Alice-130

Originally a washout of the SPARTAN-II program following her unsuccessful augmentation, Alice-130 was rehabilitated and reaugmented alongside her comrades on Red Team.

Serving aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Alice enjoys a straightforward fight and has engaged in several guerilla campaigns against the Banished on the Ark.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Fireteam Raven

Portrait image of Ava Lang

An Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and demolitions expert who served aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, Lang was part of Fireteam Raven and heroically held off hordes of Covenant and Flood-infected forces to buy the Master Chief time to destroy Alpha Halo.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Infinite, Halo: The Rubicon Protocol, Halo: Vertical Umbrage
VOICED BY: Krizia Bajos

“Installation 07 might be an arcology. Or a prison. Hell, maybe it's a zoo. But one thing's for sure: it's not like the other Rings.” ~ Halo Infinite

Portrait image of Bonita Stone

Known to be personable with her fellow Spartans and other personnel, Spartan Bonita Stone served on Fireteam Shadow during both tours of Requiem and most notably on Zeta Halo when the UNSC Infinity was ambushed by the Banished. She would lead a group of survivors on the ring before meeting her end as she scouted Banished-occupied territory where the Harbinger’s cylix was recovered.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Legends – The Babysitter
VOICED BY: Emily Neves

“The data, on the ruins. Tell them to get it to Halsey. She’ll know.” ~ Halo Legends – The Babysitter

Portrait image of Cal-141 bridal carrying O'Brien

A Spartan-II super-soldier, Cal was known for her incredible size and strength, taking on a Jiralhanae Chieftain in unarmed combat and lifting an occupied SOEIV pod.

During Operation: GREY VEIL, on a mission to assassinate one of the Covenant’s Minor Prophets and record data on mysterious ancient ruins, Cal sacrificed herself to protect the ODST squad she was serving alongside.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo: Memory Agent
VOICED BY: Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates

“You know our motto: We deliver!” ~ Halo: Combat Evolved

Portrait image of Pelican Echo 419 piloted by Carol "Foe Hammer" Rawley

Known best by her callsign “Foe Hammer,” Carol Rawley served as a pilot aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Known for her daring and fearless deployments, dropping Marines into hostile landing zones, matched by her sense of good humor, she played a role of central importance during the conflict on Alpha Halo.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Reach, Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo Infinite, various expanded universe media
VOICED BY: Jen Taylor

“For a long time I had thought that we had to sacrifice a few for the good of the entire human race. I have killed and maimed and caused a great deal of suffering to many people—all in the name of self- preservation. But now I’m not sure that philosophy has worked out too well. I should have been trying to save every single human life—no matter what it cost.” ~ Halo: First Strike

Portrait image of Dr. Catherine Halsey

From the very beginning, Dr. Halsey has been a figure of great complexity and controversy, owing to her part as the mastermind of the SPARTAN-II program. Halsey’s actions are at the forefront of the question: what must be sacrificed in order to save humanity? In many ways, there simply is no Halo universe without Dr. Catherine Halsey…

From the pages of Eric Nylund’s early Halo novels, Dr. Halsey made her in-game debut in Halo: Reach and has appeared in almost every game since, voiced by the beloved Jen Taylor.


“Repairing the Domain will help the humans, who will one day bear the Mantle as we once did, to carry out their responsibilities. They will need this knowledge, and after all we have done, we owe it to them.” ~ Halo: Fractures

Portrait image of Chant-to-Green

Favored by the Librarian as a surrogate daughter of sorts, Chant-to-Green was part of the crew that travelled outside the galaxy to Path Kethona in order to learn about the origins of the Flood.

At the end of the Flood War, Chant was given the title of Lifeshaper and was among the Forerunner survivors on the Ark when the Halo Array was activated, dedicating the latter years of her life to reseeding the galaxy of life.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Combat Evolved-Halo Infinite, various expanded universe media
VOICED BY: Jen Taylor

“Before this is all over, promise me you’ll figure out which one of us is the machine.” ~ Halo 4

Portrait image of Cortana

An unbound volitional artificial intelligence illegally created by Dr. Catherine Halsey using scans of her own flash cloned brain, Cortana was built to be an expert infiltrator as the Covenant War approached its end.

