Spotlight: July 2, 2021

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Happy July, Halo fam! June was pretty exciting, wasn't it? From the Multiplayer reveal, to the behind the scenes with MP team, to the Waypoint edition of Inside Infinite (my personal favorite!), there was so much good stuff to unpack. Seeing the absolute love and adoration for the Weapon was amazing and, as you'll soon see, there was a lot of excitement for her.

For those of you in the US, it's probably a long holiday weekend with the 4th on Sunday this year. I don't know what is on your agenda for the weekend but my plans include sleeping, playing some Halo, playing with the pups, eating a hot dog, and maybe some more video games. 

Before all that, I fully plan on drinking another cup of coffee and enjoying some fantastic community art so join me!


Hayabusa was a Halo 3 fan favorite and we're quickly seeing Yoroi gain some ardent supporters. Not only is Mondo working on something spectacular, community members are too! One look at @AhiruLady's take on it and you can see why. I cannot wait to see many Yoroi Spartans in matchmaking come Holiday 2021™. ­čą░

Snack Break

If you liked the music in last month's trailer, then you'll want to give this cover by @AlyxGMusic a listen! It's very well done and, well, Halo music is just awesome, y'all. Blog days are always better with super sweet Halo melodies in the background.

I Need A Weapon

I need a weapon, you need a weapon, we all need a weapon! Remember when I said that people were really enamored with the Weapon earlier? There's been so much awesome Weapon love that she gets her own section this month. Enjoy!































Snicker's Doodles

Don't worry, there's more than just The Weapon to go around. Plenty of other incredible art for you to sink your teeth into this month.

Chief and a Grenade, /u/spartans_doodles

Yoroi, @UriL343

First Strike, @TheGlassEmperor

Halo Infinite, @TheRonnieGaming

Grand Theft Halo

Yoroi, @Trinidad_D3MN

Mark VII, /u/starhunter117

Shattered Legacy, @spartan0398

Swinging Around, @rizoarts

Halo Infinite, /u./Orange_Porridge_

Master Chief, /u/OliverArowQueen

Take Care of Him For Me, @PedanticAuspice

Yoroi, @MyGJesus

Field Trip to Eridanus II, @MattyMcDee

Reclaimer, @liv_craft

Spartans Assemble, @Grindy22

Purple, Green, or Blue?, @krakenkoalition

Mark VII, @JumpersXI

Zeta Halo, @kaakria

Yoroi, @Joshkwilson

A New Generation of Heroes, @Gao_Exkaiser

Be Fearless, @EthanRomesburg

Chief in Space, @FantasticFish64

Halo Infinite, @HaloCatOfficial

Yoroi, @DanBrindleyArt

Requiem, @cpt_beckett

Yoroi, @ChrisHawkner

Commander Laurette Agryna, @dagger6art

Yoroi, @19Adonai

Yoroi, /u/Alex_Keashart

Family, @Get2DaChopra

Armor Mashup, @zee_chief

Sassy Personal AI, @ZombieAZF


One of my favorite things this month was seeing how fast some of you create art based off what you see in a short video/screenshot. You'll see a really sweet Lumu in here that was made probably 4 seconds after seeing the screenshot of her. Blows my mind, frankly, in the best way possible. There's also some slick sketches and more in here to check out!

Master Chief, /u/NEXEL33

To Ball Or Not To Ball?, @_DreadSnortt_

Lumu, @CraftingGeek

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, @Blankiemode1

Banished Fortress, @Dark_Tower1999

The Missions Change. They Always Do, @AphonicWanderer

Noble 6, /u/fridgetime

Yoroi, /u/Mikesmilk456

I Need A Weapon, @ZoinksLord

On the Move, @kjstoys

Photography Evolved, @Mooreshots1

Cortana Chips, @MadHeartParagon

Eye Candy

I've seen a lot of dedicated cosplay but I will say, a fully decked out F150 matching your Noble 6 armor is a new one, but a welcome one, for sure. If you're here to check out cosplay and tattoos, then be sure to keep reading!

Mark V(B), /u/Darthunax

Halo, /u/HaloGirl1996

Cortana and Master Chief, @IndigoRogue93

What Would You Have Your Arbiter Do?, /u/LittyCritties

Mark VII, /u/ColonelDiddles

Picture Perfect

They say a picture's worth a thousand words so here's 3 screenshots that absolutely count for 3,000 words! 

4th of July, @HalohotShot

Pride, @uuvvuss

Keystone, @RECEPTOR17

Petit Fours

On the off chance there wasn't enough art already, here's some more for the road!

Doodle's Snickers

Cortuna. That's it. That's the pun from @Lydayuh


There's nothing that can top Cortuna so this feels like a great place to wrap things up. There was a lot to love this month and I cannot wait to see what you all continue to come up with as we get closer to launch. As always, if your art was featured in this Spotlight, you will want to fill out the latest submission form so I can get you your Fire Unicorn rewards in a week or so. 

In the meantime, stay cool, stay safe, and for my fellow Americans, enjoy the 4th! 

Ciao! xx



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