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GrimBrother One

Franchise & Narrative Writer

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From the farthest reaches of a derelict star road to the innermost core of an ancient shield world, Jeff is invested in every facet of the Halo universe. A native Floridian, he spent the first twenty years of his professional career in unconventional ways, writing and facilitating science-focused educational entertainment programs as well as working in the professional motorsports industry in a variety of different capacities.

Since 2014, Jeff has been involved in a wide array of projects across several different teams at 343, from show hosting to script writing. As part of the studio’s dedicated Franchise Team, he creates and curates fiction and story elements across the entire suite of Halo content, including games, novels, comics, transmedia, consumer products, and cross-collaborative partner projects such as Forza, Killer Instinct, Gears, and more.