Paired with Master Chief John-117, Cortana’s acerbic and witty personality was matched by her devout loyalty to her Spartan partner, for whom she would ultimately sacrifice herself.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Infinite, Halo: The Rubicon Protocol, Halo: Epitaph
VOICED BY: Sarah Elmaleh

“I will not relinquish to you the location. The Endless can never return!" ~ Halo Infinite

Portrait image of Despondent Pyre

Monitor of Zeta Halo, Despondent Pyre carried out her caretaking duties but sought to find the answers to many questions she had about the Forerunners’ intentions—withholding many of its secrets from her.

Though she would be burdened by guilt after discovering the imprisonment of the Endless within her ring, Pyre still understood the threat they posed and sought to prevent their return.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Battle for the Blood-Moon

“We gots the latest knowins on the big bad dreadnought, Shipmistress.” ~ Battle for the Blood-Moon

Portrait image of Scannermaster Dibdib

Serving aboard the Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner Scorrin’s Blade as scannermaster, Dibdib is regarded as a valued member of Shipmistress Mahkee ‘Chava’s crew—uniquely capable of parsing vast amounts of information that would otherwise require an artificial intelligence’s assistance.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Wars, Halo Wars 2, Halo Wars: Genesis
VOICED BY: Kim Mai Guest, Faye Kingslee, Kate Pippinger

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” ~ Halo Wars

Portrait image of Professor Ellen Anders

Highly intelligent, focused, and fearless to the point of disregarding her own personal safety, Professor Ellen Anders was a civilian researcher before she came to serve aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 4, Halo 5 (Warzone), Halo: Silentium

"All things bow to resolve. The Mantle included.” ~ Halo: Silentium

Portrait image of Endurance-of-Will as a Promethean Knight

A Warrior-Servant who held to rigid principles of honor and discipline, mentored by the legendary Bitterness-of-the-Vanquished, Endurance assisted the Librarian in imprisoning the Didact within Requiem towards the end of the Flood War after his madness had become apparent.

Submitting herself to the Composer to become a Promethean Knight, she would guard her commander’s Cryptum for a hundred millennia.


VOICED BY: Melanie Minichino

"Hello. I am 031 Exuberant Witness, monitor of the Genesis installation. Welcome. Have you also come to stop Cortana from claiming the Mantle?" ~ Halo 5

Portrait image of Exuberant Witness

Appropriately named for her chipper eccentricity, Exuberant served as the monitor of the artificial shield world known as Genesis and assisted Fireteam Osiris in their mission to rescue Blue Team.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Helljumper, Halo: Bad Blood

“I’m active duty again. The whole way. The docs in the SPARTAN-IV program set me up with the best prosthetic an unlimited military budget can buy. Works so well in the armor that you can’t tell the difference at all.” ~ Halo: Bad Blood

Portrait image of Gretchen Ketola as a Spartan

Serving as an ODST in the same unit as Taylor “Dutch” Miles and Kojo “Romeo” Agu, Gretchen Ketola was regarded as someone who was most alive during a fight. After losing a leg to a mine during a mission against human rebels, Gretchen continued to serve the UNSC in non-combat roles before eventually retiring and marrying Dutch.

Years later, they would both volunteer for the SPARTAN-IV program where Gretchen was given an advanced prosthetic leg, and she now serves with Alpha-Nine aboard the UNSC Infinity.


“Life is little but trials. It is how we let them shape us that makes us into who we are.” ~ Halo: Rebirth

Portrait image of Growth-Through-Trial-of-Change

Born into a family of Builders, Trial was disowned by her family for her desire to join the Lifeworker rate, into which she was lovingly adopted.

Serving alongside Chant-to-Green, who was given the role of Lifeshaper, Trial played a central part in returning indexed species back to their homeworlds and would ultimately sacrifice herself to restore the Domain.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Lone Wolf, Halo: Outpost Discovery
PORTRAYED BY: Jordan Price

Portrait image of Hazel-A302

Orphaned after the Covenant invaded her homeworld Alluvion, Hazel was conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program’s Alpha Company. Excelling in athleticism and ultimately specializing in direct action and intelligence collection, Hazel served as a Headhunter operative and successfully eliminated over a dozen high-value Covenant targets.

After serving as a caretaker for the civilian educational initiative known as Outpost Discovery, Hazel would return to active combat missions against the Banished.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 5, Halo: Escalation
VOICED BY: Cynthia McWilliams

"Seen others of course, but a glassed world only looks like one thing to these eyes. Minab. Home. Whole world got glassed. Some say it was lucky to survive... but those folks didn't scratch out livings as the sky turned black and the temperatures dropped." ~ Halo 5

Portrait image of Holly Tanaka

Quiet and self-reliant, Holly Tanaka is a battle-hardened survivor of her glassed homeworld and an expert in engineering and electronics for Fireteam Osiris.


