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  -  3 years ago


Aaaaand we’re back! Another month has passed in 2021(!) and we always appreciate you stopping by your friendly neighborhood Waypoint to say hello. And hey, since we’re both already here, might as well make the trip worth your while, right? How about a little tiny bit of Halo Infinite info (just a little bit)? Is that okay? Actually speaking of Infinite info, before we get started, if you haven’t checked out the latest Inside Infinite blog, you should go and do that—it’s a delightful amalgamation of PC talk, pretty pictures, and personal proclamations. Also, if you missed the last issue of Canon Fodder itself, you can check it out here.


So back in Issue 108, we introduced you to a new character by the name of Jega ‘Rdomnai, a Sangheili blademaster loyal to Escharum and the Banished forces. We also mentioned that he was only one of several characters you would encounter in your adventures on Zeta Halo. Some will make their intentions obvious, while others might only give hints at their own deeper history. Each is designed to help introduce you to the nature and evolving presence of the Banished in the Halo universe, and I have a feeling that different folks will find different favorites.

To help hold you over a bit until you learn more in the coming months, here’s a couple of Brute brothers you’re likely to run across. A word of advice: they aren’t big fans of Spartans.

Hyperius concept (David Heidhoff)

Tovarus concept (Nuare & Zack Lee)


Also, beefy Brutes tend to need a beefy weapon. Say hello to the Scrap Cannon. Early on, it’s nickname was the “gatling mortar.” What’s that? You don’t enjoy hot metal being hurled at you from uncomfortable distances while you’re just trying to mind your own business and defend humanity? Well, too bad so sad, shouldn’t have made the Brutes mad. Anyway, before I go and make a song out of something else, take a peek at this cool concept art for this deadly and detachable damage-dealer.

Scrap Cannon concept (Daniel Chavez)

What? You want more?!

Sheesh… fine.

One more.


So we heard you like taking Marines on adventures and stuff. Well, let me introduce you to the Razorback. Think of it as the Warthog’s more spacious and robust cousin—perfect for crashing Banished house parties with and taking on scenic drives.

Razorback concept (Darren Bacon & Sparth)

For real though that’s all for now.

I mean it.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!


Moving along, in case you hadn’t heard, our most recent novel released not too long ago. Penned by Kelly GayHalo: Point of Light has provided a wealth of awesome opportunity for community discussion, and it certainly seems to be hitting several solid notes with story fans if online discourse is anything to go by. We’ve seen a number of great reviews, recaps, and author interviews around the community and thought we’d gather up a couple here to help keep the discussion going.

Kicking us off, Windows Central’s resident Halo loremaster Brendan Lowry put together a great chat with Kelly, talking about the new novel from another very knowledgeable perspective.

Sticking with the in-print train, Paul Semel gathered Kelly’s thoughts on the book’s development as well, which you can read right here.

Once you have given the book a proper go, head over to the Halo Canon YouTube channel for a spoiler-laden recap and breakdown, which you can check out here:

Likewise, Podcast Evolved put out a great author interview and review that you should definitely check out:

And wrapping this particular train up is another interview and Point of Light primer from Alex “Haruspis” Wakeford.

If you haven’t grabbed your own copy of the book yet, you can do so here, and don’t forget that if audio books are your jam, this particular one is fittingly narrated by none other than Spark himself, Tim Dadabo.


Speaking of community, we wanted to mention a couple of other great podcasts and other aural treasures that have popped up recently-ish—particularly ones that often have a lore and story focus.

  • One of the newest additions to the fray is The Luminary, a great lore-focused podcast from @monicalowry and @Josie_CD. They’re just getting started, so it’s the perfect time to get in on the ground floor.
  • Not really rookies anymore, but the Sacred Icon Podcast from @bryansbane and @jovialjoshy is always great for solid conversation about a variety of Halo topics including plenty of lore and universe discussions.
  • The Installation00 YouTube channel started a new series that showcases a dramatized reading of different sections of the Halo Mythos story guide. It’s pretty rad to see the words brought to auditory life in a cool way—definitely give the first couple of entries a watch!

Before we go, our friends at Dark Horse Comics recently announced a re-release of an absolutely marvelous momento for Halo lore fans: the Halo Graphic Novel. Originally developed in-house at Bungie and released way back in 2006, this gem features awesome stories and incredible art—but has also been pretty darn tough to find these days. If you’ve been wanting to add a copy to your own collection, here’s a new chance to do so!

And for a deeper dive on the history of the Halo Graphic Novel, check out yet another awesome video by the Halo Canon YouTube channel.


Actually, speaking of cool ways to celebrate additional Halo lore, our friends at Mega Construx have started showing off more awesome Halo sets, including new items like the Banished Brute Chopper, which also features Spartan-II stalwart Fred-104 to celebrate Blue Team’s epic conflict in the Halo: Shadows of Reach novel alongside the Banished war chief Escharum. Make sure you’re following the HaloGear social channels for further details and keep a close eye out for more sets like this yet to come!

And with that, we wrap up today’s festivities. Hope you have a great week! We’ll see you soon.

Until next time… Live well, play Halo, and this is my favorite blog on the Citadel.