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Hot Drops

  -  3 years ago


Welcome back, canonites! Wait, that’s Toa Freak’s thing. Anyway, thanks for joining us for Issue 112 of Canon Fodder. While I’m admittedly still on cloud nine after watching another “twelve” lead my hometown team to an emphatic American football Super Bowl win not long ago, I’m also stoked to take a fiction-focused look at some awesome upcoming content slated for future inclusion in Halo: Master Chief Collection.

And speaking of which, in case you missed it, last issue we took a similar jaunt around the canonical underpinnings of Anvil Station and some of its related Mjolnir-development components. Check it out if you get the chance! Today though, we’re taking a look at some items that some folks—specifically many of those that are part of the Halo Insider program—will begin seeing pop up in-flight very soon. Oh and if you like books, make sure you stay till the end. Let’s dive in, shall we say, feet first?


The star of the show for the upcoming season will be a tribute to the members of Fireteam Raven. Players first encountered the helljumping quartet in the eponymous arcade game that saw you hot drop into the middle of the battle on Installation 04 to experience the events of Halo: Combat Evolved from an entirely new perspective.

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or ODST, are a prime example of how you don’t necessarily have to be a seven-foot-tall augmented super-soldier with cutting edge power-armor to make a difference in humanity’s battle for survival. Of course, it’s not like the ODST were short on cutting edge tech of their own. While each operative had a heart bathed in bravery and burning for battle, they were also often outfitted with top-of the line technology that helped give them any all-important advantage possible in the (literal) heat of conflict.

In fact, ODST gear was so proficient that it was often adapted for use by Spartans as well. Funny enough, Halo 3 was one of the first hints at this notion, with one of the ODST helmet variants being part of the game’s original customization suite. And now, it has some much-deserved company. Coming soon to the MCC, you’ll be able to outfit your H3 Spartan with gear directly derived from the ODST heroes of Fireteam Raven.

Let’s take a quick look at the options you’ll have available. Also remember that the images below are always still work-in-progress while in flighting, so don't be surprised if you see a tweak or two by the time an item eventually makes its way into the game proper. 


The ensemble of choice when you need to stomp the Covenant, but on a budget.


Obstacles to progress are measured by the number of satchel charges they rate.


The ensemble for an ODST that wants to reach out and touch someone with artillery and ortillery support.


As they say during ODST screening: the best defense is an overwhelming offense.


One particularly cool new detail coming to MCC cosmetic customization is the addition of “back attachment” gear, and leading the way is some battle-tested equipment ready to augment your Spartan’s available repertoire.


All-purpose hardened storage perfect for providing diverse loadout options while out in the field.


A one-stop shop for your front-line combat engineer, providing exactly the right tools to breach any enemy fortification. Mickey Crespo himself would be proud.


Battle network relay. Provides the user with a multi-channel secure network uplink. The case meets or exceeds all UNSC mil-spec standards for temperature, impact, moisture, vibration, and foreign particulate resistance.


Keep the party going with additional ammunition reserves and a back-up knife. In field situations packs such as these extend the duration of combat excursions and reduce the need for supply drops, but in training environments they have no effect.


In addition to the tactical gear pulled from the helljumper ranks, you’ll also eventually be able to unlock some new prototype tech forged in Anvil Station’s skunkworks departments.


Experimental intrusion suites developed by ANVIL collaboration teams can be quickly applied to cross-generational platforms.


The assistance of ANVIL Station's Sangheili lorekeepers in deciphering data recovered from ancient vessels have provided unprecedented opportunities for advancement.


Some Mjolnir prototypes being tested on ANVIL Station are being evaluated for use in exotic atmospheres and irradiated environments.


ANVIL cyber operations specialists use this chassis to mount experimental counter-intrusion modules.


Data gleaned from millennia-old war constructs has been carefully integrated into select components for ANVIL testing.


Perhaps one of the most exciting things coming online for the Master Chief Collection in future updates is the addition of brand-new multiplayer maps within the H3 portfolio. To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to talk a bit more about the lore behind a couple of the new playspaces—we figured you wouldn’t mind peeking at certain presents a bit early, no?


The UNSC constructed many secret holdfasts during the final years of the Covenant War.

On a far-flung world in the Zezar system, the UNSC has maintained a network of facilities acting as a fallback option for key personnel and assets. In addition to providing shelter from hostile encroachers, the UNSC has taken great interest in what might lie beneath the planet’s icy surface, as well as peculiar findings on its two prominent moons.


The remote frontier world of Partition has provided this ancient databank with the safety of seclusion.

The Forerunner data archival site on Partition holds potentially incredible significance, with untold information stored within its cliffside hold. Surrounded by breathtaking vistas and jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna, Partition represents a remarkable opportunity for study, with hopes that the knowledge gleaned might represent a paradigm shift in humanity’s understanding of the Forerunners’ technological legacy.


But wait—that’s not all! We’re also excited to announce a new novel in the Halo universe, Halo: Divine Wind, by Troy Denning, wrapped elegantly in this awesome cover by Benjamin Carre.

(click this for bigness)

We’ll go into more detail in the near future, but rest assured fans of Troy Denning’s unique Halo work will likely be able to ferret out a few key details about what’s planned for the upcoming adventure.

But speaking of new books, for now we wanted to remind you that our next novel, Halo: Point of Light by Kelly Gaydrops on March 2(!!). If you’re looking for some words to whet your appetite while you wait (aside from reading Halo: Renegades of course), the indefatigable Alex “Haruspis” Wakeford has a rad spoiler-free review and a primer to catch you up on Spark’s history and journey so far that’s well worth the read, if nothing else for the exquisite artistic imagery contained within the article.

And speaking of Spark, don’t forget that the Guilty voice himself, Tim Dadabo, will be narrating the audiobook. Trust me… it’s quite acceptable.

And if video previews are also up your alley, the Halo Canon YouTube channel has a great one to get you prepped.

The book is shaping up to be one that Halo universe fans are going to probably be discussing for quite some time if early adopters are anything to go by, and we couldn't be more excited to see the, well... excitement. <3

You can preorder Halo: Point of Light from your favorite retailer here.

Aannnnd that will do it for today’s edition. Oh, wait! Just in case you missed it, you should probably go and check out the latest edition of the Inside Infinite blog series. Just sayin’.

Okay for real that’s all. For now.

Until next time… Live well, play Halo, and don't let Rion wander off.