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Community Spotlight

Spotlight: August 5, 2021

Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  3 years ago

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of activity. The excitement from the community is palpable and everyone is still on the high from slaying bots last weekend. If you didn't get a chance to play but want to check out some of the action, you are in luck and there's plenty to be found later in the blog. In lieu of the traditional Spotlights I've done in the past, I really wanted to showcase people's fun and excitement from the flight so there's a little bit of art and a whole lot of clips. 

I also want to touch on another small thing. When we hit the vNext edition of Waypoint, we're aiming to be a more accessible place for all. One of the ways that can be done is by using what's called "Alt text" (or, alternative text used to describe the image). Twitter gives you the chance to do this natively on posts and I would love to see a world where our Halo artists are including alt text on their own so everyone can experience the art in their own way.


Personal AIs were a big hit during the Tech Preview and people would up being pretty partial to one over another. Personally I'm a big fan of Circ because I love the sass. For those of you that played last weekend (how has a week already gone by??), who were you partial to? Looks like @MattyMcDee was Team Fret. Don't fret, there's a wallpaper edition available for you if you want and if you prefer Butlr or Lumu, you're covered too. *cries sadly in Circ*


I don't know that I need to explain SonicJohn117's artistical take on the Halo Infinite menu music because I'm pretty sure we were all that guy in the chair when we booted up for the first time. So, it might be slightly cheating since it's *our* music but it's a clever bit of editing and I enjoyed it. 


While not quite as jampacked as normal, there's still some great Halo Infinite inspired artwork and I gotta say, I love that there is an endless supply of it. 🥰


Seeing the community get hands on with our game for the first time did not disappoint. Especially once you all discovered just how much fun the Grappleshot is. I absolutely cannot wait to see what shenanigans come from this. In the meantime, enjoy!


That's a lot of clips and I enjoyed watching everything that was sent to me so THANK YOU for sharing. Don't stop sharing them with us either! If your art or clip was featured, don't forget to fill out the submission form so we can grant you your Fire Unicorn rewards. We'll be back next month with more community content so keep creating and sharing with us! 

Ciao! xx