Spotlight: April 1, 2021

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It's April 1st, aka April Fool's Day. I wanted to have some mostly harmless fun today so I bring you...a regular Halo Community Spotlight! There's a ton of really great art this month so grab your chocolate eggs and jelly beans and let's hop to it! 🐰🐣


Coming to you live from the desk of @MattyMcDee is this recreation of the classic Halo 3 shot. The lighting and composition is excellent but I'd expect nothing less from one who does VFX professionally. I love this, plain and simple.

Snack Break

It's hard to top last month's mesmerizing piano theme but @sebskelly's brass quintet Halo theme is pretty solid too! He hops between instruments easily and all together, the arrangmenet is magic. 

And Coffee Break

Anyone who knows me knows that coffee is a very quick way to my heart so seeing this legendary latte from /u/JackJaacckk made me go make a second cup (in my new favorite mug!) but mine isn't nearly as epic. 

I so need one of these stencils in my life!

Snicker's Doodles

I'm not an Easter bunny so I'm not hiding any eggs but I am bringing lots of treats. Enjoy! 

2013 vs 2021, @Spartan_Mandy

That Stench, I've Smelt It Before, @Samelliottart

Prophet's Bane, @oatsoupart

The Exclusion Zone, @PhenexSFM

Cortana and Master Chief, @piikablue

A Walk in the Woods, /u/ninjaiceflame

Shoreline, @spartan0398

Silverback, @Nobleclonetroop

Dual-Threat, @OutletChief729

He Counted Loud, He Counted Long, He Waited For the Drop..., @LastnameSilver

Spartan Calvin, @LiamRrt

Grunt, @therealottendo

Halo Finito, @meltingbrainz

Stand Together, @greywolfxn

Jaguar Spartan, @H1COX

Mister Green and Dino Man, @HaleTungsten

Brute and Jackal, @PessimismJester

Luna-049, @john117arts

Advance, @DerGruneMann

Spartan Canine, @00VioLens

A License to Kill, @codescapes

Rubber Ducky, @AhiruLady

Tiny Chief, @chimi_kat


 This section is jam-packed with killer sketches, lovingly crafted toys, and picturesque paintings. Don't miss out!

The Marauder, @wishhful

Grunt vs An Armada, @Zetmillion18

The Prophet of Regret, @theBIGjagooze

Spartan, /u/Jstowe56

Halo From Memory, @LowResDev

ODST in Acrylics, @justinmorgan57

Another Day Fighting the Covenant, @imperial_grunt

Thel Vadam, @GCustomsCreati1

Cryptum, /u/GeekToyLove

Fal'Chavamee, @CabreraDylan3

Legendary Rug, /u/Chaoticbiotic

Halo 5 Spartans, @entransing

Ink and Lines Master Chief, @endermirand

Halo: Combat Evolved, @Kirsty4Halo

Halo Sunset, @Sniperbot67

Halo: Reach, @angel_piicaso

Eye Candy

You aren't ready for the stellar prop transformation and tattoos this week; you really aren't so just read on to see the magic for yourself. ✨

Nerf AR Transformation, @JoeGoodberry

Cortana for the 405th, Tattooed by @FissofFury for @negativecacti

Halo AR, @dragondencosplay

Nerf Mangler Transformation, @Darksim007

Git Gud, @NickBrickBuilds

Ready to Drop, /u/QueenBHartigan

Picture Perfect

Looks like the Bunny did a fly-by and dropped off some eggceptional screenshots too! 🐣

Happy Easter, @HaloHotShot

Banshees are the Bomb, @itz_rexzz

Solar Flare, @xeclipse_so

After the Fall, @GoodGuyDary

Navy Glacial, @Tesyia_

Sweet Rolls

If you're here for the videos, grab a bucket of popcorn and then your seat and let's get the show on the road! Believe me, this is one week you don't want to skip.

Timelapse and speedpaint videos always bring me joy so when I saw @LowResDev share one for this adorable Chibi Elite Zealot, I had to watch it. Seeing the Elite come to life in Photoshop is super neat!

If you like Halo: Combat Evolved and trick jumping, then Schema is for you. Spasmodic Gaming put together a video of some insane trick jumps you can pull off in CE. There's some skull usage happening but it's still pretty crazy to see Chief flying around like this. 

Now, how about some Halo 3 trick jumps? Because this video will absolutely blow your mind. Just sit back and enjoy the show put on by the guys over at J2theTon in Tangerine. 💥

While we're on the subject of Halo 3, @Halo_VFX took a stab at remastering the Full Circle cutscene. It's short and sweet but looks great to me. What do you think? 

This next video is a "making of" probably one of the best I have ever seen. @kathymillatt took our E3 2018 trailer and recreated it in a diorama. Seriously. She walks us through her process and how she put it all together and then you get to do a flythrough at the end. It's mind boggling good!

Petits Fours

Individually wrapped treats to go!

Doodle's Snickers

I'm forever a Nintendo girl at heart so I don't think I can adequately express how much I absolutely love this piece by @pikathorchu. Everything about it is super!


That's a wrap for this latest edition. As always, if you are featured somewhere in this (or previous installments!) you will receive some super sweet Fire Unicorn rewards provided you fill out this form for me. Remember that it takes about a week or so to get them after you fill it out so check back late next week and then you can show off to all your friends! 🦄🔥

Ciao! xx


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