“Iona is a small island on Earth. In the North Atlantic Protectorate. Iona is said to mean ‘saint,’ in modern parlance. But it didn’t always. It’s believed to have meant many things to the many cultures that inhabited the place. It meant Island of the Bear, of the Fox, of the Yew. That last one struck me as a pun. I picked it because it meant the ‘Island of You,’ meaning why-oh-you. I chose it because it felt like me.” ~ Halo: Saint’s Testimony

Portrait image of Iona

A volitional artificial intelligence created by ONI as an analyst, Iona assisted the Spartans of Black Team during Operation: BLOWBACK and—as she approached the end of her seven-year lifespan—launched a legal appeal against her own death sentence.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Wars 2, Halo: Fireside
VOICED BY: Erika Soto

"That ship brought these monsters. Killed everyone I was supposed to protect. Now it wants to do the same to you, I won't let that happen. It's time to show them what power really means around here." ~ Halo Wars 2

Portrait image of Isabel

An artificial intelligence built for logistics, not warfare, Isabel came to feel immense fear of Atriox and the Banished after they killed the research team she was assigned to on the Ark.

Presently serving as the UNSC Spirit of Fire’s shipboard AI, Isabel avenged her fallen family by destroying the Banished flagship Enduring Conviction with the help of Jerome-092.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Reach, Halo: Winter Contention
VOICED BY: Alona Tal

“Objective: destroy Covenant Carrier in geosynchronous orbit above us. Method: a slipspace drive in lieu of the nukes we don't have. Delivery system: us.” ~ Halo: Reach

Portrait image of Kat-B320

Noble Team’s second-in-command, Kat’s strategic intellect and tactical instincts were reinforced by her specialization in electronic warfare and communications. Often blunt, direct, and irreverent to authority, Kat’s role during the fall of Reach was central to the success of evacuation operations and the discovery of data that ultimately led to the discovery of Halo.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 5, various expanded universe media
VOICED BY: Michelle Lukes

"Welcome to Blue, Spartans. We're going to make a great team." ~ Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

Portrait image of Kelly-087

Known as the fastest Spartan with a penchant for reconnaissance and close-quarters combat, the legendary Kelly-087 serves on Blue Team and is known to be fiercely loyal to her squadmates.


VOICED BY: Suzie McGrath

"We built this facility off the grid to train the next generation of Spartans. You’ve got this. It’s not gonna be easy, but I believe in you.” ~ Halo Infinite

Portrait image of Laurette Agryna

A survivor of the Covenant’s attack on Earth, Laurette Agryna was rescued by a Spartan super-soldier and would go on to become one herself—eventually becoming Spartan Commander of the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science.

Optimistic in her outlook and encouraging towards her Spartan recruits, Agryna’s leadership has been essential to the events taking place at the Academy.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 3, Halo 4, The Forerunner Saga, Halo: Renegades, Halo: Point of Light
VOICED BY: Lori Tritel

“One day, if I played my cards right, these small things will emerge and make infantile ripples in Living Time. Those ripples will become waves. And those waves will cleanse the galaxy. In this, I have no regrets.” ~ Halo: Point of Light

Portrait image of the Librarian

Much like Dr. Halsey, the Librarian is a being whose schemes and designs for the galaxy have defined many conflicts throughout countless millennia.

From the Forerunners’ war with the ancient human Ancestors to the firing of Halo as the Flood’s cosmic game of vengeance reached its dire terminus, it was the Librarian who set into motion the Conservation Measure—the task that she and her Lifeworkers set about to ensure that life would continue once the galaxy had been cleansed of thinking life.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 5, various expanded universe media
VOICED BY: Andrea Bogart, Britt Baron

"In contact with enemy. Estimated strength approximately one hundred. Well, eighty or so now." ~ Halo: Collateral Damage

Portrait image of Linda-058

Stoic and contemplative, Linda-058 continues to serve alongside Blue Team and her capabilities have earned her renown as the UNSC’s most skilled sniper.


