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Forge Overview | Halo Infinite CU32

Halo Infinite screenshot of an abode made from the Alien Worlds palette in Forge
Photo of Alex
  -  25 days ago

Forge is getting some new additions with the arrival of Halo Infinite’s next content update. Let’s take a closer look at what new toys you’ll be able to play with when Banished Honor releases on April 30.


“Blightlands are the result of uncontained Flood expansion: areas around established hives filled with growths and spore bodies, which harvest the vitality of the soil, soak up solar energy, and consume all native life within its boundaries.” ~ Halo Encyclopedia (2022)

When Season 5 launched, we brought Flood infection to Spartan customization. Now, with the latest update, the parasite has come to Forge!

The Flood palette contains over 100 new objects that will help Forgers to transform their maps into festering hives, enabling players to recreate places from the past (this’ll pair quite nicely with the Covenant object palette for, say, a Flood-infested High Charity) or wholly new locations that have become twisted blightlands.


The galaxy is a vast place filled with worlds of alien wonder and beauty.

With the Alien World object palette, composed of over 150 new objects, players can enhance the visual diversity of their maps’ environments with distinctly alien-themed plants, trees, flowers, and even ancient stone structures.

For more on these, you can check out the Banished Honor Community Livestream where we took a closer look at what the Alien World and Flood palettes look like in-game.


Alongside these new palettes, Forge has also received some additional updates to enhance scripting and object options.

Many of these nodes and objects have come directly from community feedback we have received and will enable Forgers to have even more granularity of control over what they want to make. As ever, we remain in a perpetual state of awe over the awesome creative things that folks in the community have been sharing—we can’t wait to see more of that to come!


New nodes will be added for Extraction and Last Spartan Standing modes, along with additional options:

Clone Object:

  • Allows players to duplicate gameplay objects that are on the map.

Object Filters:

  • Does Player Pass Object Filter
  • Remove All Filters on Object
  • Set Player Filter on Object
  • Set Team Filter on Object


New mode variants have been added:

  • Firefight: King of the Hill
  • Last Spartan Standing
  • All Ranked modes


Several new objects will be added, including:

  • Generic Deliver Point
  • Generic Flag Spawn
  • Generic Power Seed
  • Generic Shrinking Zone

That concludes our look at what’s coming to Forge when Halo Infinite’s next content update lands on April 30. To learn more about what’s coming in this update, be sure to check out these other blogs.

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