“How are you sure we’re alive?” ~ Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

Portrait image of Lucy-B091

One of the sole survivors of the SPARTAN-III program’s Beta Company, which was wiped out in totality during Operation: TORPEDO, Lucy-B091 suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and was rendered completely mute for years. She continued to serve through the final years of the Covenant War and currently functions as a key figure of security in the multispecies settlement within the shield world Onyx.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Kilo-5 Trilogy

“I don’t delude myself that there are moral ambiguities in my job. The things we did weren’t ambiguous, not at all. I know I’ve done them and how bad they were, and if there’s a hell, I’ll probably burn in it before too long. But that’s the kind of thing you can face when you’re ninety-two. I’m prepared to do the very worst, and because I am, more people survive than get killed. But I’ll take what’s coming to me—and I’ll make no excuses.” ~ Halo: Glasslands

Portrait image of Margaret Parangosky

Formerly the Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence, nobody was feared and respected in such equal measure across influential members of civil, military, and criminal societies as Parangosky was.

Parangosky is portrayed by Shabana Azmi in Halo The Series, a Global Ambassador for the Women In Public Service Project and was the first Indian national to receive the prestigious Gandhi International Peace Prize.


VOICED BY: Janina Gavankar

“I didn’t know if I was Maya or FERO anymore, but all that mattered was that I was who I wanted to be. Who I was meant to be.” ~ Hunt the Truth

Portrait image of Maya "FERO" Sankar

A covert operative for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Maya Sankar infiltrated rebel factions and organizations under the cover identity of “FERO” where she gained renown—and in the process, began to struggle to reconcile the personalities she had to portray. Upon her death, Sankar’s brain was used to create a new volitional artificial intelligence.


VOICED BY: Julie Benz, Justis Bolding

"We knew they'd find us eventually. But we have a plan, let's make it happen." ~ Halo 3

Portrait image of Miranda Keyes

Refusing to live in the shadow of her father’s renown in the UNSC Navy and harbouring resentment for her mother, Commander Miranda Keyes was a masterful naval strategist in her own right who played a pivotal role in the closing acts of the Covenant War.

After preventing the activation of Delta Halo and forming an alliance with the Sangheili, Miranda Keyes’s actions not only prevented galaxy-wide extinction but contributed to the UNSC’s victory against the Covenant.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Legacy of Onyx

“All of the grief from what she’d experienced back on Paris IV was still there, even if weaker on some days than others. But instead of resenting the species that had destroyed her family in the war, she could now see and embrace each person as an individual. All the differences that had made her scared of or angry at such people before now seemed insignificant compared to what had united them.” ~ Halo: Legacy of Onyx

Portrait image of Molly Patel

Orphaned at a young age by the Covenant’s invasion of her homeworld, Molly was adopted by a new family of scientists who specialized in Forerunner research.

After relocating to the shield world Onyx, Molly became part of a multispecies settlement known as Paxopolis (“City of Peace”) where living amongst Sangheili and Unggoy forced her to confront long-held prejudices.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Wars 2, Halo: Fireside

“This’ll warm things up!” ~ Halo Wars 2

Portrait image of Morgan Kinsano

Once a rebel leader in the Outer Colonies, Morgan Kinsano’s homeworld was glassed by the Covenant where she was rescued by the UNSC Spirit of Fire. After her rescue, she enlisted to serve aboard the ship as a Hellbringer—a specialized group of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.



“Captain’s only sending two Spartans? Guess we can take that as a compliment.” ~ Halo: Escalation

Portrait image of Naiya Ray

Formerly having served in the UNSC Air Force as a signals intelligence officer, Naiya Ray went on to volunteer for the SPARTAN-IV program and served a tour of duty as a Headhunter before joining Fireteam Jackknife—and later Fireteam Majestic—aboard the UNSC Infinity.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Infinite, Halo: The Rubicon Protocol, Halo: Vertical Umbrage
VOICED BY: Sarah Elmaleh

“The Phantom was in my way. So I went through it.” ~ Halo Infinite

Portrait image of Nina Kovan

Nicknamed “The Stoic” for her lack of open expression and aloof nature, Spartan Nina Kovan had a close friendship with longtime teammate Bonita Stone, who was known to be the only one who could make her laugh.

Kovan’s expert sniper skills have served her well during battles in recent years—from Requiem to Zeta Halo, where she currently leads a group of UNSC survivors.


“You don’t have a crew anymore. And if you touch that headset, you’re joining them.” ~ Halo: Retribution

Portrait image of Olivia-G292

A SPARTAN-III super-soldier of Gamma Company, Olivia was nicknamed “O” by her teammates for her whisper-quiet talent for stealth. She currently serves as part of Veta Lopis’s covert operations Ferret team, formed by Admiral Serin Osman, with their latest adventure taking them to the Ark.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 5, Halo: Hunters in the Dark, Halo: Outcasts
VOICED BY: Laura Bailey

"I first learned your language when I was very young. Since then, much of my life has been focused on increasing my knowledge of your kind." ~ Halo: Hunters in the Dark

Portrait image of Olympia Vale

A field anthropologist and expert on Sangheili language and culture, Olympia Vale’s experience extends well beyond her youth. Serving as a diplomatic liaison to the Swords of Sanghelios, Vale continues to play a pivotal role working alongside humanity’s alien allies.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Escalation, Hunt the Truth
VOICED BY: Cobie Smulders

“This is my investigation now and I don't give a rat's ass about respect. This story is gonna be all about fear. I'm Petra Janecek and this is Hunt the Truth.” ~ Hunt the Truth

Portrait image of Petra Janecek

A freelance war journalist for the Press Corps, Petra Janecek was an expert in her field and covered numerous high-profile items. Following the Covenant War, she helped uncover an infiltrator within the UNSC and became embroiled in the conspiracy Benjamin Giraud uncovered around the SPARTAN-II program.


“Set a course for Zeta Halo.” ~ Halo: Point of Light

Portrait image of Rion Forge

An adept and resourceful salvager in the aftermath of the Covenant War, Rion Forge matches her confidence with her daring as captain of the Mariner-class vessel Ace of Spades.

Rion’s journey would lead her to discover the fate of her father, who served aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, as she became involved in events of cosmic importance concerning plans put into motion by the Librarian.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Winter Contention

Portrait image of Rosenda-A344

Orphaned during the Covenant War, Rosenda was brought to the planet Onyx where she was conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program’s Alpha Company.

Rosenda's diverse skillset made her an ideal fit for Noble Team, where she served under the callsign “Noble Four,” before parting ways with the team upon being reassigned at the end of Operation: OFFSET EYE in December 2551—and was therefore not present during the fall of Reach.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 3: ODST, Halo: New Blood, Halo: Bad Blood
VOICED BY: Masasa Moyo

“My brave warrior princess, riding her fearless fork-lift!” ~ Halo 3: ODST

Portrait image of Sadie Endesha

Young, brash, and brave, Sadie Endesha was a civilian and resident of New Mombasa when the Covenant invaded in 2552. Instead of fleeing the city, she sought to rescue her father with the aid of Vergil—a subroutine of the Superintendent AI—and former NMPD officer Mike Branley.

Sadie would go on to serve as handler for the Huragok known as Quick-to-Adjust, who was rescued by the ODST squad Alpha-Nine.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo: Initiation, Halo: Escalation, Halo: New Blood
VOICED BY: Jennifer Hale

"Sarah Palmer. Commander Sarah Palmer. I lead all fireteams onboard Infinity." ~ Halo 4: Spartan Ops

Portrait image of Sarah Palmer

Formerly an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper during the Covenant War, Palmer participated in a dozen full tours of duty across eight different colonies before she was recruited into the then-fledgling SPARTAN-IV program. She serves as the Commander for all Spartan forces aboard the UNSC Infinity.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo Wars, Halo Wars: Genesis, Halo: Tales From Slipspace – Something Has Happened
VOICED BY: Courtenay Taylor

"Threading a needle, while accelerating around an exploding star, inside a planet that's falling apart. Sure, why not?" ~ Halo Wars

Portrait image of Serina

Sarcastic and irreverent, Serina’s dismissive attitude and gallows humor belied the great care that she held for the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, where she served as the shipboard AI for most of her life.


“I have a terrific crew. Good friends I can rely on. I’m a survivor.” ~ Halo: Mortal Dictata

Portrait image of Serin Osman

Originally a candidate for the SPARTAN-II program, Serin Osman failed the augmentation process and was rehabilitated before being taken under the wing of Margaret Parangosky as her protégé and eventual successor as CINCONI.


VOICED BY: Camilla Arfwedson

“I'd like to see what you can do, when the only one who has your back... is you.” ~ Halo Infinite

Portrait image of Sigrid Eklund

A quiet professional adept at covert surveillance and kinetic strikes, Eklund is openly personable with others. She views her armor, which has been repaired and maintained by equipment found in the field, as a representation of her history and a collection of the hard choices she has made.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 4: Spartan Ops, Halo: Escalation
VOICED BY: Elle Newlands

"Up here, hinge-heads!” ~ Halo 4: Spartan Ops

Portrait image of Tedra Grant

Having joined the UNSC Navy at a young age, Tedra Grant is known for her sharp insight, calm and clear-headed decision-making skills, and her impressive athletic ability which contributed to her involvement in field-testing early versions of the Mjolnir GEN2 armor. She currently serves on Fireteam Majestic aboard the UNSC Infinity.


VOICED BY: Jen Taylor

“I was created for one purpose and that purpose is no longer needed. My mission is over.” ~ Halo Infinite

Portrait image of The Weapon

Created from another of Dr. Halsey’s illegally flash cloned brains, this new artificial intelligence was created for the sole purpose of destroying Cortana in the wake of her descent into rampancy.

After Cortana’s self-destructive act of contrition, the Weapon served as the Master Chief’s new AI—gradually earning each others’ trust and ultimately deciding her own name.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Shadow of Intent

“I am Tul ‘Juran, first and only daughter of Kaidon Tulum ‘Juranai, captain of his guard and scion of his keep.” ~ Halo: Shadow of Intent

Portrait image of Tul 'Juran

Born to a gifted swordsman, Tul ‘Juran became equally adept at this craft and served as the keep’s scion as many of her brothers went to war for the Covenant.

After her family was killed by a San’Shyuum Prelate, Tul joined the crew of the Shadow of Intent under shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum. Her role in bringing an end to the threat posed by the San’Shyuum ultimately led the Arbiter to rewrite Sangheili tradition, opening up military service for female warriors.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo 3: ODST, Halo: New Blood, Halo: Bad Blood
VOICED BY: Tricia Helfer

“I’ll pass on that dance, but you can show me where to sit.” ~ Halo 3: ODST

Portrait image of Veronica Dare

A captain within Section One of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Veronica Dare served alongside the ODST squad Alpha-Nine during the Battle for Earth where she located a Huragok containing valuable information about the Covenant. She presently serves as ONI’s primary field analyst on the UNSC Infinity.


“I don’t chase phantoms, Major Halal.  I catch killers. Quite a lot of them, actually.” ~ Halo: Last Light

Portrait image of Veta Lopis

A hard-boiled and slightly cynical detective, Veta Lopis formerly served as a special investigator for the Ministry of Protection on the independent colony Gao. Following a mission with the Spartans of Blue Team, Lopis became the leader of a highly classified special operations Ferret team alongside Mark-G313, Olivia-G291, and Ash-G099.



“My borrowing name, the name you can use, is Vinnevra. It was my mother’s name when she was a girl.” ~ Halo: Primordium

Portrait image of Vinnevra

After losing her parents to Flood-related experiments on Zeta Halo, the young Vinnevra was looked after by Gamelpar, her grandfather, and would play a pivotal role in fighting back against the machinations of the parasite and the rogue Mendicant Bias.



“It was here on Charum Hakkor that Yprin and her team of researchers discovered how to revive the Precursor, and then constructed the timelock to subdue its baleful power. It was here where she conducted her first interrogations of that ancient and deadly being now held prisoner within.” ~ Halo: Primordium

Portrait image of Yprin Yprikushma

Holding the rank of Political and Morale Commander during the Ancestors’ war with the Forerunners, Yprikushma and her science team were the ones who discovered the ancient creature known as the Primordial.

Yprin's essence would endure long after her physical death, playing a part in the events that transpired on Gyre 11—now known as Zeta Halo—as the rogue Mendicant Bias sought to reclaim control of the ring.


MAJOR APPEARANCES: Halo: Evolutions – The Mona Lisa

“You kids play your cards right and after this comes ice cream. Don’t ever say Mama Lopez does nothing for you.” ~ Halo: Evolutions – The Mona Lisa

Portrait image of Zhao Heng Lopez

A tough, no-nonsense, die-hard sergeant of the UNSC Marine Corps, Lopez held deep care for the soldiers under her command—likening them to her kids, or rosary beads.

Lopez's sheer grit and command presence enabled her to survive the harrowing Flood outbreak aboard the prison ship Mona Lisa, though it is unknown whether she managed to escape the ship before its destruction.

For more information on some of the stories that each of these characters from expanded universe media have come from, be sure to check out our official Halo book guide!